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YES to adding my voice, my energy and my intention to the turning back towards nature
YES to living into the consciousness of a restorer species
YES to my part in the replenishment of the forests
YES to calling all women to explore who and what we are when we gather on behalf of life
YES to moving beyond fear and limitation
YES to astonishing ourselves
YES to each other, to life, to love, to...
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And together we can do anything...

(Thank you Evolver Social Movement)
Let us remember within us
The ancient clay,
Holding the memory of seasons,
The passion of the wind,
The fluency of water,
The warmth of fire,
The quiver-touch of the sun
And shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken,
To live to the full
The dream of the Earth
Who chose us to emerge
And incarnate its hidden night
In mind, spirit, and light.
~ John O'Donahue

This delicate series of...
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Have you noticed this amongst your little ones, treemamas?

"Sonny’s love for all things leafy is borderline fanatical. He can be crying or screaming like a banshee, but the second I trundle his pram under some foliage everything changes.

First he looks slightly startled, then his eyes open wide like dinner plates, his jaw drops, his arms shoot up in the air, and his body starts quivering...
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Are All Babies Obsessed By Trees?

What is feminine awakening? What does it really look, feel, sound and taste like? Recently we dove into an exploration of this wild and ever-evolving terrain in our Feminine Awakening series, kicked off by the brilliant Chameli Ardagh, founder of Awakening Women Institute.

In this nourishing and rich interview Chameli and Clare explore;

~ the encoded intelligence within our female bodies and...
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Rooted Intimacy - the Journey into Feminine Awakening

The concept of plant consciousness, that plants have the awareness to make decisions and communicate with each other, is fast gaining ground in the scientific world.

Thanks to researchers such as Suzanne Simard and Dr Philip Callahan, the intelligent communication between plants, trees and humans is a new frontier of exploration in the Western world.

The belief that spirit moves through...
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Communicating With Trees

Have you watched Before the Flood yet - the new documentary by Leo Dicaprio? I watched it this weekend and it set me alight. So, this week, we're going to be sharing all kinds of inspiring, innovative and most importantly, practical and do-able responses to climate change, starting with this one... Bamboo charcoal for a better future in Ghana.

The charcoal industry is ravaging the African...
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Bamboo Charcoal for a Better Future

Promise to stay wild with me? Knowing your aliveness in the wind and rains. Feeling your roots reach deep into the fertile soils. Being a stand for Life. Wild, risen, free.

(Thank you Victoria Erickson)
You rise.
You feel into the heart break and you let it burn.
You feel that burn, and you let its flames throw you
up against the walls of your fear,
and then you let it blaze through them.

You cry, you roar, you bellow.
You let it rip through and unclog your brilliance.
You beg to be unleashed,
and you mastermind your own unleashing.
You let your Soul take over.
You allow the dismantling...
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We just backed this brilliant campaign today and we invite you to join us. You'll be helping to plant 30,000 trees in South East India, helping to transform the landscape, local lives and tackle climate change. Thank you to our beloved #treesister Wendy for heading up this awesome campaign ~ we stand with you.

Keep Calm and Plant Trees

I've made it part of my daily practice to reach out to a sister each and every day and encourage her, by telling her what it is I love and admire about her - to help her see her own greatness. Would anyone like to join me in this practice for a week? ~ Sophie
Look at how the mangrove forests that you are planting will protect the coast of Madagascar from wave erosion! Thanks to you, we have just funded 73,000 of them.

In our #climatechanged world, these trees are a bountiful gift in so many vital ways. As well as protecting the land from erosion, they also cleanse the oceans, act as nurseries for vital dwindling fish stocks and of course,...
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“One of our people in the Native community said the difference between white people and Indians is that Indian people know they are oppressed but don’t feel powerless. White people don’t feel oppressed, but feel powerless.

Deconstruct that disempowerment.

Part of the mythology that they’ve been teaching you is that you have no power.

Power is not brute force and money; power is in your...
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"I feel like I have my future back!" Today we are celebrating victory at #StandingRock with 13 year old Water Protector Tokata Iron Eyes. Her tears and laughter are pure medicine.

(Thank you to our sisters at Awakening Women Institute for sharing)
One of the great wise elder women of our times, Maya Angelou shares how the pain of her childhood sexual abuse was alchemised through poetry and literature, into the triumph of full self expression. Thank you for your wisdom Maya, rest in peace sister.
Blossom Outrageously
Be a Sanctuary for Others
Let Go Fully
Dance with the Breeze...

What tree wisdom would you add?
A very practical way we can make a difference and support the water protectors at Standing Rock.

Our sisters at Women's Earth and Climate Action Network are calling for a month of solidarity in support of the Water Protectors beginning December 1st. You can join in and find out more here: [ Facebook.com Link ]

How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Consider what you are inhabiting right now…
Your body is life intelligence incarnate.
You are crafted out of the breath of trees -
waters that have flowed through air,
rock and soil since life on Earth began.
You are seed, grass, bough, fruit, flesh and wing,
you are the encoded experience
of everyone that has come before you
and every element that has lived you.
At the deepest level, you...
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Yes! A Thousand Yeses!
Melissa McCarthy and Ellen on how women need to look for each other's beauty and strength and resist the old, boring habits of tearing each other down.
Together, we can do anything.

Melissa McCarthy Faces a Critic

She told Ellen a story about talking to someone who offered some harsh criticism of the actress, and his surprising response.

Did you know that plastic Christmas trees are up to 20 times worse for the environment than real trees? Of course, a potted tree is the best option. Or even better, making your own version of a tree using a fallen branch! ... We'd love to see and share your creative, eco-friendly Christmas tree and holiday decoration ideas - please share them in the thread below <3