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Had this happen in a car I was a passenger in once, very frightening experience!

So, You Want A Good Reason Why To Clean The Ice Off Your Car Before You Drive?
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I gotta tell you folks, we don't hear from the First Lady often but when we do she sure as heck makes an impact..

Melania Trump Brilliantly Used Six Words To Blaze An Amazing Path For America’s Future!
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Unlike the real Hillary Clinton, it seems that none of her merchandise is selling out…

Much Like The Real Hillary Clinton, Her Merchandise Is Priced To Go…
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I have never seen something so truthful yet funny at the same time...

This Epic Poem About Trump’s Inauguration Is Absolutely Amazing!
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Well, look at what we got here…it’s that law of unintended consequences again….

A Woman Refused To Serve A Cop At A Walmart….Then The Karma Train Pulled Into The Station!
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Sometimes, you come across a truly terrifying photo online that has doesn’t have much of an explanation. That lack of explanation can be for a number of reasons.

What 16 Photographers Captured On Film Will Seriously Freak You Out
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CNN used to be something, they used to mean something. Now, they are just a bunch of petulant children…

Who CNN Hired To Cover Trump Exposes Them For The Vengeful Hatemongers They Are
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Unfortunately, it was not to a bail bondsman...

Obama’s FINAL Phone Call As President Went To…
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My grandmother used to do something like this with lemons when we got sick. Fixed us up every time.

Putting Salt And Pepper On A Lemon Will Cure So Many Common Ailments It Isn’t Even Funny!
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I don't even know what to say here other than even in that circle of people there is no level of...

Close Family Friend Of Clintons ARRESTED For Threatening To Kill Trump! – Liberty Brief
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I wonder if the people he represents ever sit up at night and think how in the hell did we ever...

One Of The Snowflakes That Boycotted The Inauguration Is Saying He’s Going For Impeachment Early..
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Kids need rules. That’s the problem today, is some kids think there will be no consequence for any of their actions…

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We have a common goal to reach as a country and it is refreshing to see someone in Hollywood recognize that fact!

Matt Damon Lobs A Heavy Truth Grenade At Every Anti Trump Liberal!
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It is slowly beginning folks, soon enough our money won't mean a thing in the eyes of those who control the money...

The War On Cash, Citibank Has STOPPED Taking Cash At Many Branches!
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I'm having an inauguration cookout sometime this weekend. Making fresh smoked sausage and all other kinds of good stuff. Not crying like these damned babies...

Leftist Cat Pan Liners PROVE How Unhinged They Are With These Inauguration Headlines…
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The way this guy tells the government to take their demand and cram it is absolute genius!

The Government Said They Needed To Use A Man’s Property….His Demands To Them Are Hilarious!