Peep the fam and how we get down for the holidays!! #CominHome
To have the title of “Official White House Photographer” is a pretty impressive feat. Not only do you get the exclusive clearance of documenting the president’s every move, but you have the potential to capture some once in a lifetime, historic moments as well. This was the life of Pete Souza who ph...

Obama's photographer took 2 million photos in 8 years. Here are the best 20
My Atlantic Records Family
Good morning
Homeless man gives tour of plush living space that even has a jacuzzi.

Homeless Man Builds Pimp Pad Complete With Jacuzzi Under Freeway
My !
So much I could type, but this pic says it all! Age difference has me over protective a lot of the time. Love you like a son, brother & best friend all in one. It's your day!!! Happy Gday Ruski!!