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What it takes to take flight
#AFOQT practice question: In the International System of Units, a measurement for mass is
A. a meter.
B. a henry.
C. an ampere.
D. a kilometer.
E. a kilogram.
Join along in 360 as a Special Ops team drops out into the ocean with a zodiac raft.
Mission: Ensure everything gets where it needs to go, exactly when it needs to get there.

Logistics Readiness Officer
We are LIVE with Maj. Kipp, Capt. Fleming, and Capt. Lax from 2-3pm CST! Ask in the comments below about what it’s like to become and serve as an Air Force healthcare professional.
What’s it like to work as an Air Force Flight Surgeon? Ask one yourself. Maj. Kipp will be answering questions from 2-3pm CST today, along with an Emergency Physician and Family Health Clinic Professionals.
#ASVAB Practice: ASVAB Practice Question: Salt helps to melt ice because it
A. dissolves in water to form an acid.
B. chemically destroys the water molecules.
C. lowers the temperature at which water freezes.
D. is attracted to concrete sidewalks below the ice.
Neither rain nor snow, not heat nor gloom of night, stops maintainers from ensuring that our aircraft continue to fly.
Stay up to date on all the latest happenings with the Air Force’s Week in Photos: [ Link ].
Want to be a healthcare professional in the Air Force? Get all your questions answered live by an Emergency Physician, Family Health Clinic Professionals, and a Flight Surgeon on Tuesday, 2/21, at 2 pm CST.
One part medic, one part combat warrior, one whole Air Force Special Operations Pararescuemen. Could this be you one day?
#AFOQT practice question: 17/20 + 6/100 + 15/50 is equal to
A. 43/50
B. 111/100
C. 121/100
D. 83/50
E. 289/25
Mission: Help individuals improve life quality by offering services during their hardest times.

Clinical Social Worker
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U.S. Air Force - Frequently asked questions
#ASVAB Practice: Extending the reach of this crane will shift its ___.
A. total weight
B. allowable speed
C. center of gravity
D. center of buoyancy

The correct answer is C. For more ASVAB practice questions, go to [ Link ]

ASVAB | Sample Questions
#ASVAB Practice: Extending the reach of this crane will shift its ___.
A. total weight
B. allowable speed
C. center of gravity
D. center of buoyancy
For Black History Month, we honor and thank the brave Airmen who make up our incredible U.S. Air Force family. #BlackHistoryMonth
There are an enormous number of opportunities as an Air Force healthcare professional. Many work in settings much like a private practice but without many of the headaches. Click here [ Link ] to learn more.
Air Force women have been soaring above the glass ceiling for decades. See how you can too.

The crucial role of women in the United States Air Force
#AFOQT practice question: Tim weighs 243 pounds. If he loses 3 pounds per week, how much will he weigh in 7 weeks?
A. 211
B. 222
C. 231
D. 240
E. 247