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When Did We Become So COLD? More importantly how do we fix it?

Desensitized By Violence, Have We Gone Cold?
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This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Wonderful skill to have!

People Said He Couldn’t Build A House Using Two Rocks….This Is How He SHUT THEM UP!
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The way this guy tells the government to take their demand and cram it is absolute genius!

The Government Said They Needed To Use A Man’s Property….His Demands To Them Are Hilarious!
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What is going on there and why do they want to so desperately hide it from us?

Finally, There Is PROOF Of The Existence Of Secret Underground Military Facilities!
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London’s Attack on Wednesday was horrific. People across the world are losing their lives on a much too frequent basis and we often don’t think about them or even ourselves for very long.

Desensitized By Violence, Have We Gone Cold?
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Deadly Domestic Dispute in Wisconsin leaves 4 dead. Are we becoming desensitized to these random acts of violence?!

Wisconsin Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly
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What the London mayor said about terrorism is disgusting...

Trump Jr. Reminds London Mayor Of His Stupid Comment About Terrorism
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8 Arrests after pre-dawn raids in London lead to more TERROR suspects.

Early Morning Raids Net 8 Arrests After Attack!
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Remember, if something does not feel right do not go through with it!

If You See One Of These At The Checkout….Call A Manager IMMEDIATELY!
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With these changes, speaker of the house Paul Ryan stated, “…we are now one step closer to keeping our promise to the American people and ending the Obamacare nightmare.”

GOP Makes Several Last Minute Changes to the New Healthcare Act
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The only thing she should have gotten was a pink slip and someone to hold the door for her on the way out…..

HOLD IT! She Called The Election An Act Of Terrorism And They’re GIVING HER AWARDS?
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A 57 year old man, Dawn Love, who transitioned into to a woman years ago, was driving and spotted a young 15 year old girl walking on her way home from school.

You Won’t BELIEVE What This Transgender “Woman” Did To A Teenage Girl!
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The confused look on Tucker’s face is purely from the notion anyone putting the man he is talking to in charge of anything….

Lib Loony Compared Immigration Officers To Nazis, Tucker Ripped On Him Until He Walked Crooked!
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That honestly may be one of the best answers to any question I have ever heard.

They Asked What He Wanted Said In His OBITUARY. Neil Gorsuch DROPPED EVERY JAW In The Room!
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Really, there’s no way that they could be that vapid and silly. There’s no way….

A University Said That An Item In This Room Was TRIGGERING Students, So They Actually Removed It!
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Anyone with any brains at all should know that this is pretty damned high on the "NOT OK" list...

A Veteran Sees A MEXICAN Flag Flying Over An AMERICAN Flag, And He Doesn’t Put Up With It!
HOW DARE THEY! How dare they do this to a good and decent woman who has committed no crime to anyone!

Ivanka Has Been Given Some Absolutely HORRIFIC News..