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"...they have allowed me to sort of maintain my balance during the course of eight years, because this is a place that comes at you hard and fast and doesn’t let up.”

Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books

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There is no guidance in the Constitution on how to celebrate a presidential inauguration. Each president approaches the day with their own signature style.

How much do you know about past inaugurations? Check out these fun facts...

Fun facts about past presidential inaugurations | ShareAmerica

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We hear Australia has some pretty big crocs up in the north.

But are they bigger than this monster gator from Florida...

#USwithAus The NT News
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“Gene Cernan, Apollo astronaut and the last man to walk on the moon, has passed from our sphere, and we mourn his loss.”

- NASA Administrator Charles Bolden speaks on the recent passing of astronaut Gene Cernan...

NASA Administrator Reflects on Legacy of Last Man to Walk on Moon

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Elvis lives! What a cool event sponsored by U.S. Consulate General Sydney! #USwithAUS
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Martin Luther King’s influence and inspiration is felt well beyond his home country. One example is through Australia’s Tom Calma. As former Ambassador Berry said to him this past July, “Through your work to improve the lives of all Australians and particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, you have answered King’s call “to make a career of humanity.”"
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King’s legacy is perhaps felt the most through his philosophy, which adopted nonviolence and championed human dignity.

Martin Luther King: Global beacon for human rights

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Week in review time!

There wasn't a dry eye in the house after President Obama gave a heartfelt tribute to Vice President Biden this week...
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Viva Las Parkes!

Check out the U.S. Consulate General Sydney team rocking and rolling at the annual Parkes Elvis Festival...

Elvis brings nations together

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Yesterday President Obama designated three new national monuments honoring our country’s civil rights history.

The new monuments will protect historic sites in Alabama and South Carolina that played an important role in American history stretching from the Civil War to the civil rights movement.

Learn more: [ On.doi.gov Link ]
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On the occasion of signing the US-Australia Memorandum of Understanding on Health Co-operation, further strengthening health cooperation on policy, research, innovation between our two countries!

#USwithAus Australia in the United States Australian Department of Health U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Photo: Joe Hockey, Twitter
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Extreme weather hits Taronga & Portland zoos....
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"For your faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country, and for your lifetime of service that will endure through the generations...I am proud to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction to my brother, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr." — President Obama surprising Vice President Biden with the nation's highest civilian honor...
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We had an amazing time last night at a special screening of ‘Jackie’. A sold-out crowd enjoyed the deeply moving film by Pablo Larraín, and a few special guests donned in 1960s Kennedy-era finest won White House-themed prizes!

Big thanks to Entertainment One and Palace Cinemas Canberra. The film is out in Australian cinemas today!
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In his farewell speech to the nation, Obama said his faith in America had been strengthened over the past eight years.

Obama: 'I leave ... optimistic about this country' | ShareAmerica

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This beautiful photo, “King memorial panorama” was taken by Tim Brown (IIP Photo Archive on Flickr)
Ticket giveaway time!

Who wants to join us TONIGHT at Palace Cinemas Canberra for a special screening of ‘Jackie’, starring Natalie Portman?

We have 3 double passes to give away!

Let us know and we’ll put your name on the door. It’s going to be fun!

Here are the details:

“Join us for a night at the movies this evening as we revisit the heady days of the sixties and Kennedy-era...
View details ⇨
Yep - the cute animals would get our vote, too!

#USwithAus #GDayUSA2017

The social media posts working wonders for Australian tourism