All that is here and alive and pulsing.
All that exists seen and unseen
Expressed and unexpressed
The realms I understand and all those that I do not
The beings that ignite, and birth and temper
The ones who walk this world between the veils
And those who weave the veils themselves
I'm calling you
I know that I, that we are more and have forgotten
I want the veil between my limited and...
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Meet the women who are - seed by seed - dismantling the GMO empire in India and creating a new, organic future.

Meet India's female 'seed guardians' pioneering organic farming
Did you know that there is a search engine that plants trees every time you use it?!

Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees!
This beautiful river is now legally a person!
We'd love to see photos of your favourite hugging tree <3
Did you know that 300 million people live in forests worldwide? Including an estimated 60 million indigenous people whose survival depends almost entirely on native trees and flora.

21 reasons why forests are important
What do trees
think about
in the morning,
as the sun's golden light
touches each of their branches,
gently awakening them
to a new day...?

What Do Trees Think About In The Morning?
We're celebrating all the bike warriors today!
Have you ever heard about a glorious old growth tree or even local forest that was due to be logged, and felt your heart break?

Today we're celebrating treesisters Vicki and Melissa for their fabulous work to protect old growth trees.

When Vicki found out that her about her 93 year old Aunt Edna's small California property full of glorious Redwoods was going to be logged, she turned to one...
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Meet Two Courageous Sisters who are Saving Our Old Growth Trees!
Totally fascinating news today. India granted The Ganges the same legal rights as a human being which is staggering! Here's to the The Ganges being protected, loved, cleansed and returned to truly sacred status.

Ganges and Yamuna rivers granted same legal rights as human beings
Investing in forests is an insurance policy for the planet.”
~ UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Happy International Day of Forests! Would you like to plant your own forest to celebrate with us?

Would you like to add your energy to the rising tide of love that recognizes our role as restorers and protectors of the web of life?

When you become a treesister, you are making forest restoration...
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Our work is to reforest the tropics, but protecting our existing forests is equally important. Norway just announced that they refuse to invest and buy resources that support deforestation and we're celebrating them today.

(Thanks to 1 Million Women)
This is our longing <3

(Art: Thanks to Alice Mason Artist)
This 'forest in the sky' has 23 varieties of local trees and thousands more cascading plants and shrubs...

The ‘vertical forest’ to combat pollution in China
A brilliant man saying it like it is. And he's pointing directly to what TreeSisters is for. Thank you for being with us.
Esther Nyaga is a 47-year-old farmer with two children. She owns half an acre of land in Kanja village, Embu County. Her land is largely dedicated to growing tea, a profitable crop she can sell to support herself and her family.

Esther knows the forest is important to her life, and she is one of the most experienced people in Kanja village when it comes to raising and planting trees for our...
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How Your Trees are Regenerating Lands and Lives in Kenya
Why have women been tamed?
How can we step back into wildness?
Why do we stop ourselves from diving into our dreams?
How we as women can support each other to live our gifts?

In this personal and revealing interview 'Rewilding Women, Restoring Earth' Clare Dubois explores these huge topics. You'll have much to think about after listening to this conversation. We hope it seeds new...
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Why Have Women Been Tamed?