True Highlands
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Time flies when you're having fun and you've certainly been doing that this week. We even have a few rogue entries from outwith the Highlands and Islands.....but they were too good not to include! Keep posting your shots to page and next week - it could be you!
True Highlands
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If you saw any of the recent programmes showcasing the Outer Hebrides, you're probably chomping at the bit to get out there yourself! The Uists are often overlooked in favour of Harris and Lewis - but as these photos by Little & Large Holiday Houses Scotland show - they are jewels among the isles.
True Highlands
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Ever considered cycling in the Highlands but not sure what route to take? Here's a guide on how to do the North Coast 500 on 2 wheels whilst avoiding the North Coast 500! Slightly more relaxing in summer than the busy roads.

Not the North Coast 500 - Two Wheels North - True Highlands
True Highlands
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A "Tombolo" is where an island is linked to the mainland with a narrow stretch of land, usually gravel or cobbles. Once attached it is known as a tied island. In St Ninians case, Shetland, it is a stunning sand ayre, making it one of the most spectacular tomoblos in the world.
True Highlands
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The Grey Cairns of Camster are two large Neolithic chambered cairns located about 5 miles north of Lybster, Caithness. They are among the oldest buildings in Scotland, dating to about 5,000 years ago and are open to the public. Although the surrounding countryside is now inhospitable and sparsely inhabited, during the Stone Age it was fertile farming land and only became covered in peat during...
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True Highlands
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Got some stunning photos of beaches and shoreline kicking about? Why not send them to and we will pick one to feature on our 2018 wall calendar!
True Highlands
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The sun sets this week on Rannoch Moor.
True Highlands
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Believe in mermaids? In 1807, the Laird of Raasay at the time commissioned 2 life-size mermaids. When they were delivered, they were far bigger than he imagined and refused to pay his bill. Not least because he had no money! He became bankrupt and had to sell the island.
A bit earlier this week with your gallery from around the Highlands as I have the terrible job of going off to Ardnamurchan for a few days to "work". Whilst some of us have basked in sunshine this week, others have played in the snow!
We're getting a refurb! Lots of things planned for the website over the next few months and we've started with a few alterations to the homepage. Trying to remain user friendly and uncluttered - but give the info needed - we'd love to know what you think.

True Highlands
Take to the roads, see some stars, swim in the moonlight, gasp at the northern lights.... it's all covered in our latest blog - with photos from Bunk Campers.

Northern Lights, Milky Ways & Dark Skies
The Isle of Mull was inhabited shortly after the end of the last Ice Age, from around 6000 BC and there are lots of cairns, stone circles and relics to add to the evidence of that. Today is it very popular with tourists, geologists and divers. Legend has it that the wreck of a Spanish galleon, laden with gold, lies somewhere in the mud at the bottom of Tobermory Bay.
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The mooment you realise your mum sent the card.....
Feature in our 2018 wall calendar! Send us your high res photos of the wildlife of the Scottish Highlands & Islands and it could be you! Email to
The sun sets this week over Tiree.......
This is certainly one way to see the Highlands. (Not that we are recommending it!) 8 Mountains in 8 Days to raise money for the Highland Hospice. Please support this completely bonkers man by donating or sharing this post. Thank you.

Snow Alone
What fabulous weather we have had this week! Our roundup of your amazing photos has a bit of everything this week. Remember, we want your photos as you experience it. See it - point it - click it - post it!
It is estimated that there are over 31,460 freshwater lochs, including lochans, in Scotland. A lochan is simply a small loch, but the exact size at which it becomes a loch is not clear - unless someone knows the answer?!
Put a Scottish Island on your trip schedule this year! The Isle of Gigha has been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times, and there are several standing stones on the island. There are many other archaeological sites, including cairns, duns and an ogham stone near to Kilchattan, which has not (yet) been deciphered. Well worth the trip.
We have a guest blogger and historian this week. Samantha Grant explains why Clava Cairns near Inverness is so much more than just inspiration for the Outlander series.

Clava Cairns – the real Craigh na Dun