From coast to coast, Thomas Titus has seen it all. See his reflections from his year of being a face of farming and ranching.

The Many Interactions as a Face of Farming & Ranching | Food Dialogues
Do you ever wonder where your produce comes from or how it gets to the store? We teamed up with Food52 to bring you A Day on A Produce Farm.

A Day on a Produce Farm | Food Dialogues
Big agriculture can be an unknown entity to people who are not familiar with it. RD Amber Pankonin shares why she's not afraid of large scale agriculture.

Why I’m not afraid of “Big Ag” | Food Dialogues
More than 3/4 of farmers believe there would be increased environmental impacts if they couldn't use GMOs. Learn what else would happen if farmers couldn't use GMOs.
Faces of Farming ambassador Lauren Arbogast is the kind of agvocate we want in agriculture, someone who can help people reach their light-bulb moment.

Faces of Farming's Lauren Arbogast taking agvocacy into uncharted waters | AGDAILY
Learn how modern farmers are utilizing technological advancements for increased sustainability.

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Is better health one of your New Years resolutions? RD Jessica Levinson has tips to help you start the new year happy and healthy.

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Two percent of the U.S. population farms, of that, 98% of farms are family owned and operated. Learn from one family farm why large operations are not bad.

Big Ag Equals Family | Food Dialogues
Though the farm-to-table movement shares important knowledge with consumers, the campaign doesn't speak for all farmers. One farmer asks, "Who are Farm-to-Table Farmers?"

Who are Farm-to-Table Farmers? | Food Dialogues
Pollinators are important to the ecosystem, and they play an important role in farming. Learn how two farmers are doing everything they can to help honeybees live and thrive.

Preserving Honey Bees Means Protecting Our Food Supply | Food Dialogues
Farmers turn to their veterinarians for so many things. Learn from a dairy farmer how important her veterinarian is to not just her cows, but to the rest of her family.

A Veterinarian’s Role on Our Farm | Food Dialogues
Do you conjure an image of a red barn and horse with a plow when you think of a farm? One RD challenges you to think again.

Perception vs. Reality: Debunking the myths of factory farming | Food Dialogues
Water is one of a farmer's most important resources. Learn how farmers and ranchers are keeping the water supply safe.

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Wisconsin dairy farmer Katie Roth has some great resolutions for 2017!
In 2017, Virginia farmer Lauren Arbogast wants to open an honest conversation about food.
Ohio farmer and Associate Professor Emily Buck pledges to cultivate pollinator habitats in 2017.
Texas Farmer Jeremy Brown's resolutions include better stewardship of the land through SMART Farming.
Lauren Schwab, Ohio pig farmer, has some farm resolutions for the new year!
Two new FDA guidances take effect on January 1, 2017. Veterinarian Leah Dorman explains what these new requirements mean for antibiotic use in livestock.

New year brings changes: Farmers and veterinarians must work even closer together to use antibiotics responsibly | Food Dialogues
Did you know? Bread is a universal symbol of peace.