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How popular is studying overseas for Chinese? A post-90s CEO, Pei Jing gives you the answer. #VideofromChina
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Refuse to see the animal show. #VideofromChina
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The closure of the world's largest long-span heavy-duty highway and railway steel arch bridge was finished on Jan. 21. #VideofromChina
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A 63-year-old calligrapher hid 18 “roosters” in his springcouplets as the Year of the Rooster approaches. How many can you find? (Photos: CNWEST) #TrendingToday
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Clown doctors. In Taiyuan, Shanxi province, a special medical team has been working for over one year. Doctors, nurses, and ordinary volunteers from all walks of life dress up as cartoon characters to entertain patients in hospitals. #ChineseStories
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Rose pink desert. Due to dry air and low temperatures, a pond in #Yuncheng, Shanxi dried up, but magnesium sulfate, an inorganic salt, remained. Magnesium sulfate, together with white salt crystals, turns the desert pink. (Photos: CCTV) #TrendingToday
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Leave the pledge. An officer of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force draws pledges on leaves. These include being loyal to the Party, loving China's people, contributing to the nation, devoting oneself to missions and upholding the PLA's honor. (Photo: #TrendingToday
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Pandas got an early Sring Festival treat with bamboos, carrots and apples in #Chengdu on Jan. 22. (Photos: Xinhua) #TrendingToday
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There were 1.31 million newborns in China since the universal second-child policy was implemented last year. However, almost 70% of people surveyed were unwilling to have a second baby because of the financial burden and lack of time. What kinds of policies would encourage parents to have another child? (Photo: People's Daily)#AdviceforChina
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Yoga monkeys. A group of ring-tailed lemurs assumed the lotus position during a yoga session under the sun at the #Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang. (Photos: VCG) #TrendingToday
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Walking killer. A woman walked straight into a pool at a mall in Beijing. Can you guess why? #VideofromChina
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19 buildings were leveled to the ground in just 10 seconds in an explosive demolition last night. With about 120,000 muzzles and five tonnes of explosives, this has become the largest complex blasting in the world so far. #Wuhan #VideofromChina (Video: Chinadaily)
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Come enjoy the winter games. Four natural ice rinks in Beijing’s Summer Palace, Beihai, Zizhuyuan and Taoranting opened to the public on Saturday. (Photos: Xinhua) #TrendingToday
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What does the frigid area of northeast China, or Dongbei in Chinese, has to do with Sanya, a tropical coastal city on its Hainan Island, just off the mainland and into the South China Sea? #ChineseStories
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Smog-stricken #Hebei province has pledged to cut steel capacity by 15.62 million tons and iron by 16.24 million by 2017. Do you think this can clean the air? #AdvideforChina
The province issued a total of three red alerts, the highest alert in China's three-tier early warning system for smog, in 2016.
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No more than three foreign players per team are allowed to play in a Chinese Super League football game beginning in the 2017/18 season. This policy is meant to benefit home-grown talent. The country’s national team recently lost to Uzbekistan and war-torn Syria, and is currently ranked 81st by FIFA, right between St. Kitts and Nevis and the Faroe Islands.

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Chinese New Year greeting from 23 panda cubs. (Video: iPanda) #VideofromChina
Twenty-three giant panda cubs posed for a Chinese New Year greeting at a breeding base in Chengdu, Sichuan on Jan. 20.
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It’s raining red packets! Dressed as the Chinese God of Wealth, a staff member from #Shiniuzhai National Geological Park sent out New Year wishes to visitors. The Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year, falls on Jan. 28th this year.(Photos: Chinanews) #TrendingToday
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Enjoy reading in the cave. This ancient library building, covering an area of about 4,000 square meters, comprises more than 50,000 volumes in Mogou Village of Mengzhou, Henan. It is open to the public 24 hours every day for free. (Photos: Xinhua) #TrendingToday
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Jia Liqun, a B-type ultrasound scanner specialist with a brand. He works on an ordinary post, but he has served tens of thousands of patients who all speak highly of him. #ChineseHeroes
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A Man with a Brand