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As you watch today's Inauguration, you'll notice the 5 flags behind Donald Trump will not all be matching. Here's what the different flags will represent: [ America.gov Link ]
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Here's the official program for tomorrow's Inauguration, complete with interesting facts about this uniquely American event! Will you be tuning in? [ Senate.gov Link ]
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Ambassador Barzun's message to you as he departs his post here in London: Thank you.
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Yesterday NASA astronaut Eugene Cernan, the last man on the moon, sadly passed away. Here on the left is a picture of Cernan, taken as he walked across the lunar surface in 1972. The Apollo 17 Mission which Eugene Cernan was a part of, also took this classic photograph of planet earth, pictured here on the right.
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Today is Martin Luther King Day, a chance to pause and reflect on the work of MLK, Jr. and all that he did in his life to advance global human rights. [ America.gov Link ]
"The Art of Resilience means peace, it means hope."

Syrian artist Tarek Tuma reflects on his painting which is on display at our Embassy as part of a special exhibit showcasing fantastic works of art all produced by artists from Syria.
Today Ambassador Bazun launched the Art of Resilience, a special exhibit at the Embassy displaying some fantastic pieces of artwork by Syrian artists, young men and women who are contributing to the cultural fabric of their county. Here are some of the pieces that we have on display. What do you think?
Wow - gorgeous picture showing the full moon yesterday over Bangladesh as Secretary John Kerry flew from Tbilisi to Hanoi.
Our Ambassador has visited and met with over 20,000 6th form students from across the UK. Here's what they told him about U.S. engagement around the world. Do you agree?
Ambassador Barzun visualizes the Special Relationship between the UK and the U.S. :-)
Read what happened when Mark from the Midlands got in touch with Ambassador Barzun and took him to task over his comments on the Special Relationship. We think it's a great example of the positive consequences that can come when we keep listening & engaging with each other!

Here are their emails in full:
Beginning backstage at the Capitol on January 20th 2009, here are some great behind-the-scenes moments from the Obama Presidency: [ Nymag.com Link ]
Here's our Instagram #2016bestnine! Get your 2017 off to a good start and make sure to follow us here - [ Instagram.com Link ]
Did you know that this year, a record number of minority women will enter the U.S. Senate, and there are more female state legislators? Meet some of the new women entering Government here --- > [ America.gov Link ]
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
One of our highlights of 2016? Back in April, when POTUS visited London and took part in a special town hall with young leaders! #YLUK
Secretary John Kerry is the most traveled Secretary of State – here are some great pictures detailing his travels in office: [ Boston.com Link ]