Happy President's Day!

In honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, whom was an avid sportsman, hunter, and conservationist, we wanted to share with you some of his words:
"Life is a great adventure...accept it in such a spirit."

(2017 Vegas Arena Picture credit to World Archery)
We couldn't say it better ourselves: Your FUTURE is created by what you do TODAY!
Pick up a bow. Give Archery a Try. See what your future holds.

(Thanks to USA Archery, Hardy and Skip Trafford for the use of this photo.)
Congratulations Bill McCall Senior Pro Champion ASA Foley, AL. Allen Conner third place.
Women's Pro Podium at ASA Foley, AL. Congratulations Sharon Carpenter Champion and Kailey Johnston second place.
Final scores from all Pro Divisions at the ASA, Foley Alabama:
Cristina Ioriatti of Bignami S.P.a. in Italy suggests that anyone approaching archery should take the following steps.
1-Set your goals.
2-Decide a path to Achieve your wants or desires & Set some milestones.
3-Evaluate if the goals are possible or feasible.
4-Enjoy it every day you to to the field.
*** NO Achievement is worth the effort it takes to reach it if you do not enjoy the time that...
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Love Archery?!?! Go out and shoot!!!
Look to your local dealer for events near you! Share them with us all in the comments below.

Arizona Archery Club is hosting an event very soon; we hope you can show them your support!

Day two for the Pros and day one for the amateurs, a little gloomy but no rain! Good Luck to all....
Day one Foley, AL ASA women's Pro scores:
Day one Men's Pro Foley, AL scores:
Day one Foley, AL ASA Senior Pro scores:
Day one Foley, AL ASA Known Pro scores:
Kailey Johnston says that you should "Always come into the tournament knowing you did your absolute best to prepare. It can make all the difference!"

(photo courtesy of Kailey & arcHer)
Day 1 for the Pro Divisions in Foley, AL. Scoring begins at 1pm EST.
We love slow motion footage!


(Thanks BowJunky Media & Lancaster Archery Supply for the video coverage at the ASA Foley shoot.)
It is Busy Show Season!

Ben Summers is at the NBS Dealer Show in Fort Worth, Texas and is ready to tell your local dealer about our new product line!

Remember to let them know which of our new products you want to see in their store!

ASA Foley, Alabama has begun! If you are nearby, stop in for a chance to try out the full product line at the trailer, and show your support for archery!
Good luck to those competing!
Taking risks is part of any sport, including Archery.
Sometimes you win, and you can be happy about that.
But, sometimes you lose, and you will gain wisdom through the process.
(photo-World Archery)