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Thank you Chris Wallace for being one of the few shining beacons of actual journalism instead of the liberal nonsense squads...

Chris Wallace Lays It On The Line To Tell Jake Tapper, CNN To Cut Their S*** Out!
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According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died in New York on Monday, while at work.

BREAKING: Russia’s Ambassador To The United Nations Dies In New York
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They can’t get over they lost and they are looking for any foul, hateful means to remove a man from a job that he damn well earned!

Dems CAUGHT In A TREASONOUS Plot To REMOVE Trump From Office!
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President Trump has made it clear that there’ll be no hiding place for illegal immigrants in the United States. But as government agencies are working round the clock to round up undocumented immigrants across the US, some of the affected people are already committing another crime.

Undocumented Immigrants In The U.S. Are Jumping The Border Into Canada
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This one is just coming in. We will have more information as it becomes available...

BREAKING: President Trump Has Named His NEW National Security Adviser
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Is there a small note just under the cameras over at CNN that tells them exactly how crazy to be that evening?

JUST ONE TOUCH Caused This Liberal Talking Head To Have A Complete MELTDOWN!
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Controversy continues to follow our new President, The latest cause of lame stream liberal meltdown is Sweden.

Liberal Heads Explode as Trump Tweets on Sweden.
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The hate spewed from the left continues to escalate. These miserable individuals are trying to spread their false messages through social media, Big Media, and especially in the classroom, where the liberal agenda has been circulating for decades.

You Won’t Believe What This LIBERAL Professor Did When Confronted Over TRUMP HATE!
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Good lord, I always tell people be careful when they go flying. I didn't know that warning included the guy behind the x-ray machine....

BREAKING: 2 TSA Agents Were BUSTED At JFK Airport For An Absolutely Disgusting Reason! – Liberty Brief
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I pray to God that a liberal never has to defend herself like this woman did. I'm not so sure their safety pin would be adequate defense....

A Woman Was Feeding Her Baby When THUGS Broke In With Guns, But That Mama Fought Back!
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Every hateful thing that is going on in this world, he has his hand in. He needs to be brought to justice!

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The consequences of the Day Without Immigrants protest Thursday is gradually spreading across the United States as dozens of immigrants who participated in the demonstration have lost their jobs.

Immigrants Are Losing Their Jobs Over Day Without Immigrants Protest
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Defense Sec. Mattis was in Iraq Last Week and Mad Dog was Putting Minds at Ease. By now most of you know Defense Secretary James Mattis. If not by reputation alone you have more than likely heard the nickname Mad Dog.

Mad Dog Mattis Easing Minds Over Seas.
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The string pullers are hard at work to disrupt the progress that we are trying to make as a nation...we have to stop them!

STAY VIGILANT: After The SHADOW GOVERNMENT Was UNMASKED, A More Horrific Discovery Has Turned Up!
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There are some really underhanded people who think that the buck stops with them and not with Donald Trump...they need to be stopped!

Former CIA Agent Is Risking EVERYTHING To EXPOSE The Horrible Plot Against Trump
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It's almost as if President Trump is looking at the guy and saying, "just put the gun down pal. You're only gonna die tired."

POW! Trump Has Made A Move That Has CUT ISIS OFF AT THE KNEES!
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What One Brave Vet Pulled Out Of This Snakes Body Is Absolutely Mind Blowing!
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I would be one to also say that the parents of these little miscreants need to be brought in for a good, stern talking to as well!

The 5 Teenage Punks Who Tossed THIS At Trump’s Motorcade Have Learned Their FATE!
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The Lord gives people that need it an absolutely immeasurable amount of strength. God Bless them all.

For 2 Years, She REFUSED To Pull The Plug On Her Husband. One Day, He Said Two Words That PROVE Miracles Exist!
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