While Acadia National Park in Maine is famous for its sunrises, stay after dark to view incredible night skies and experience Acadia’s rocky coastline by starlight. Dark night skies are great for stargazing and serve as a crucial resource for nocturnal plants and animals. Photo of the Milky Way over Boulder Beach courtesy of Manish Mamtani.
At the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Lincoln Memorial stands in tribute to President Abraham Lincoln. It’s not only a reminder of one of our history’s greatest figures, but a place of celebration, education and demonstration. In times of trouble and of peace, the National Mall and Memorial Parks has served as America’s symbolic front yard and the eyes of Lincoln’s...
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Yellowstone National Park has transformed into a winter wonderland. Andrew Slaton captured this beautiful shot at Soda Butte Creek, which feeds into the park’s Lamar Valley. “In winter, the Lamar Valley is one of the most serene areas (and my personal favorite) in the park,” says Slaton. Photo courtesy of Andrew Slaton.
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Zion National Park's reddish rocks wear a coat of snow in this serene winter photo from last January. After winter storms, snow can disappear within just a few hours at lower elevations, making these magical sights short-lived. If you’re visiting, be sure to check with the park for the most recent conditions and closures. Photo by Sierra Coon, National Park Service.
Happy 84th birthday to White Sands National Monument! Today in 1933, President Herbert Hoover protected the area’s unique gypsum sand dunes, which formed in present-day New Mexico between 7,000 to 10,000 years ago. The monument’s striking white sands rise up to the height of a three-story building and can be seen from space. Photo of a rainbow after a passing storm by James Borders (.
We can’t help but smile after seeing this big grin from one of the fish at Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex. Comprised of four refuges situated in the Florida Keys, the complex protects the critical habitats on the land and in the water for wildlife like the American crocodile, the endangered Key deer, the Great White Herons and others. Photo by Kristie Killam, USFWS.
The five national parks of Utah aren't to be missed, but if you're looking for solitude, take the road less traveled to explore the state’s other public lands that feature mesas, mountains, canyons and arches. Just a short drive from Moab up the Colorado River Canyon is the Mary Jane Canyon between the Fisher and Adobe Mesas set against the backdrop of Mt. Waas. The sunset is something...
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Photo by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
Comprised of 4 million acres in southwest Alaska, Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is one of the nation's most remote national parks. Winter conditions add more challenges to those wanting to explore this gorgeous and diverse landscape, but as you can see, the backcountry scenes are worth the cold. Photo of Tanalian Falls by James Walton, National Park Service.
As we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we remember his message of unity and service. One of the most influential people in our history, Dr. King’s legacy continues to inspire. At the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C., 14 quotes focusing on justice, democracy, hope and love surround the statue of him. Located a short walk from the...
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Dramatic light makes for this amazing pic of Yosemite National Park in California. For Niaz Uddin, Yosemite has always fascinated him. “When I got my driver license for the first time, I just rented a car and drove to Yosemite from Los Angeles. Now having the opportunities to travel and capture this beauty means everything to me.” Photo courtesy of Niaz Uddin.
An unforgettable night sky -- with a tinge of color from the Northern Lights -- stretches over Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. America’s national parks hold some of the last remaining harbors of darkness where visitors can enjoy the splendor of these protected dark skies. Photographer Matthew Newman says his nighttime adventure forever changed the way he experiences nature: “Making a...
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Check out this breathtaking photo following a winter storm in December at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California. Photo courtesy of a park visitor.
File this under things you don’t see everyday: Fish frozen in ice at Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota. For the full story on this unusual pic, check out the comments below. Photo by Kelly Preheim.
The Croy Creek Trail System in southern Idaho offers stunning views and amazing recreational opportunities. Operated by the Bureau of Land Management, the trail system was designed and constructed primarily for motorcycle riders and mountain bikers, but hikers and equestrians also enjoy this gorgeous natural area. Get there early and you might catch a gorgeous winter sunrise from Bullion...
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Today President Obama designated three new national monuments honoring our country’s civil rights history. The new monuments will protect historic sites in Alabama and South Carolina that played an important role in American history stretching from the Civil War to the civil rights movement. President Obama also expanded the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in southwestern Oregon and...
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At a quick glance, you might miss the ancient cliff dwellings that blend effortlessly into the sheltered alcove of the canyon wall at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. These elaborate stone communities contained as many as 150 rooms, some of which still feature smoke-blackened walls and ceilings from fires that burned during cold winter months. The park protects nearly 5,000 archeological...
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Wake up to stunning winter sights at Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico. With year-round camping and hiking, visitors can enjoy the area's rocky peaks, narrow canyons and ponderosa pine woodlands even in chilly weather. It’s a short drive from Las Cruces to see these 9,000-foot spires jut majestically above the Chihuahuan Desert floor. Photo by Justina Thorsen,...
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