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Radon can be a problem in any home: old homes, new homes, drafty homes, insulated homes, homes with basements, and homes without basements. Just because your neighbor's radon levels were low, doesn’t mean your home is safe. Testing is easy. Take time this winter to test, fix and prevent the loss of a life from lung cancer.

Radon | US EPA

Yesterday Administrator Scott Pruitt met with Idaho Governor Otter to discuss how we can collaborate with the State of Idaho to improve the permitting process while simultaneously improving Idaho’s environment.
We allocate DERA funds to U.S. states and territories for clean diesel grant, rebate and loan programs.

Clean Diesel State Allocations | Clean Diesel and DERA Funding | US EPA

Do you really need to use a pesticide to control common pests around your house? The answer – No. With a practical, common sense approach, you can get rid of pests without pesticides. Use Integrate Pest Management: Starve them out! Dry them out! Keep them out! Learn how: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]

Do you really need to use a pesticide? | Pest Control and Pesticide...

This year we plan to clean up 192 properties at the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago, Indiana. [ Epa.gov Link ]
Public-private partnerships can help communities build needed water infrastructure. Learn more:

Leading Edge Financing for Water Infrastructure | Water Infrastructure...

Children Act Fast … So Do Poisons! Poison-proof your home one room at a time. Use our Pesticide Poison Prevention Checklist to get started: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]

Pesticide Poison Prevention Checklist | Pest Control and Pesticide...

We’re kicking off clean diesel grants process for 2017. Learn more:

Clean Diesel State Allocations | Clean Diesel and DERA Funding | US EPA

Today we awarded a $100 million grant to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to fund drinking water infrastructure upgrades in Flint, Michigan.
To date, we've dedicated more than $29 million to address the Gold King Mine release, including reimbursing more than $3.5 million in documented and allowable response costs to 10 state, tribal, and local governments.

Emergency Response to August 2015 Release from Gold King Mine | US EPA

Today, we provided over $90,000 in additional reimbursements to five entities in Colorado and Utah for their costs incurred responding to the August 5, 2015, Gold King Mine release.

EPA Continues Reimbursing Gold King Mine Costs | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA

1 in 15 American homes have elevated levels of radon. What level does your home have? Testing your home for radon can save your life. Learn from a lung cancer survivor.

Radon Test, Fix, Save a life: Eddie’s Story

Test, Fix and Save a Life from Radon.

Today we announced that we will reconsider the fuel efficiency standards for cars and light duty trucks. We will work with the Department of Transportation to ensure that the revised standards are good for consumers and good for the environment while saving American jobs.

Midterm Evaluation of Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Standards for Model Years 2022-2025 | Regulations for Emissions from Vehicles and Engines | US EPA

We need to work diligently to grow jobs at the local level and be stewards of our air and water at the same time. I know you’re focused on that for your citizens and I want you to know you have a partner that will work with you.
Administrator Pruitt attended the President’s first Cabinet meeting of his Administration yesterday.
U.S. EPA, Region 10 announced a $2.5 million in Clean Air Act Targeted Air Shed grant for Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to improve air quality in southeastern Idaho's Cache Valley. This grant will help support the community's ability to take action on air quality issues and develop meaningful local solutions.

Idaho Selected to Receive $2.5 Million EPA Grant to Improve Air Quality in Cache Valley | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA

Today, we announced a $2.5 million Clean Air Act Targeted Air Shed grant for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to improve air quality in Fairbanks, Alaska.

“The State of Alaska and the Fairbanks North Star Borough have been great partners working with the community to reduce wood smoke pollution and improve the area's air quality. We’re pleased that Targeted Air Shed grant...
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Alaska Selected to Receive $2.5 Million EPA Grant to Improve Air Quality...

Yesterday at CERAWeek in Houston, TX, I spoke about achieving a clean and healthy environment and a growing and thriving economy. In America we have done both and we should celebrate our achievements and seize opportunities still before us.