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The famous Waterfront Park cherry blossoms are back!
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Portland Dining Month is full steam ahead! Don't miss your chance to score three delicious courses for $29 at more than 125 spots around town: #PDXNOW #DinePDX
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"Invisible Oregon is a study of light across time and space. As the sun rises over the State of Oregon infrared light travels across the earth revealing the subtleties of new growth and the dramatic intersection of sky and earth."

Infrared Cameras Reveal the Invisible Side of Oregon | Resource Travel
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Happy St. Patrick's Day. Good luck to everyone chasing leprechauns!

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Pi Day (3.14) is right in the middle of Portland Dining Month. This is the day you've been training for!

Portland’s Best Pies
Amazing things happen when you get temps in the mid-sixties and an extra hour of daylight!

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"You can find Ethiopian and Venezuelan, Norwegian and Brazilian, a purveyor of Scottish fish and chips, and even a place called Chicken And Guns, an award-winning cart that celebrates grilled chicken with Latin spices." - Chicago Tribune

Portland's Robust Food Cart Scene a Treat for the Taste Buds
Erica Indira Swanson established her three Tea Bar locations in Portland because she wanted to bring the taste of teas from all over the world back to her hometown. Over the last two years, Tea Bar has become popular for its modern tea shops and diverse ingredients from places like Japan and Egypt.

“We try to source as much from small family farmers in the area as we can. We really take pride...
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"...they're the most discussed, debated and imitated brewery in the state, having completely changed the conversation around IPA." - Willamette Week

In One Year, Great Notion Brewing Changed Portland Beer Forever
March is the most delicious month of the year in Portland!

MAP: 32 of Portland Dining Month's Best Deals
Spring is on its way! We can't wait for the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Portland Dining Month has finally arrived! Enjoy three courses for $29 at more than 125 restaurants around town. #PDXNOW #DinePDX

Portland Dining Month | March 1 - 31
From breathtaking hikes in Forest Park to local craft brews, Portland’s 145 square miles have a little something for everyone! #PDXNOW

145 Square Miles of Possibility
Portland Dining Month is almost here! #PDXNOW #DinePDX

Where to Score the Best Three-Course Deals during Portland Dining Month
So you've visited us in the Rose City, and you're coming back for more. Wonderful! Our fourth-timer’s guide will help you dive deeper into the Portland experience: [ Link ] #PDXNOW
The best time to experience one of the nation’s most talked-about culinary destinations is coming up! Join us March 1-31 for Portland Dining Month. #PDXNOW #DinePDX

Portland Dining Month
From speakeasys to tiki bars and everything in between, here are our favorite spots to enjoy a beverage in Portland! #PDXNOW

145 Square Miles of Drinks
From recognized jazz masters to local talent, the PDX Jazz and PDX Jazz Festival is back through Feb. 26! #PDXNOW

Portland Jazz Festival
There is plenty of adventure in the 145 square miles of Portland. Explore more in our Outdoor Trailblazer’s Guide: [ Link ] #PDXNOW