The Umgeni River Bird Park is a tranquil oasis waiting to be explored. Surrounded by soaring cliffs and with a magnificent 20m high waterfall, the park is a haven of tranquillity and beauty, it is home to more than 700 birds and almost 200 species from around the world.
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The Palace of the Lost City – Luxury personified! Its entrance consists of stunning mosaic frescos and golden zebra hide upholstered furniture, and its renowned towers are embellished with elephant tusks. The Palace was inspired by a lost African tribe fantasy and is rated as one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Sun City Resort, R556, Sun City, Rustenburg, 0316, South Africa.
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Have you ever experienced elephants take a bath?? Wanna see it?... Gondwana is the first authentic free-roaming Big Five Reserve in the Western Cape. Why not visit Gondwana Game Reserve and enjoy the elephants pool party
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Want to see Baboons while in South Africa, if you’re close to the Kruger National Park, you may want to head off to the CARE baboon sanctuary (Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education) near Phalaborwa. Here baboons that have been orphaned, hurt or had negative experiences with humans are cared for. CARE is always looking for volunteers.
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Visit South Africa’s Kouga Dam that was constructed between 1957 and 1969 and is located in the eastern cape province and provides irrigation water to her citizens. The construction of the wall marked the beginning of an era of double curvature arch dams in South Africa. Besides the normal central overspill section, flood-control sluice gates with chute spillways were provided on the left flank
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Guess South Africa results. The answer is True, South Africa is indeed the largest producer of platinum and produces 68.32% of the worlds platinum [ Link ]

The Top Platinum Producing Countries In The World
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We know our smile when we see it.Make sure you give a smile like this today#SAJourneys#TRAVEL2SA#NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica#GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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@tiwasavage with the South African Tourism team #SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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@OCtheGreatUkeje with our beautiful models dressed in lovely South African attires #SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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South Africa Tourism Soiree was lit!!!! #SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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#GuessSouthAfrica #KnowSouthAfrica South Africa is the largest producer of platinum in the world. True or False.
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@aycomedian at the South African Tourism Soiree. #SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
South Africa Soiree going down live in Lagos #SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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We see the whole of Africa as a country and we intend to have just one voice....Africa Speaks!!!!....#SAJourneys #TRAVEL2SA #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #GhanaMeetSouthAfrica
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