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Here are 10 places to hit in the Whitehorse to help you to fall in love with our Yukon winters.

*Hint: you're going to want to pack your bikini

Article by The Toronto Star

10 things to do in Whitehorse | Toronto Star
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yesterday at 15:34. Facebook spend a few nights with Tagish Wilderness Lodge traveling by dog team, staying in log cabins, camping in wall tents, chopping wood, staying warm.

This is their unforgettable journey in pictures.
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Ross River is near the junction of the Campbell Highway and Canol Road. The community is the main service center for a vast area of spectacular natural beauty.

Like all Yukon communities, Ross River enjoys the glow of the Northern Lights in winter.

by Peter Mather Photography
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Teams depart Dawson City today for the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race! The race honours the legendary Percy DeWolfe, who courageously carried mail until 1949.

The race reserves the first official race start time in honour of Percy. The first musher to 'follow Percy' at 10:02 carries a bag of mail all the way to Eagle, Alaska.

by Sarah Lenart
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This moose was photographed by Calder Cheverie during a paddle trip in the Peel Watershed.

Do you see the moose calf hiding behind its mom?

by Calder Cheverie #WildlifeWednesday
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This little owl was tricky to identify. We had to call in the experts from Environment Yukon for help.

Turns out, it's a young Great Horned Owl who hasn't quite grown his horns yet! They are active day or night, which is why this guy was spotted in full daylight.

by Karen Lindsay #WildlifeWednesday
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The winners of the Hair Freezing Contest at Takhini Hot Springs have been announced. Congrats to the winners!

We certainly know how to have fun in the dead of winter in the Yukon!
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In celebration of the Alaska Highway's 75th Anniversary, we want to see your Yukon, Alaska Highway road trip photos, videos and stories!

View and submit photos and videos here: [ Link ]

We’ll share our favorite submissions for everyone to enjoy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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This momma Lynx and her two young ones have been seen around the Whitehorse area. Lynx are solitary animals and it's quite rare to see them in groups.

If you spot wildlife in the Yukon, please remember keep your encounters brief and maintain as much distance as possible to prevent them from becoming habituated to humans.

by Peter Mather Photography
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Paddlers traveling the Pelly River enjoy the beauty of Yukon's untouched landscape.

Along the way, they will also find this iconic 112 year old ranch and organic farm that few have experienced.

Watch the full length video: [ Link ]
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Destruction Bay is situated along the western shores of Kluane Lake on the Alaska Highway. It's surrounded by spectacular hiking and wilderness. Where else would you find yourself in a scene like this?

by Mary Blahitka at Nines Creek
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We have to wait patiently for darkness to arrive and the mesmerizing Northern Lights to appear. The wait is very much worth it!

by Northern Lights Resort & SPA
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"Yukoners welcome visitors with open arms, delighted that you’ve made the effort to travel to their home. They’re eager to show you around and share some of the secrets of this magical place. And I guarantee you’ll find these hearty and resilient souls to be as colorful as the tales they tell!"

It's true, we love sharing our Yukon with visitors.

Story by Luxe Beat Magazine

The Yukon will leave you spellbound - Luxe Beat Magazine
"There are only a few places on Earth as wild and magnificent as Canada’s Yukon... you are pretty much guaranteed an adventure without crowd—just you and thousands of square miles of forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and plateaus to be explored."

5 Must-Do Activities in the Yukon by Columbia Sportswear: [ Link ]

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We're ready to celebrate the end of winter. The Thaw Di Gras Spring Carnival in Dawson City begins today! This outrageous Yukoncarnival features over 25 events happening in one square kilometer.

Toss an axe, race a dog team, find a loonie in a haystack, or take in some live music and entertainment!

Are you heading to Dawson to take in the festivities?

Learn more: [ Link ]
"People that haven't done a trip like this, need to. It's a life changer. Anybody that's been on a trip like this is going to feel different about the world around them when they're done."

Follow a group as experience the great Tatshenshini River on a ten-day rafting trip through the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska.

Filmed for Canada Keep Exploring, Columbia Sportswear, and Nahanni &...
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According to the Yukon is perfect for paddling.

"With towering mountain ranges, spectacular glaciers, exciting wildlife viewing and fascinating shoreline historic sites, this spectacular wilderness is a paddlers’ paradise."

Here is a short list of Yukon paddling trips that you have to explore: [ Link ]

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The Dempster highway is gravel, so you have to drive according to the conditions.

The slower you drive, the better the chances of spotting wildlife!

Grizzly mom and cub by Marc Ertl taken on the Dempster Highway

Have you been dazzled by the Aurora Borealis yet?

Summer is coming soon, and that means the midnight sun will make it difficult to see the Northern Lights. Spring and autumn are great seasons to view the lights without the snow.

by Arctic Range Adventure
Mariela Urra Schiaffino met this fantastic and curious fox friend.

Yukon foxes can be red, grayish brown, or black with white tipped hairs. Do you have a photo of a Yukon fox?

by Mariela Urra Schiaffino