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Travel Yukon
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Carcross was once a key stopover and supply centre during the Klondike Gold Rush. Today, it's the perfect summer homebase for mountainbikers, hikers and beach-lovers. Year round, this gorgeous little community is a quaint little place to slow down and explore a little.

Have you spent some quality time in Carcross?

Sue Gleason
Travel Yukon
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Access some of the most accessible wilderness in the world, and get there with a little help from our furry friends.

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. This is the best time of year to soak up our bright winter sun.

Photo by Tagish Wilderness Lodge
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A guest from Vancouver enjoyed this view just outside her cozy accommodations at Little Atlin Lodge.

Booking your own cozy cabin means you can spend quality time with friends around the fireplace, or curl up with a good book while waiting for the northern lights to appear.
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Mule Deer’s slender legs are not well adapted to travelling through deep snow so they stay close to south-facing slopes and other wind-swept areas in winter.

You can meet these two at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Just like all chilly Yukoners, they love the sun!
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February is a great time to make a quick weekend escape to the Yukon. There's something going on every single weekend! The Yukon Quest International Dog Sled Race, the Available Light Film Festival, the Frostbite Music Festival and don't forget the raucous fun of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival.

Learn more about a Whitehorse Winter Getaway: [ Goo.gl Link ]

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"The land grows wilder, with fast-running rivers, deep-blue lakes and mountains, the road passing by dark pyramids, ridges and giant shark fins caked with snow."

2017 is the 75th anniversary of the epic Alaska Highway. To celebrate, Escapism Magazine embarked upon a road trip to rival all others.

Tell us your favorite Alaska Highway story.

Road tripping the Alaska Highway

Travel Yukon
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Have you ever tried ice fishing? You can catch Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout or Arctic Char. The best part is sitting back enjoying the Yukon's natural beauty while waiting for the big catch!

Photo by Terre Boréale
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What exactly creates this magic northern phenomenon? Solar dust forms rings around the polar regions, and these particles get charged by gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The result is gas molecules that glow like neon lights.

Learn more about Yukon Northern Lights viewing: [ Goo.gl Link ]

Photo by Jonathan Tucker Photography
Travel Yukon
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Up to 50 teams will depart Whitehorse on Feb 4 for the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Dog Sled Race.

Enjoy the frosty breath and haunting howls of hundreds of sled dogs as they depart Whitehorse. Travel up trail to checkpoints in Braeburn, Carmacks, Pelly and Dawson City to catch the race live and in person.

Pat Kane Photo
Travel Yukon
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Martens do not store food for winter months and must always be searching for food. They are secretive and leave few signs of their presence.

Pat Roque was very lucky to spot this Marten in Northern Yukon. Have you ever seen a Marten?

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"When people ask me how my trip was, I tell them that it was life-changing. This was a transformative adventure. The celestial performances made me feel more alive, settled, present, and motivated."

James Studarus hunts the Aurora Borealis all over the world. He found them in Tombstone Territorial Park among gigantic peaks and pristine lakes.

Northern Lights Revealed

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Thousands of people from across the globe to visit the Yukon every year for a chance to see the magical northern lights.

Away from the city lights, guests at Northern Lights Resort & SPA were treated to these ribbons of glowing green on New Years eve.

Have you ever seen the Yukon's Northern lights? Share your photos!
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Here in the Yukon, it's easy to find yourself in trapped in a moment, quietly admiring nature it it unfolds before you. Photograph it, or enjoy it for yourself. It's up to you.

What's your favorite Yukon moment? Did you get a photo?

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"The colors of the Yukon are rich. Early autumn gold leaves top poplar trees, and varying shades of green cling to slender pine trunks. Soon, an eagle appears. It makes a quick circle not far above us, then soars away. I take it as an endorsement, a welcome to the territory."

The Yukon River offers those who wish to explore its 1,980 miles an experience to remember.

Story by National Geographic

Rapid Rewards: A Canoe Trip Down the Yukon

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Whitehorse is one of Canada's Best Winter Getaway Destinations according to Women Who Explore. With incredible Northern Lights and accessible wilderness adventures within city limits, Whitehorse thrives in the wintertime!

What Yukon winter activity is at the top of your list?

Embrace the Cold: Canada's Best Winter Getaways | Women Who Explore

Rick Sam is a humble craftsman who has found a home in the secluded Yukon wilderness. He believes that Yukon's nature is a gift and has chosen to live away from the stresses of the city. Would you consider living simply among nature?

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The largest land mammals in North America isn't bothered by falling snow at all.

The Yukon's Wood Bison, are taller and shaggier than plains bison, with larger shoulder humps and long horns clear of hair. Visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to see this snow-loving Bison in person.
The shimmering Aurora Borealis continue to make appearances in our dark skies. Our nights have started getting shorter. We're enjoying each exceptional display!

Have you seen the Northern Lights yet?

Photo taken at Boréale Ranch | Boréale Explorers/Biking
"The Yukon, a teeny tiny province located in the northern part of Canada. With a population of just 36,000 people it appears from the outside that there isn’t much there. That is except for absolute and breathtaking beauty."

Note: Yukon is a Territory and a rather large one. The writer of this story was a visitor to the Yukon who learned that there's a lot more to see and do here, and that's...
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8 Photos To Convince You To Visit The Yukon In 2017 | Women Who Explore

Dawson City is a very different experience in the winter. Further North, the days are shorter which is optimal for Northern Lights viewing. Visitors can explore the quiet boardwalks of the city without the bustling summer traffic or take road trip along Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle!

Learn more with our Heart of the Klondike Itinerary: [ Goo.gl Link ]

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