Us: hey Steph Hughes, host of Amped on triple j Unearthed, every Thursday at 4PM, How does it feel to be back on the radio for 2017, talking about the best gigs artists on Unearthed are playing around the country?

hi daniel,

thanks for emailing us. exactly how much Amsterdam have u taken? pls advise. you can find plenty of calming, independent Australian music on our website. it may be helpful to you at this time.

kind regards,
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Carl Renshaw does mind-melting, Mac DeMarco style jangle jangle psych rock. We're stoked to add him to Party In The Paddock 2017!

We just chucked this amazing dude on the Party In The Paddock lineup!
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...from a brand new producer called Willaris. K. He's got 395 Facebook likes. We reckon he's about to have a few more.

triple j just added this dense, dank dance song from Unearthed to radio rotation
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are u tricking me
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the most b e a u t i f u l review of this week's Feature Artist - Lonelyspeck - by Unearthed Super User David James Young. Now is the time to get excited.
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hmmmm, mason raises a compelling point here
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got too excited about TOPS returning in 2017 // we bought party poppers // it was very difficult to get one popping on camera.

the best new independent Australian discoveries are on Unearthed digital radio - today and every day - at 5 30PM. Nat Tencic's with you this arvo!
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Someone call Molly Ringwald, we need to get this one from Niterunner on the The Breakfast Club soundtrack

'80s Flashback? Byron Bay duo Niterunner have got you covered
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your favourite tracks, updated every Monday

the Unearthed Charts are back for 2017!
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very important news
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The sheen and bounce of Chairlift, meets the weirdness and unhinged fun of Grimes. it's, like, heaps good.

We're pretty damn sure Heaps Good Friends are a Heaps Good New Band
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"They're like a well-made Margarita pizza: filled with saucy riffs (tomato sauce), shredded bass (cheese), and aggressive howling (basil)"

Say hey to Pagan, one of Melbourne's fastest-rising rock bands
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it is often said that there are two types of reviewers here on triple j unearthed
brand new this morning from the Unearthed High finalist. Huuuuge Tame Impala vibe to this one. it's excellent.

Carl Renshaw's back in with a big winner
Us: hey have you heard these artists you might like if you like London Grammar?
London Grammar: duh we love our tiny independent Australian sons
us: *faints*

We showed London Grammar our If You Like London Grammar special & they were all 'pffft seen it'