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"I breathed in the pure, wonderful air.
It tasted sweet on my tongue.
Everywhere I turned I could see, smell, hear, taste,
and touch life force.
For the first time, I really felt what it was like to be alive,
to feel the connection of all life.
The energy hit me in a wave.
Gripped by the spirit of the forest,
I dropped to my knees and began to sob."
~ Julia-Butterfly-Hill

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Some small actions we can all take to protect our beloved bees <3
Powerful words from the fabulous Meryl Streep: "Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

To read the full text of her speech in The New York Times, visit [ Nyti.ms Link ]
This lush green region in northern Bihar has historically been known for its traditional Madhubani paintings. Over the past few years, however, the region has witnessed rampant deforestation and loss of green cover. To tackle this, the women and girls of Madhubani have used their traditional art form to help save thousands of trees in the region from being cut down.

How women from Bihar are using Madhubani Paintings to save thousands of trees | Socialstory

"May we have the humility to listen for guidance from the land, from our ancestors, and from our bodies and hearts, minds and intuition." ~ Nina Simons
Most trees grow in soil
rooted in sunlight and sky.
But some trees,
like Birch, Weeping Willow
and all that sprout along a creek
grow their roots in water.

Sentinels of the river
standing gloriously at mid-tide
where flooded banks
kiss their weather worn
and resilient trunks
again and again like a lover.

Some women are like
some trees.

Lush, vibrant, strong
but not growing
where most...
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Is it possible to share and swap our way out of this climate crisis? This brilliant article from 1 Million Women shares some great tips that build community, are kind to the planet and benefit our wallets:
1. Get a compost bin for you and your neighbours
2. Build a community garden
3. Organise a clothes swap
4. House swap for your holiday
5. are your hobbies

Five ways to help the planet through sharing | 1 Million Women

Would you like a little pocket of joy today? Let these hummingbirds take you there...
Now, more than ever, feminine values are needed in our world; values such as cooperation, collaboration, listening, process, empathy, emotional intelligence, intuition, and more. We need more men and women capable of expressing these values, embodying them and modeling them for others. ~ Womb of Light: The Work of Bethany Webster

Inner Safety And Innovative Female Leadership Midwifing A Post Patriarchal World

Just imagine...
'My dear child do not worry about me, Water. I recover quickly with the song of our birds, the trees love, with movement, moments of rest and the prayers moving around our Earth.

I regain balance with your heartfelt tears, your remembered songs added to the ones of so many now. Do not focus your energy on 'Saving me'. Something way more profound is taking place right now, listen and...
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We do not have much time...Water told me so!

Today we're celebrating treesister Sama. Her community was recently scorched by fire who and she is responding by gathering women to create a local tree-planting group.

As we build the muscles of allowing and connecting to our hearts as gateways into the immensity of our own selves as parts of creation, we can start to turn our attention to what is ready to grow.

This may well still be latent and below ground, but conscious nurturance and attention to what our souls hold ready for us can serve the steady and seamless emergence of new shoots into the...
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I have 4 heroines. Wangari Maathai for the trees, Jane Goodall Institute for the Apes, Vandana Shiva for the seeds and Eve Ensler for the vagina.

I interviewed Eve recently - and she stunned me with what she has gone through, survived and gifted the world and all women. She is literally one of the most courageous women I know.

We talked about recovery from violence and fear and how women can...
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Bowing to the Wild Woman in you <3
Forests are springing up in the Egyptian desert. But they're not mirages. Scientists have found a way to grow trees there using sewage!