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HGTV is the most addictive channel on television. But which of these beloved shows is the best of the bunch?

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SIX has premiered on History. What did you think of the drama?

SIX Series Premiere Review: Are You In?
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Will & Grace's return to NBC has been confirmed!

Will & Grace: Officially Coming Back to NBC!!
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Is this a ripped from the headlines story? Find out.

Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Sanctuary
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There's no crying in baseball! And editors have a tough job.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Review: Move Your Car
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Trish was the standout on this one, despite trying to kill off our heroes!

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Brotherly Love
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The sins of the father get out on hand on this one.

Law & Order: SVU Review: Decline and Fall
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Did the Great Heathen Army exact revenge for Ragnar's death?

Vikings Review: Revenge
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Everyone can use a lobotomy now and again. Or not.

Incorporated Review: Operational Realignment
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Channeling Gladys Knight tonight!

Star Review: Code of Silence
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Cotton's true love is back in the picture!!

Salem Review: Saturday Mourning
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More This Is Us news out of the TCA Press Tour!

This Is Us: What's Ahead for TV's Best Drama?
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CHEATERS! LIARS! These 15 reality stars have all been exposed for their heinous actions...

15 Reality TV Stars Who Have Been Exposed as Pumpkin-Eaters
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What's next for The Keating Four? Check out photos from the return episode of How To Get Away with Murder!

How to Get Away with Murder Return Photos: What's Next?
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This Is Us will be around for a long time!!!

This Is Us: Renewed for TWO Seasons!!
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Major Crimes has been renewed! Get the details:

Major Crimes Season 6: It Is a Go!
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Scandal is nearly back!!! Check out photos from the Season 6 premiere:

Scandal Return Photos: Who Won?!?!?!?!?