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Start praying. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get a chance to visit this heaven at least once in your life.

This Time-Lapse Video of Norway Will Make You Fall In Love With It
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Credits: I Wish I Was Here
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A tourist knows where he has to go, but a traveler should never.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Sagnik Basu

5 Insanely Gorgeous, Under-The-Radar Indian Destinations
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It's about courage!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Nakul

Reasons Why a Job Can Wait But Travel Can’t!
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This is wonderful!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Yogesh Kardile

Jalori pass: A Beautiful Trek That Should Be On Your Bucket List!
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Be a traveller not a tourist.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Pramati Anand

This Video Will Break All Stereotypes That Tourists Have About Ladakh!
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These train routes across the country are an experience of a complete visual bliss.
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An island full of surprises.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Mahir Saigara

Here is How You Can Make The Most Of Your Trip To Bali
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Breathtaking experience.

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Here Is Why Roopkund Is The Quintessential Himalayan Trek You NEED To Take!
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Let them take your breath away.

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10 Places In India You NEED To Start Taking Seriously!
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If you're looking for a truly raw experience of nature and people then Rameshwaram is the ideal place for you.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Uday Manivannan

Rameshwaram: The Charming Temple Island Tucked Away From Civilization
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The temperature is rising and the mountains are calling, let's go!
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Don’t assume that they are serious all the time.

10 Reasons Why Engineers Make The Best Travel Partners!
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This is a trek connecting two lovely valleys in Himachal Pradesh - Kullu and Spiti.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Jyoti Desar

Hampta Pass - A Tale Of Two Valleys!