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Are you someone who is always short on time, but high on wanderlust?

8 Countries That Are Small Enough To See In Just One Day!
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You need to start planning right now.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Nivi Selvaraj.

10 Must Know Pointers Before Travelling To Bhutan!
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Tag somebody you know who needs a break!

Credits: I Wish I Was Here
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Have you submitted your entry yet? You could win an all expense paid trip to Bali: [ Link ]

When Love For Travel Got 3 Girls Together In Thailand!
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Rajasthan is a mighty special destination.

Contributed by Behind the Handlebar

A Royal Enfield Tour: Experiencing The Core Beauty & Rawness Of Rajasthan
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We found the perfect balance of luxury and comfort in this exorbitantly priced country.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderers, Divya & Vikas

Maldives: A Journey To Paradise Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket!
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Are you ready to jump out of the plane?

All You Need To Know About Skydiving In India!
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Tajikistan is and will always be an epic travel destination!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Wen Tang

Tajikistan: Wild Frontiers In An Offbeat Destination
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I just want to die here in peace.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Isha Shah

Why I Want To Take My Last Breath In Kasol
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Nothing beats a road trip to Leh!

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Jaswanth Jagadeesh

1 Beast. 3 Wanderers. 5 States. 11 Days. 3200 Kilometres. Leh'd in India!
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It's a gorgeous city.

Contributed by Tripoto wanderer, Priyanka Banerjee

5 Things You Need To Experience In Amsterdam!
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