It’s like a light, lemony heaven.

Jel-icous Lemon Chiffon
When we flip, you flip, together we #FlipClimateChange. This #WorldWaterDay, raise awareness for the millions of people with unsafe drinking water. Grab your Eco Water Bottles and get flipping!
See how Eco Water Bottles are making a difference in Haiti thanks to Manager Marcia Heim. #WorldWaterDay #tupwater

Marcia Makes a Difference in Haiti
Where do your Eco Water Bottles go? Show us and be a part of #WorldWaterDay #tupwater
All new—Electric Blue! Love our cool, new hue? It’s only available this week so talk to your Consultant today! ⚡
You feelin’ it? Alive with electric color. ⚡
Welcoming another incredible group of new Directors to the Home Office for Director Success Seminar. Here’s to new friends and memories made! #tuplove
What do Tupper Kids want in their Easter baskets? The Shape-O® Toy and TupperToys® Build ‘N Play Train, of course!
Liven up any task with neon, just-right-sized bottles. How do you use your fave sized Eco Bottle. ⚡
XDream and Star Power showed them who's best. Congrats to our Regions Week winners!
Lighten up this spring! Ask your Consultant about these hot colors and the exclusive, new XL size (not pictured). ⚡
POWer through the day with a POP of electric color. Eco Water Bottles in exclusive neon colors—one week only. ⚡
The first step towards a golden opportunity. Connect with a Consultant to get started with the Tupperware Business Kit today. #StPattysDay ☘
Our Disney Beauty and the Beast Lunch Set is an enchanted lunchtime solution. #BeautyAndTheBeast #BeOurGuest
Take Potato Salad Deviled Eggs to-go in our Egg Tray inserts. For all of you with a sweet tooth, perfectly pack up to three inserts full of yummy treats inside the Snack-Stor® Large Container. Tell us your favorite way to fill your Egg Trays!

Potato Salad Deviled Eggs recipe: [ Link ]
We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day—be sure your table staple is, too! ☘

Full recipe: [ Link ]
Of course you can keep a snack bar in there, but did you know you can also store earbuds and batteries? Ask your Consultant for 101 ways to use the Tupperware® SnackBar Keeper. +1
Buying in bulk is awesome sauce. Large containers on your countertop? Not so much. Dress up your counters with beautiful Counterscaping Containers.
Indulge in your snack attack—guilt free.

Coconut Joy Bars
The Flavor Saver Container (and other classics) are out of the Tupperware vault for one week—just in time for Easter.