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Did you get it?
Did you get it
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If your glutes aren't responding try this ''Triple Killer'' for your next workout.

Glute kick, cable squat, step up with bicep curl.

Do 5 rounds, 15-20 reps, rest 60 seconds between each exercise and 2 minutes between each round.

You'll set your glutes on fire and burn serious calories!⠀
Joshua Connors
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What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared.
Luckychild Penny Boyce
Kara-Lynn Pokorny
Samuel Beedle
Alexandria Goulet
Tag a friend who can sing better than this dog
Stefanie Erven
Steph Judge
Shampayne Walker
Tag your stubborn friend
Tag your stubborn friend
Samuel L. Faulk
Judy Matson
Raechel Sinski
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Only the smart will see this
Only the smart will see this
Michael Henderson
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Chance Steffens
This is a Real man?
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