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Here's how to live comfortably in 221 square feet.

How to pack a whole lot of living into 221 square feet
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Over the past several decades, we've lost countless varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that once flourished ... but a new generation of seed companies has set out to reverse the trend.

10 heirloom seed companies pioneering a revival
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These small, smart and stylish house plans from the 60s are pretty much perfect!

There's lots to learn from these small house plans from the '60s
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The last Barbary lion – the largest and heaviest of the lion subspecies – was shot in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in 1922.

A glimpse of what we've lost: 10 extinct animals in photos
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Trade the lawn for beautiful plants that can do double duty as food!

6 Edible ground cover plants for backyards and gardens
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Would you try giving up soap?

On soap-free living
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Spring cleaning 101 ... clean pillows!

Do you know how to clean pillows?
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Turn down the thermostat, crack a window, and ditch the blankets for some science-backed health benefits.

Why you should sleep in a cool bedroom
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We keep hearing that we won’t need so many cars when the autonomous vehicles hit the road, but...

Our streets may be clogged with self-driving cars
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In an effort to reduce plastic waste, shoppers will no longer be able to get single-use bags at supermarkets.

Tunisia bans disposable plastic shopping bags
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Solar City and Tesla take the kinks out of solar power with plenty of PowerPacks.

Tesla supplying solar power to Hawaii all day and all of the night
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Willie Wonka would be proud! This tree grows peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries and even almonds all at once.

Single experimental tree produces 40 different kinds of fruit (Video)
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A child born today in Italy, raised on a diet that includes plenty of pasta, bread, cheese, meat, and wine, can expect to live into thier octogenarian years.

Italians are the world's healthiest people
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This young woman fixed up an old pop-up camper, which she now calls home, on land that she rents for cheap, near the city center of Auckland, New Zealand.

Woman's urban retro pop-up caravan is escape from the rent trap (Video)
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Of 232 liquid dish soaps scored for health and eco-impact, 58 got an F for "highest concern." We list 23 here that got an A, as well as the toxic ingredients to look out for.

Is your dish soap toxic? Here’s how to know
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A group of 19 nurses decided to test drive a plant-based diet, here’s what happened.

7 things that happened to these nurses after going vegan for 21 days
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