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hi, it's me, your favorite garden gnome (via @lukefontana)
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From Chance the Rapper to Oprah, some of the biggest names in pop culture came together to recreate Martin Luther King's iconic "I Have A Dream" speech on Twitter. Tap through to see Dr. King's words come to life through the voices of today.

MLK’s iconic words live on through some of Twitter's biggest names.

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3 of the 6 #WPxTO designs are sold out! comment below which one you want that's left... warbyparker.com/tyler-oakley
hi from hollywood ✌
long story short, i'll miss @barackobama. during his administration, i felt heard, included, represented & taken care of. in 2014, i was invited to have a meeting with POTUS himself, & i'll never forget how kind & thoughtful he was - but most of all, how much he wanted to listen & learn. a true favorite human. now it's our job to carry on his empathetic legacy, and resist & challenge anything...
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‪making america gay again‬
spent my day with these incredible digital thinkers & creators at the White House. we're eager to make america better every single day. we discussed sexual assault, equality, education, climate change & so much more. it's on each & every one of us to make our society better in whatever way we can, & i pledge to use my platform for good.
i'm freaking OUT. i made the #30Under30 list by Forbes this year. i'm beyond honored & can't quite believe it. couldn't have happened without all of you. feeling so inspired by the people with whom i'm on the list & ready to make 2017 an incredible year. almost 10 years after starting this weird youtube ride, i'm feeling like this is just a starting line, not a finish line. so much left to do!

Forbes 30 Under 30: Digital Star Tyler Oakley Is Just Getting Started

okay maybe 2016 wasn't all THAT bad. thanks for 67,928,175 total likes on [ Instagram.com Link ] this year!! i got a push notification for every single one. #2016bestnine
it's not something anyone should "just get over" - lives are at stake. we must hold him accountable for every dire action.

Tyler Oakley nailed exactly why we should be anxious of the Trump presidency

thank you @art.ic.monkeys for this incredible drawing of a shot from my #WPxTO glasses line photoshoot (warbyparker.com/tyler-oakley)!! it turned out INCREDIBLE. if any of you make art of me, tag me!! ✨
in this little interview with AskMen, i talk about fashion & style... because i'm such a fashionista, obvi

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thinking about summer camp?! here's everything you need to know about #BestCampEver - hope to see you there!! [ Adweek.com Link ]

YouTube Stars Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota Are Returning to Host Summer Camp for Fans

omg i released my documentary SNERVOUS a year ago today?? just rewatched my vlog of the premiere & still so surreal: [ Youtube.com Link ]

wanna watch my documentary SNERVOUS?? it's on itunes, google play, hulu (in US), netflix (outside US) - ENJOY: [ Snervous.com Link ]

WE MADE A MOVIE (My Crazy LA Snervous Premiere) | Tyler Oakley

Join our Twitter family: http://twitter.com/tyleroakley Binge (book): http://tyleroakleybook.com Snervous (documentary): http://bit.ly/SnervousiTunes Psychob...