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Don't go to work tomorrow: take your work on the road instead
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Lunch gone missing again?
It's now even easier to catch the culprit with our Connect Cam bit.ly/2lKcmzq
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Keep your cool with our double walled metal drink bottles, available for $20 online for a limited time only
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30% off lighting? You had me at light box!
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We're taking 30% off ALL OF THE LIGHTS until midnight Monday!
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PUG YEAH! Drawstring totes are just $3 in store with any purchase!
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It's lightweight, it looks damn fine plus it's cup holder ready! Hold it Now travel mug $14.99 - shop it here bit.ly/2lJArqe
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Give some lovin’ get some lovin’ with 40% off typo.com! Today only!
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Is it time to freshen up your ride?
Air fresheners now available in apricot & peach, cherry or mango scents bit.ly/2l2J7ra
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When they say "don't get me anything" they really mean this: bit.ly/2kOgMCq
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Don't go to work - work anywhere with our new collection of bags and tech cases bit.ly/2kG2Kmc
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Desk goals
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For bits, bobs, and all other life necessities...
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Trust us when we say this...
New ceramic take away mugs: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Say hello to the new tea-riffic travel mugs!
Featuring removable infuser and the option to add your own inserts
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Bum bag or fanny pack, whatever you call it, we've got it!
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Happy Birthday to all of the February babies!
We hope your day is as awesome as this card bit.ly/2k7Kv8T
01/31/2017. Facebook
This bag goes a long way! 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this Tote Bag goes towards The Typo Difference and supporting our educational projects in Uganda like, building schools, providing classroom essentials and meals.
Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
01/29/2017. Facebook
And on Sundays, we brunch!
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GONG XI FA CAI! Happy New Year Mother Cluckers