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The CEO's of some of India's largest retail brands are calling out to celebrate #RetailEmployeesDay on #12December. Acknowledge the efforts of your retail front runners too who redefine customer service on the shop. #ThankYouBolaKya #RED2016
वो सुबह वाली कॉफ़ी, वो सेल्फी वाला क्यूट हेअरकट,वो हज़ारों चीज़ें ट्राय कर खरीदा हुआ एक ड्रेस। यह सब मुमकिन है उनकी वजह से जो हर वक़्त आपकी सेवा में तत्पर रहते हैं। इस 12 December , #RetailEmployeesDay पर , उनको धन्यवाद कहिए जिन पर हम कभी ध्यान भी नहीं देते हैं, पर वो हमारे चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाने के लिए तैयार रहते हैं। #RED2016 #ThankYouBolaKya
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You were unsure throughout. It was he who helped you make up your mind and choose the best! This #RetailEmployeesDay thank him for the same! #ThankYouBolaKya #12December #RED2016
He remembered to help you even after you had left the store. Isn't it time you said Thank You? #RetailEmployeesDay #ThankYouBolaKya #12December #RED2016
For the ones who have made your shopping spree super-special, tell us about the retail associate who make shopping easy for you. Share your story of the epic day when the retail service made you smile. Get a chance to win exciting prizes. #RetailHappiness #RetailEmployeesDay #12December #ThankYouBolaKya #RED2016 #Contest #ContestAlert
#ContestAlert Your shopping experience can make you win exciting prizes. The reason why retail therapy works the best is because of the whole experience curated for you by the retail associates. Share your experience where the retail associate made your day. #RetailHappiness #RetailEmployeesDay #12December #ThankYouBolaKya #RED2016
When you wanted to try all the 20 pairs of shoes, he was patient. When you had left your iPhone on the cash counter, he returned it. This time, it's your turn to say thank you to all those lovely souls who help us every minute, everyday. #RetailEmployeesDay #12December #ThankYouBolaKya #RED2016.
Film Credits: The One School Goa & ideas@work
That first cup of coffee you start your morning with. That cute haircut you love to flaunt in your selfies. That beautiful dress you bought after trying on everything else that was available. You owe it all to them. Every time. This 12th of December on Retail Employees' Day, it's our time to show gratitude for all those gestures we probably didn't even notice, but they made us smile....
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Retail Employees’ Day is being celebrated since 2011. Last year it witnessed the biggest celebration with 350+ brands, 70 malls, 4 million In India & Turkey participating and celebrating the day. You can be a part of it too, plan the celebration for them on December 12. #RetailEmployeesDay #TRRAIN #12thDec #ThankYouBolaKya
We are proud to announce the overwhelming response that we have received. Thank you for sending in your entries! The #TRRAINRetailAwards are now just a stone's throw away. We are as excited as you are for it's all about celebrating those who have gone an extra mile to get an extra smile! Entries are now closed. #TRRAIN #Retail #HRTeam #Service #Awards #16thFeb
While everyone was getting ready to pack up for the day, a worried customer Mr. Tushar visited Crossword Bookstores Ltd.​ to look for a magazine, however, the magazine was out of stock. The customer wanted the magazine urgently to prepare for an interview the next day. Prajwal could empathize with him, which made him to take an extra effort and head out to search for the magazine.
Prajwal set...
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Retail Employees' Day celebration is a way to appreciate your employees and applaud their services. To be a part of the celebrations, all you have to do is conduct an activity in your store/office premises on the December 12. Dedicate a day to them, #PledgeToCelebrate. #RED #12thDec #TRRAIN
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Faizal is speech and hearing impaired. After having struggled in search of a job for months, he found Pankh and since then, there has been no looking back! Let us make thousands like him experience a more inclusive society and #AcknowledgeTheAbility this International Day of Persons with Disability. #IDPD2016 #PWD #Pankh #TRRAIN
29-year-old Jatin Balavantray Jani is hearing and speech impaired yet determined to lead an abled life with full dignity. Let us also do our bit this International Day of Persons with Disability and #AcknowledgeTheAbility. #ProudToHire #PWD #Pankh #SuccessStories #PWD
Watch Radhika share her inspirational journey from being underprivileged to privileged through her training at #Pankh. This International Day of Persons with Disability, let us do what we can in creating a more inclusive society and #AcknowledgeTheAbility. #IDPD2016 #IDPD #Retail #Training #PWD
Atul is hearing impaired but is committed to not let his disability come in way of leading a regular life with respect. This International Day of Persons with Disability let us be the reinforcement to thousands like him and #AcknowledgeTheAbility as well as be #ProudToHire
This International Day of Persons with Disability, Mr. B.S Nagesh, founder #TRRAIN expresses his gratitude towards all who have made it a reality. A #TRRAIN- Youth 4 Jobs Foundation joint initiative, #Pankh aims to create livelihood for persons with disabilities . The whole idea is to create an environment to help them grow and nurture their talent. So on 3rd of December this year, let us...
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Ramya met with an accident at the age of 10 that left her with a locomotive disability. This 3rd of December on International Day of Persons with Disability let us promise ourselves not to let people down and #AcknowledgeTheAbility #IDPD2016 #SuccessStories #Pankh #Retail #Training #PWD
Students from the centre thank #Pankh for guiding them in letting their voice heard to the world and empowering them in a way like never before! This International Day of Persons with Disability, let us all take the oath of doing our bit and #AcknowledgeTheAbility #IDPD2016 #PWD