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Food for thought: The planting of GMOs resulted in 379 million-pound reduction in pesticide applications in the U.S. from 1996-2009. GE crops help, not hurt the planet.

What are the benefits of GMOs, both today and in the future? | Food Dialogues

Texas farmer Darrell Glaser had the opportunity to meet Martha Stewart at New York Times' Food for Tomorrow event, learn why Martha has a permanent, open invitation to Darrell's farm.

Why I Invited Martha Stewart to Texas | Food Dialogues

Think you know about food? Registered dietitian Jen Haugen challenges you to visit a farm and learn the real story of your food supply.

Boosting the Agriculture Experience – From Where You Live | Food Dialogues

Kids need to eat, but do they know who makes their food or where it comes from? Here are five tips for teaching children the journey of their food, from seed to plate.

My Five Favorite Ways To Teach Kids Where Food Comes From | Food Dialogues

Farming is not easy, in fact it's grueling work. Read what a dairy farmer wishes she had learned about ag in school before starting her farm life.

What I Wish I Had Learned About Agriculture in School | Food Dialogues

What's one we thankful for this year? GMOs. Why? They help us grow more sustainable crops and preserve the land where we raise our children.

GMOs Sustain our Crops and our Pigs | Food Dialogues

Consumers are asked to put their trust into the safety of their food. Learn how farmers are respecting your trust and keeping the food supply as safe as possible.

What types of safety measures do farmers and ranchers take to keep...

If you ate a large meal yesterday, chances are all of it didn't come from the same place. Learn from a Registered Dietitian why it's ok to not always buy local.

Why I Don't Always Buy Local | Food Dialogues

We hope you have the happiest of holidays.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but do you know who produced your food? The average American is three generations removed from a farm; take some time this holiday weekend to teach the importance of farming and farmers.

Why it’s important kids learn about modern agriculture | Food Dialogues

Planning on having turkey this Thanksgiving? Did you know turkey is the one poultry breed native to the Western Hemisphere?
To wrap up Get Smart about Antibiotics week, Minnesota farmer, Wanda Patsche asks the question, "Can you raise pigs without antibiotics," and outlines the reasons why farmers believe antibiotic use is good animal welfare.

Can You Raise Pigs Without Antibiotics? | Food Dialogues

What happens to an organic animal if it gets sick? Does it get the same treatment as a conventional animal? We can answer that for you.

Do organic animals get sick and if so, what does that farmer or rancher...

Healthy humans, healthy animals and a healthy planet are all linked. Learn how antibiotics are directly correlated to animal welfare.

How does antibiotic use play into animal welfare standards? | Food...

Did you know all milk is tested for antibiotics? If a farm has traces of antibiotics in its milk, the farm is fined and won't be paid for its product.
Looking to spark a child’s curiosity about agriculture? Here are five simple steps to bring food awareness into the home and teach your child lessons of planting, growing and harvesting.

Teaching children Ag Knowledge – Connecting Food, Nutrition, and the...

As of January 1, 2017, livestock antibiotics will only be available for therapeutic and prophylactic use – meaning to treat or prevent disease. Learn how farmers have already been taking steps to combat antibiotic resistance in animals and humans. #antibioticsmart [ Bit.ly Link ]

What are farmers doing about antibiotic resistance? | Food Dialogues

Raising chickens is not an easy endeavor, but it can be done. Read ten tips to see how much work really goes into raising backyard chickens.

Raising Backyard Chickens | Food Dialogues

U.S. pig farmers have committed more than $6 million to antibiotic research since 2000. Learn more about how farmers are working to combat antibiotic resistance, courtesy of pork.org.


It’s Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, all week we will provide you with tools and resources to be #antibioticsmart.