Twelve Foot Ninja
03/20/2017 at 06:04. Facebook
Here's the video with Veronica and Lewis on triple j . . .
Twelve Foot Ninja
03/20/2017 at 06:01. Facebook
So ahh . . . This was Stevic's version of Centrelink's call waiting music with Veronica and Lewis on triple j . . . We have to be on a tour bus with this guy!
Anil smokes his own trout, bakes his own scones, cakes and what not...bloody get here! Good bloke! 5 star chef opened his own cafe. We just wandered across the road and found this joint. Support local business. Ave a bloody good time! Good on ya Anil!
Nuth'n better than a coupla Emu's on a bloody glorious Perthinian Day...

P.s Check out Old mate Stevic all Emued out!!

P.p.s totally amped for Amplifier tonight! ????
Fremantle..! We're bloody primed and ready...! Let's fuck ducks!!! ????
Stevic demoing the versatility and Batman tech of his Jedi guitar Shuriken Guitars. #mocciesmate
Stevic's Batman guitar again . . . Shuriken Guitars and moccies mate!
rage was the only place we could watch music videos growing up and was an integral part of our growth as musicians and music video creators. It is an absolute HONOUR to be sitting on THE red couch hosting Rage this Saturday 11th Feb. Get some tasty snacks and bloody tune in!
Check out Osaka Punch at 8.30pm and ECCA VANDAL at 9.20pm tonight at The Village Green Hotel in Mulgrave! Where Muligrubs go to die! Nah! We fucking love it!
Stevic explains why his new Shuriken Guitars creation is the guitar BATMAN would play. "The evolution of electric guitar" is not a bit of bloody cheese on a salada! Skitz x 9000.
Stevic's been busier than a bloke making a custom guitar with Line 6 and Yamaha Guitar Development! Check out Shuriken Guitars! Watch the vid!

Shuriken L6 video Friday version LESS BASS HD

Stevic's custom designed guitar was launched at NAMM 2017! Send Email via Shuriken Guitars Facebook page to express interest in getting one! (Left handers included!). $1299-1399usd. This guitar is SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!
FYI: Stevic's demos are at 12pm and 2.15pm today at the Marriott.