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Boys keep swinging #oslo

(photo: Bjørn Cato Flatekval)
Oslo vi elsker deg, di gamle hore!
Thank you Oslo and thank you everyone for 2016, what a great year it has been, from Toronto to Lillestrøm, see you in 2017!
Takk for en koksvett, kaotisk og stappa kveld igår, Bergen! Det lover veldig godt for årets siste show fra oss, ikveld på Rockefeller.

Vi har noen veldig gode venner med ikveld: Turbojugend Bergens eget pophåp Great News, samt mannen, myten og magikeren, SELVESTE Doktor Erik!
Photo taken this morning in Bergen.
See you tonight!
Sees imåårææn, Bergen.
Motörhead's Phil Campbell proudly rocking his Turbojugend kutte! Skål! #Turbonegro #Motörhead #Turbojugend
Ok folks last chance to go see Turbo in 2016!
Bergen: see you next Thursday.

[ Signedevents.com Link ]
As some of you might know, your favorite bassplaying sailor occasionally puts a "normal guy" costume over his maritime denim and cover-up make-up over his everyday make-up and a wig on top of his sailor cap and makes panel debate TV shows and documentaries for NRK - the Norwegian National Broadcasting Corporation.

This time he went back to his American roots to talk to his family about the...
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Thomas Seltzer - In Hillary and Donald`s Backyard

Thomas Seltzer travels back to his American roots to find out who his family are voting for. This is an America seldom seen

Tommy Manboy just released his first Podcast pilot. More to come. Enjoy
Ay caramba! Happy 5th anniversary Yemaida and JuanJosé, Turbojugend Mexico!
We have the bestest fans ❤
Last night: Lillestrøm! What a rush, thank you! (photo: @trine_kalstad)
Ås, darkness awaits tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud to announce that Tommy Manboy is now the new king of Thailand!

Tonight: Lillestrøm
Tomorrow: Ås.

London. The Big Smoke. The Swinging City. The Second Best Town In The Whole World. The place that will forever live in infamy as the meeting place for Turbonegro and their future lead singer and Saviour of Deathpunk, Tony Sylvester AKA The Duke Of Nothing. Who knew that those heady days holed up in seedy hotels on a diet of drugs and Don Henley would lead to this: headlining Desertfest at the...
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People: there's a weird show coming up...

A grey afternoon 23(!) years ago we rigged up for soundcheck on the stage at Martin's, a small bar in Lillestrøm, 15 minutes northeast of Oslo.

It was loud. Very loud. The room was empty with the exception of a few slightly worn-and-torn barflies sitting along the bar with their backs turned against the stage and their fingers in their ears. One of...
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Telemark, are you ready? See you tonight, Bø.
Stavanger hotel employees welcome Turbo ❤