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Dorothy took matters into her own hands this week. Our review:

Emerald City Review: The Villain That's Become
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McGarrett was channelling MacGyver just before a handy dandy upcoming crossover!

Hawaii Five-0 Review: E Malama Pono (Handle With Care)
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Uh oh. Grimm isn't going out with a bang...

Grimm Review: The Son Also Rises
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We have a question, Bones Fanatics. Can you help us with the answer?

Bones Round Table: Who's At Fault For Max's Murder?
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Our Quantico Round Table has A LOT to say about the return of a certain someone...

Quantico Round Table: Bye, Bye Citizen's Liberation Front
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Supergirl FIRST LOOK: Look who's here!

Supergirl Photos: A Happy Homecoming?
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Welp. There we have it. Read Kailyn's shocking confession and more about this Teen Mom bombshell ...

Kailyn Lowry: Yes, I'm Pregnant!
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Connie Britton Speaks on THAT Nashville shocker...

Connie Britton Exits Nashville: What Did She Say?
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When Once Upon a Time comes back, can it bring these relationships back with it?

Once Upon a Time: 9 Friendships We Miss Most
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A killer revealed! A shocking cliffhanger! Read our How to Get Away with Murder review now:

How to Get Away with Murder Review: Who Murdered Wes?
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Is The Blacklist: Redemption a worthy spin-off? Our review...

The Blacklist Redemption Review: Leland Bray
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Country music and heartbreak go hand in hand, right? Right.

Nashville Review: If Tomorrow Never Comes
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What did Dembe do on The Blacklist? Will Red survive?

The Blacklist Review: The Apothecary
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What went down at the Jason Blossom Memorial? Find out in our review!

Riverdale Review: Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness