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Belts generally aren’t top of mind when you think of custom clothing, but let us assure you, a custom-made belt will fit and feel better than any you’ve worn. Plus, we can match almost any leather or sole. #TrunkClubCustom
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Kind of like doing a rain dance during the dry season, we’re wearing our light denim to expedite springs arrival. [ Link ]
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Thanks for stopping by Trunk Club Boston Abby Matses - Proper Paper! Read more about her visit here: [ Link ]
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This season, denim is all about details. Frayed hems, embroidery, colorblocking... try some in your next trunk or styling session!
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Did you know that, for almost the same price of a high quality button-up shirt, you can get one custom-made for you? #TrunkClubCustom
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Soft, denim-inspired blues are one of 2017's freshest color trends. There are a lot of ways to wear it, so chat your stylist to figure out which shade will look best on you. [ Link ]
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Take a look inside our office (we're hiring!). Head over to The Muse & check it out. [ Link ]

Meet Jade Carmosino from Trunk Club | The Muse
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"When you get married in Paris, you better bring your fashion A-game." Looking good in your Trunk Club custom, Josh. [ Link ]

A High-Fashion Dress for a Parisian Real Wedding!
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Stripes are graphic, colorful, on-trend—basically perfect for spring. Request some from your stylist today!
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Kind of like doing a rain dance during the dry season, we’re wearing our favorite light denim to expedite the arrival of spring.
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Fun fact: There are more chemicals in a cup of tea than in Eton's organic, wrinkle-resistant shirt fabric. [ Link ]
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Once "sealing yourself in the most weatherproof cocoon ever" is no longer the goal, shopping for outerwear is a lot more fun. Ask your stylist to see some of the new lighter-weight jackets we have for spring. [ Link ]
Do you need to *tie* your look together, avoid looking like a *square*, or knock someone's *socks* off? If so, invest in accessories.
Thanks for stopping by our Boston Clubhouse, Extra Petite! [ Link ]
Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! You know what they say, there's nothing more romantic than macarons that match your outfit.
Today, while you’re professing your love for your significant other, we hope you’re wearing an outfit worthy of the occasion.#ValentinesDay
Looking to sweeten up your significant other's wardrobe? [ Link ]
Sure, we're excited for the performances. But really, we can't wait to see what everyone's wearing. #Grammys #rockstars #trunkclubwomen
Let us paint you a picture: Your significant other is unwrapping that impossible-to-find item they've been searching for—and all you had to do was grab a gift card. Make this dream your reality: [ Link ]
We're red hot for red this Valentine's Day. Include the hue in your next trunk for a surefire way to stand out on date night. #valday #trunkclubwomen [ Link ]