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March 28th is just around the corner!
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We have a big surprise happening on the 28th of March, and you're all invited! Stay tuned, Truecaller fans!
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نوروز پیروز

Happy Persian New Year to our Truecaller users around the world
We believe in standing with women every day when they receive unwanted communication. Through technology, we can help each other report and avoid harassment calls.
Have you ever wondered what the little 'true' symbol means in your call history?

It means Truecaller has identified the number for you!
Give a missed call, phone credit is precious! ‍
Truecaller Priority ensures that you never miss an important call. Whether it's a delivery, your bank or a waiting cab, we'll make sure it's identified so you can pick up.
You think you know your Truecaller? We have some quick tips and tricks for iPhone users!

How to Setup Truecaller for iPhone
Can't get through when making a call? Send a 'Call Me Back' message through Truecaller!
Thanks for making Truecaller the 3rd most downloaded app in India during 2016!
Happy New Year from your Truecaller Team!
Introducing the Call Me Back feature to help bring a new level to aiding call completion!

Call Completion Made Easier with Call Me Back Feature
Want a trouble free holiday? We've got you covered on best practices while ringing in the new year.

How to Avoid Spam Calls During the Holidays
The year 2016 is coming to a close! What country made the most calls per user? Who was the world's biggest spammer? Find out in our Year in Calling!

Truecaller’s Year in Calling 2016
How did we help you this week?
When you play red light, green light with your friends on Truecaller.
We’d like to see how you #StayStressFree in the world! Post your stress-free picture on social media and enter our contest to win ₹3000 or ₹1000 in OYO vouchers! [ Link ]