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“Why are you going alone? No friends to accompany?”

An Ode To The Reactions I Received For Quitting My Job To Travel!
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Photos make for great stories!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderers, Priya Ravinder

10 Reasons Why Traveling With A Photographer Is Going To Be Your Best Vacation Ever
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My trip seemed to revolve around waterfalls, rivers, streams and lakes.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Karandeep Mehra

A Road Trip To The North Eastern Border Of India: Dawki, Meghalaya
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It is quite literally the road not taken.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Nilanjana Dutta

5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Flight And Take a Roadtrip From Jammu To Srinagar
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"I hadn’t seen anybody on this route since I started in the morning and I had lost all hope that anyone would come."

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Jai Pandya

How I Survived A Death Defying River Crossing Over The Zanskar
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Start making plans already!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Avilasha Sarmah

13 Mesmerising Places To Visit In India This May!
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Prepare well.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Abhit

5 Things You Must Know Before Planning A Road Trip To Ladakh
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Don't waste this long weekend.
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It's the best gift you will ever give yourself.

Why Travelling On Your Birthday Is The Best Idea Ever!
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You should totally visit Bangkok this Summer.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Neha Singh

10 Things to Do In Thailand That Will Take Your Breath Away!
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A journey unlike any other.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Neha Chandok

"I Am A Man From The Mountains": A Spiti-fying Road Trip!
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Get your gear ready and head off for a journey.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Nikhil Das

10 Breathtaking Cycling Routes In India Everyone Must Explore
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World most treacherous road? No big deal for them.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Kaveri Mayra

Please Thank My HRTC Heroes If You Are Headed to Spiti!
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