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02/17/2017 at 00:07. Facebook
Stratusphere nuTRISHionist Val used almond flour to create these easy to make tortilla chips [ Link ] #nationalalmondday

Almond Flour Tortilla Chips Recipe
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02/16/2017 at 19:48. Facebook
Today is National Almond Day! I'm celebrating with my super easy almond shake, made with just 4 ingredients! Check out the recipe plus my fav almond recipes on the site, click the link to in the bio to check them out!
Almonds are full of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin A and are super #nuTRISHious... grab a handful to celebrate today!...
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02/16/2017 at 17:54. Facebook
See that bed over there... I just crawled out of it! I stayed up until about 4:30am last night writing a piece for @musclememorymag about how my yoga helped me kick labor's ass! Can't wait to share my story about my 13 minute labor!

The night (overnight) is the only quiet time in the house nowadays. With all asleep, I am free to put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) and let the...
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02/15/2017 at 19:16. Facebook
Important poop facts! Here's your color swatch guide to a newborns poop from The Pregnancy Encyclopedia #babyfacts
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This one always does remember to stop and smell the roses #noliterally #maxstratus #roses #valentines
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Bayley said "hopefully we can be the next Trish & Lita.” No, your not. You're blazing your own trail lady! Congrats! [ Link ]

Bayley: From Fan to Superstar - Part 1 | News |
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Remember that time I tagged w/ ShaneHelmsCom? No? Stand back! There's a list of tag partners coming thru on my site [ Link ]

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When your mom makes sure her daughter is getting all her nutrients so you can give your daughter all her nutrients #thanksmom #beefstew #homemade #madewithlove #breastfeeding
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02/12/2017 at 00:53. Facebook
Happy one month to my baby girl!! We welcomed you to the world 4 weeks ago today, but we've been getting to know each other for longer than that, haven't we? For over 40 weeks I learned how you move, felt how you grew and with each passing week made more space in my heart (and uterus!). And then you were here, a part of our family, our new daughter, a new sister. ‍‍‍ #MadisonPatricia's...
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Having a Max + Mama moment. I told Max we were going out just him and I and asked where he wanted to go... I coyly asked 'Iiiiice cream?' He mildly reacted. Then I said 'booster juice?' - to which his eyes lit up! That's my boy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Who wants ice cream when you can have spinach, acai berry, apples.... Although Max has shown nothing but love and affection...
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Remember that time I tagged with D'Lo Brown? No? You better recognize! Check out my tag partners you may not know: [ Link ]
Throwback to when I was named one of the world's best shaped fitness stars... yup, best shaped in the whole wide world #tbt #throwbackthursdays #fitnessmodel
Fresh batch of banana bread muffins! It's crazy how so much newborn nothingness (ie sleep, eat, pee, poop) can be so time consuming! I was finding that I would forget to eat or somehow not get around to it as I would get 'busy' with all her sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping, if that makes any sense at all! I know you mamas out there feel me! So this week being more aware and taking care to...
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When your newborn's dinner time falls just a tad short of syncing up with your toddler's dinner time ... presenting the art of balancing a 3 week old's needs with a 3 year old's needs #igotthis #multitaskingmama #momlife #lifewithanewborn #lifewithatoddler
#breastfeeding #dinertime #balancingact
‪Love the red collection my team put together for National #WearRedDay to support American Heart Association Month #GoRedForWomen‬

See the collection: [ Link ]
‪Having a Super Bowl party this weekend? Here's some healthy snack ideas to keep it #nuTRISHious! #SuperBowl

Click link for recipes [ Link ]
Max is so in love with his new little sister! It melts my heart when I see how affectionately he approaches her & gives her gentle kisses. I feel so blessed to be able to give him a sibling to grow up with #bigbrother #littlesister #siblings #siblinglove #family #carters #cartersbaby
Peekaboo, baby in a #nuroo ...
One of my fourth trimester essentials - was so excited to bust out my @nuroobaby baby wearer! I got this when I had Max and wore him close to me religiously for the first 3 months and plan on doing the same with Madi. I practice skin-to-skin for about an hour each day. Babies are comforted by the warmth of mamas body, it also can help regulate their breathing,...
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‪Happy Nat'l Girls & Women in Sports Day! Celebrating #girlsinthegame who reach for the stratusphere! S/O to all my girls in sport #NGWSD ‬
Big thanks to the lovely & talented @luveashlyn who captured these first precious photos of my baby girl! I love them! [ Link ]

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