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Congratulations to this week's Caption Contest winner, Brett Beier!

"When your instructor yells "PIZZA", but you French-fried too long..."

Please contact us at in order to claim your prize! & thank you again to all of our participants. Make sure to check back Wednesday for your next chance to win!
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Don't miss Liza & Team Evergreen! Learn more about this experience from our friends at The Northern Express & on our website.

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Thank you to all of our vendors & participants for making our Bridal Expo a special event!
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Sunday Special
$50 for a carload or $15 per ticket with your Church Bulletin


PC: Natalie Nardelli
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Beer & Wine Festival, Indoor Winter Golf, and a whole new Rental Fleet!
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Don't miss London in this week's update in our Treetops Academy Golf Simulator!
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Caption Contest! Best caption wins a lift ticket!
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Make Treetops your Michigan destination!

Buy Nearby and visit a Michigan ski slope
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Don't miss our biggest festival of the year!

Beer & Wine Festival

Congratulations to this week's Caption Contest Winner, Kenny Quick!

"I wish the people in front of me would hurry up and go! Been standing here since August!"

Contact us at to claim your prize, and to all of our other entries, check back Wednesday for your next chance to win!
Mondays aren't so bad after all...

PC: Ethan Slivinski
Fresh corduroy compliments of our Groomer just a few minutes ago...