One provides the best customer service when it becomes a part of their duty, passion and ambition.
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Diagnosed with polio at the age of 3, Gavi was given up by her parents and raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother passed away, her father took her back home to financial troubles & family burdens. Gavi redefined independence when she took a loan to pay her father back for her education and fund her own BA degree. She was sceptical about being accepted into a role with her disability...
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IT & BPO industry has been focusing on #inclusion and #diversity at workplace since a few years. However, one company that has inspired inclusion is IBM which started their #PwD hiring initiatives in 1914. IBM aims to create a work environment wherein each person, irrespective of cultural or physical difference, has the opportunity to create a successful business. You can set an example too;...
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An #inclusive workplace enhances competitiveness and productivity within the organization. The organization that hires persons with disabilities gets an edge with the perspectives of a large spectrum of people. This helps in leveraging diverse talents and ideas that lead to winning business solutions. #Pankh supports the #retail organizations in the hiring of #personswithdisabilities.
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A great opportunity for women #entrepreneurs. Join Pink Power 2017!
There are several benefits of hiring PwDs, that encourage the presence of a diverse and inclusive workforce. When an organization hires a #PwD, it gets the positive customer perception for providing equal opportunities and support. To cultivate and promote #inclusion in #retail, #Pankh trains the #personswithdisabilities and supports organizations to develop inclusion at their workplaces.
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Customer service isn’t about words; it’s about gestures of care and concern and a passion for serving. A #retail associate doesn’t need to talk, hear, see, walk to shows he cares. So when a #PwD associate doesn’t fail in serving the customer, then why should he lag behind in getting an opportunity? Let’s give them a chance that they truly deserve.
Our initiative #Pankh aims to train persons...
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The #retail sector is at a very nascent stage when it comes to practising inclusion. An #inclusive workplace enables an organization to embrace diversity and different perspectives of a large spectrum of people. The #employment of PwDs adds to the diversity and leads to a strong brand image with a positive impact on society & businesses. Here's how #Pankh is giving employers the chance to...
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There is still the pressing need to change the perceptions with respect to employing #personswithdisabilities. #Inclusion is the need of the hour; developing the right practices and sensitivity training can go a long way in breaking the barriers when it comes to employing them. Support #Pankh in transforming the lives of #pwds. Watch this movie to find out more: [ Link ].
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Post her success at the #TRRAINRetailAwards2017, National Winner Purabi Das is happily working and inspiring other associates as a role model at Domino's Pizza India outlet in #Guwahati. Here’s to the positive attitude and hard work.
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#Pankh aims to train persons with disabilities and provide them employment opportunities in the #retail industry. To hire them, write to us at
#Retail is one of the fastest growing industries in India. In spite of the impressive growth, the sector faces challenges like lack of manpower, high attrition rates and employee disengagement. Hiring #PwD has a proven track of lower attrition rates, higher productivity levels and improved customer perception resulting in the direct business benefits for organizations. Not only does it help...
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They have always made sure you look the best and get the best. Now it’s time to reward them with the best. Here’s a sneak peek into some special, pampering moments for those who make our everyday special. Check out the pre-award grooming sessions organized for the winners of #TRRAINRetailAwards2017. Thanks to Jean-Claude Biguine India, Raymond - The Complete Man and AV Partner Viveks - The...
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A retail associate needs only the sense of service to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.
When a #PwD associate doesn’t fail in serving the customer, then why should he lag behind in getting an opportunity? #Pankh aims to train persons with disabilities and provide them employment opportunities in the #retail industry. To hire them, write to us at
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It's your chance to make it big! To all the women entrepreneurs out there, join #InorbitPinkPower.
May the festival bring colours of happiness and enthusiasm in your life. #TRRAIN wishes you a Happy Holi!
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A throwback to the TRRAIN Retail Awards 2016. Watch Sadhguru and Piyush pandey- Ad guru in a conversation, which Mr. Pandey calls as ‘Sadhu and Shaitan’. Watch them share great insights, ideas and thoughts in one banter: [ Link ].
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Piyush Pandey in Conversation with Sadhguru - TRRAIN Awards

Renowned "Ad man" Piyusha Pandey, the co-executive chairman and national creative director of Ogilvy & Mather India, taps Sadhguru for his wisdom and insight...

Born and brought in a small village near Mysore, Vishnumurthy H.P. was struggling to find a decent job due to his speech and hearing disability. He joined Pankh’s training program at Prathibhe. He has now successfully cleared the test and interview. And he is now working with McDonalds India at the Mall of Mysore. His best experience during the training was getting training in spoken English....
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ग्राहक सेवा सिर्फ एक शब्द नहीं है | यह लोगों की ज़रूरतों का ख्याल रखने का और सेवा करने का जूनून है | एक रीटेल एसोसिएट को अपना काम अच्छे से करने के लिए उसे बोलने, सुनने , देखने या चलने की कतई आवश्यकता नहीं है | तो जब इस काम से जुड़े दिव्यांग लोग अपने ग्राहकों की सेवा से पीछे नहीं हटते हैं, तो उसे ऐसे अवसर प्राप्त करने में पीछे क्यों रहना चाहिए | आइये, उन्हें वो मौका दें जिसके वो हकदार हैं | #पंख...
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