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we've been thinking a lot about the best way to get the best new music from triplejunearthed dot com straight into your ears, and we're really proud to share this new podcast with you.

Each week, we're all gonna get in a studio together, and talk about our favourite new songs. it's gonna be all-Australian and cool and fun: a bunch of friends talking about independent Australian music and how...
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Here's your new weekly dose of the best new Australian music!
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wen cool musicians turn out to be regular people just like u n me :) :)
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rip im ded
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Our Feature Artist this week, and someone who's going to do real big things this year

Meet Alex The Astronaut, the must-hear science n' soccer prodigy
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i think led zeppelin might be trying to upload to unearthed this is huge
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This week's Feature Artist, live in concert. What a charming, affecting live performer.
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This band's been working hard for ages, and 'Holy Gun' is such a wild ride. If you're into Kasabian or The Killers or Band of Skulls, you'll like this heaps.

Morning Harvey are back with the best song they've ever uploaded
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Flying. Microtonal. Banana.
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02/21/2017 at 02:31. Facebook
Einstein Poster + NASA shirt = very On Brand announcement for Alex the Astronaut. We're so stoked to feature this legend all week!
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02/21/2017 at 00:09. Facebook
good start, what else can you tell us?
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02/20/2017 at 08:14. Facebook
Fans of Illy Al, line up. This new one from Coin Banks is the bees fkn knees.

This new rap song from Coin Banks evokes Illy in all the best ways
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Happy O-Week! We roped in LAZERTITS to teach you how to introduce the world to your inner Boss Bitch.

How to own 2017 like a Boss Bitch, with LAZERTITS!
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huge and heavy from Havoc. Fans of Parkway Drive, this one's for you.

Like Metalecore? Here, have this absolute flamethrower from Havoc
"Peanut Brittle Pop with Text-Message Lyrics", from a really exciting new duo.

Heaps Good Friends are one of Adelaide's best new bands
watch the throne, Darude. RUINS are here with an absolute weapon.

Here's a brutal new trap song from Sydney duo RUINS
Here's an artist taking on a classic, while still proudly owning their own sound and aesthetic. It's so true to the spirit of what Like A Version represents. This is a spiderweb of synth and distortion and glam and cool. BEC SANDRIDGE rules incredibly hard.
hi Joe,

thanks for messaging us a hyperlink to Jewel's exquisite 1996 song 'You Were Meant For Me' without providing any other context.

Unfortunately, I am a big green drum who loves independent Australian Music, and I do not understand human feelings.


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