The NEW Micro Urban is for singles and couples and anyone else who wants the convenience of microwave cooking but not convenience (aka fast) food!

Steam veggies, chicken and fish, and cook pasta, rice and other grains in no time. This month, you'll get the Micro Urban as a free gift, along with a pair of Modular Mates Ovals #3 to store your dry ingredients in. To qualify, simply Host a Party...
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Taking a risk often leads to the best adventures in life. Think about all your most cherished milestones. Was there an element of risk-taking involved...? Of saying "I'm scared" and then doing it anyway?! That's what we're talking about. Courage. That attitude will get you far with a Tupperware business of your own (not to mention you can choose your own hours and earn full time money with a...
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What better way to cool off than with a delicious Raspberry Mojito? Find our recipe cards FREE at Tupperware parties! Image via Instagram @megannskitchen
We have a new Thermal Flask available, and it's AMAZING! :) Not only does it keep your home brewed tea or coffee hot on-the-go for up to 6 hours, it keeps cold drinks super cold for just as long! Find out more in our eBrochure >>
Keep oils at your fingertips with this pair of Condiserves. A one handed opening makes it easy to open and close them, while the liquid-tight cap stops any messy drips.

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LAMB & PISTACHIO PATTIES: Look no further for your Thursday night dinner idea than these delicious lamb and pistachio patties with fresh, homemade tzatziki. Enjoy them bun-free with salad or your favourite burger buns. Recipe available on our website >> [ Link ] #recipe
Try our classic Italian spaghetti dish with a twist - Barramundi! It's the perfect easy dinner for you and your sweetheart after a busy day. Just add candles and a glass of your favourite wine. Who said there's no time for romance on a Tuesday night!? <3 :D [ Link ]
Be your own boss with Tupperware. >> #TeamTup
Sunday is the perfect day for making Passata. Get the family together and make a day of it! Prepare it in bulk and bottle it for everyone to take home. It lasts for up to 6 months and brings any Mediterranean cuisine to life! There's nothing like the real thing. Get the recipe on our website >> [ Link ]
A lemon is the secret ingredient to many a dish (and Tupperware is the other secret ingredient of course). Tell us if you agree! We love to add the juice and zest of a lemon to sweet and savoury cooking and baking to take it to the next level, or add it to a tasty beverage. #Mediterranean #inspiration
The Mediterranean diet is known as the healthiest around. Get inspired to eat well and live well with our range of limited release products designed to make healthy eating quick, easy and delicious >> [ Link ]
It's not just for the little ones.... There's nothing that unites us more than the moment when you sneak a quick lick of the bowl or spatula after mixing up a tasty batter, marinade or icing. Tell us if you agree! #TupperTasteTest
Food tastes better when shared with friends and family. Enjoy the good life with our amazing selection of Mediterranean ideas to see you through summer and beyond! Don’t miss out - these offers are only available until 5th March 2017 >> [ Link ]

A Taste of the Mediterranean
“A sandwich again… Mum!!!” If this sounds familiar, then you’ll love our healthy and delicious falafel recipe, sure to please the little ones. Falafel is easy to prepare, and fits perfectly in their school lunch box. Plus, it’s dairy, gluten and nut free. Cheree Sheldon of The Healthy Mummy shows you how! And for more healthy lunch box recipes that are tasty and easy to make, download our free...
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PRAWN & FENNEL RISOTTO: This summer risotto dish transports you to the coastal towns of Italy. Made easy with our new and exclusive Micro Urban, it's the perfect mid-week meal. Get the recipe on our website >> [ Link ]
TGIF! Party-goers this weekend, make sure you take advantage of the last few days of our New Year, New You promotion - ends Sunday. :D See our eBrochure for details >>
There's nothing wrong with being afraid. It's what you do with it that counts! >> [ Link ] #TeamTup
Hump day dinner idea: Smoked Salmon & Quinoa Salad! Prep in 10 minutes. Cook in 25 minutes. Done. Enjoy. :D <3 #healthyrecipe [ Link ]
Try our delicious and easy Chocolate Fondue recipe. It's a sweet treat destined to be shared. Serve it in our Micro Deli Dip for a fun night in (pictured), available exclusively as a FREE Host Bonus with $800 in Party sales + 1 Party booking until 5th February 2017. For more details and to get your hands on the recipe, head to our eFlyer here >>

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