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For what may be the very first time, a male tiger has adopted a litter of cubs left orphaned and alone when their mother died

Male tiger plays mom to a litter of orphaned cubs
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This tree was grown from a 2,000-year-old seed discovered at the site of Herod the Great's palace. #resilience

Extinct tree grows anew from ancient jar of seeds unearthed by archaeologists
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Labels on cosmetics and body care products are a tough code to crack; here's a good place to start.

20 toxic ingredients to avoid when buying body care products and cosmetics
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You'll be surprised at how many beauty treatments you can make with just honey and a few ingredients.

8 ways to use honey to pamper your skin and hair
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These should serve as inspiration to us all ... SO beautiful!

10 unbelievable, unlikely animal friendships
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At nearly 62 feet in length, the largest fish in the sea is the beautiful whale shark, a majestic gentle giant that roams the oceans across the globe.

10 of the largest living creatures in the sea
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From "aquabob" to "zawn," these unusual, achingly poetic words for nature create a lexicon we all can learn from.

24 profoundly beautiful words that describe nature and landscapes
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There are many kinds of cooking oils available - some imported, some locally made, some from animals - all with different environmental and health considerations.

Which cooking oil should you use?
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The modular renewable energy system is said to use the sun's heat to power anything for a fraction of the cost of existing solar panels and fossil fuels.

This system can purify 2000 liters of water per day with solar thermal energy
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Barbara Hendricks has taken a controversial meat-free stance in order to set a good example for climate protection.

Germany's environment minister says no more meat at official functions
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From making homemade pasta and bread crumbs to cauliflower rice and so much more, the humble box grater is a genius, multi-talented workhorse.

18 great uses for the glorious box grater
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With a surprising hunting technique, these tiny, seemingly docile creatures are actually highly lethal.

Seahorses are one of the deadliest creatures in the sea. Yes, seahorses.
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Filmed over the period of 12 years, this documentary on oversized 'trophy homes' and their effect on one community presents the issue from many angles.

One Big Home takes a nuanced look at America's McMansion problem
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How did kitchens get to be how they are, and where are kitchens going? Certain things go in and out of fashion (like bright yellow appliances) but other things seem to never change.

Where our kitchens came from and where they are going
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Built by students, this award-winning entry is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes.

Net-zero solar powered tiny house could help ease city's affordable housing crisis (Video)
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It's the only place in Northern Europe where winter grazing is the norm. And the results are extraordinary.

How Irish cattle farmers preserve a strange, ancient landscape