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spread and dressing - Those who are not a fan of mayonnaise or who want to try out a healthier alternative will find the Bolthouse Farms MAIO Yogurt Spread and Dressings...

Alternative Mayonnaise Dressings : spread and dressing
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cloud applications - Cycling through all of the various cloud applications that are in use within a business, brand or team can be tedious, so ‘Cuely’ is a ...

Business Document Search Engines : cloud applications
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audiophile speaker - The logging industry is notorious for being quite destructive on the environment with ample waste created in the process, so the ‘Rockit Logs...

Reclaimed Wood Speakers : audiophile speaker
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usb stick drive - The rise of the Internet and the digital life that many of us live has created the need for the ‘CryptoTestament’ USB stick drive as a ...

Post-Mortem Password USB Sticks : usb stick drive
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flying vehicle - The ‘Linnaeus’ flying vehicle drone is a modern way to maintain a healthy ecosystem without having to rely solely on human power to ens...

Foliage-Monitoring Drones : flying vehicle
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social media content creator - ‘Peep’ is a new mobile app that enables users to support social media content creators in order to help them maintain the ability to po...

Content Creator Crowdfunding Apps : social media content creator
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modern car - Modern car designs are often in a class of their own that is far from the mainstream aesthetic of the past or present, but the Vultran Solair looks...

Retro-Inspired Supercars : modern car
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Fall Acne Studios - For the 2017 pre-Fall Acne Studios collection, the Swedish luxury house takes a dive back to the 1970s—with muted neutrals and vintage cuts m...

Fur-Heavy Swedish Fashion : Fall Acne Studios
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dessert cookies - Those with a sweet tooth likely find it difficult to ditch dessert cookies when they’re trying to cut calories, so the new Chips Ahoy Thins a...

Portion Control Dessert Cookies : dessert cookies
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CES 2017 Gadgets - From alcohol-sensing wristbands to connected cocktail libraries, the CES 2017 gadgets did not disappoint. With both practical and entertaining gadg...

Top 75 Gadgets at CES 2017
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united imaging healthcare - United Imaging Healthcare is a leading Chinese company that designs and manufactures “image based electronic products,” and recently la...

Medical Imaging Retail Booths : united imaging healthcare
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alibaba buy+ - Alibaba Buy+ is a new e-commerce concept from the Chinese retail giant that has the potential to completely revolutionize how people shop for produ...

Virtual Reality Shopping Centers : alibaba buy+
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mobile pos solution - Innisfree, the large Chinese cosmetics retailer, has recently introduced POSPi’s mobile POS solution at its Grand Hyatt Shanghai location. Th...

Mobile Payment Systems : mobile pos solution
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interactive robots - These interactive robots can teach children a new word of a foreign language every day. From Flash Robotics, EMYS is an educational social robot de...

Language-Teaching Robots : interactive robots
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"The World's Best Innovation Conference" is coming to CHICAGO!!
REGISTER NOW // early-bird deadline = January 31
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two-story treehouse - A collaboration between Guy Mallinson Woodland Workshop and Keith Brownlie from BEaM brought about this two-story treehouse for adults. Called Th...

Luxurious Treehouse Hotels : two-story treehouse
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illustrated coloring book - The last few years have seen a rise in illustrated coloring books for adults, especially unique ones that are inspired by pop culture, politics or ...

Internet Culture Coloring Books : illustrated coloring book