Family night. #MrSmallsTheatre Lake Street Dive Band
Merry Christmas from the greatest coach in football history [ Link ]

The Night Before Christmas

Recited by Dick LeBeau

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A year later... this kid is an inspiration.
saw this on The Swaddle by Mic
Jammin' to @fijdog watching the sunset while the boys visit their other home, Ελλάς. #tamaSamoa #Μαγκας #islandboys
Went to Sandusky for Callahan Break Pads (Guess the movie!?) but ran into Cedar Point, greatest roller coasters in the world!
Get to treat the kids to an early showing of #TMNT2 tonight. It opens wide in a couple weeks, but I'll tell you how it goes.
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Operation Once in a Lifetime
Unfortunately, if this vote is not overturned, we can no longer hold camps in Samoa (or anywhere) and give access to student athletes for sports more importantly a college education.

[ Link ]

How the satellite camp ban can get overturned
Thankful to see advanced screening of #Allegiant today with friends...
opens Friday, March 18th
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Got a few friends together and got to see The Brothers Grimsby tonight. Good times.
It looks like Brett Keisel (Official Hair Correspondent) and Head & Shoulders were at it again for Super Bowl 50 Media Night. Check it out.