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Forward-deployed Pacific Marines in Japan train alongside JGSDF soldiers at Exercise Forest Light. The semiannual air-ground training exercise readies the U.S.-Japan alliance for a wide variety of missions in support of security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.
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Over the next few years, an enormous leap forward in fifth-generation #airpower - the F-35 Lightning II - will be rolling out to U.S. and allied forces in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.
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“Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of our brave men and women serving in uniform do so honorably and bravely. When these men and women volunteer to serve in our military, they do so knowing the risks involved. However, bullying and sexual harassment on cyber or otherwise by fellow service members should never be one of those risks.”

--Anthony M. Kurta, speaking before Congress on behalf of...
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DoD Committed to Treating All Personnel With Dignity, Respect, Officia

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The USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Carrier Strike Group is supporting U.S. Forces Korea and our allies in the Republic of Korea at Exercise Foal Eagle. The Vinson CSG is deployed to the region under the direction of Commander, U.S. Third Fleet Vice Admiral Nora Tyson as part of the U.S. Pacific Fleet #ThirdFleetForward initiative - the first such deployment since World War II.
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Exercise Shanti Prayas III is ongoing in Nepal! Nearly three dozen nations are taking part in training to develop and maintain skills that will be pivotal in future humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and UN Peacekeeping operations.

Read Adm. Harris' full opening address at [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
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A United States Air Force B-1B Lancer carried out bilateral training missions with Japanese and Korean fighters yesterday, demonstrating the United States’ enduring commitment to close coordination with - and deterring aggression against - our key strategic allies.


U.S. Pacific Air Forces | U.S. Forces Korea | Air Force Global Strike Command | United States Strategic Command | 대한민국...
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"The U.S. and the Republic of Korea share one of the strongest alliances in the world and we grow stronger as an alliance because of our routine exercises here in South Korea and the close relationship and ties that we forge from operating at sea together."

--RADM James Kilby, commander, USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Carrier Strike Group. The CSG is operating with the ROK NAVY off the coast of...
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ROK, U.S. Bolster Defensive Capabilities in Exercise Foal Eagle

U.S. Pacific Command
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The third #ShantiPrayas (Efforts for Peace) exercise has kicked off in Nepal! This year’s capstone exercise for the GPOI - Global Peace Operations Initiative, Shanti Prayas III will train personnel from nearly three dozen countries for future global UN Peacekeeping missions.

Story: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
As the U.S. Army shifts focus to the Indo-Asia-Pacific, U.S. Army Pacific’s 25th Infantry Division holds Jungle Warfare training in Hawaii.

US Soldiers Train for Jungle Warfare at Hawaii Rainforest

The year-round United States Antarctic Program is only possible through the efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard! To approach Antarctica by sea, even during the summer months, requires the Coast Guard's only heavy icebreaker, USCGC Polar Star, to carve a channel through thick sea ice. That vital sea lane supports the annual Operation Deep Freeze, enabling us to deliver enough supplies to get...
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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) is on the Korean Peninsula for exercises with ROK NAVY allies.
The U.S. Pacific Air Forces are making sure our allies and partners are getting the best when it comes to lessons learned for the F-35 Lightning II.

They hosted Australia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea at the first-ever F-35 Symposium in the region.

More | [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
The USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Carrier Strike Group exercises with 防衛省 海上自衛隊 (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) counterparts in the East China Sea. For more than 70 years, the U.S. Navy has maintained a persistent naval presence in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. The Japan-U.S. alliance is a foundation of peace, security and prosperity in this region. Bilateral exercises such as these decisively...
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the purported actions of civilian and military personnel on social media websites represent egregious violations of the fundamental values that are upheld at the

Mattis: Social Media Misconduct by DoD Personnel Won’t be Tolerated

Australian, Korean, and Japanese F-35 Lightning II fighters, together with our own F-35s and F-22 Raptors, will enhance joint force integration in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. The fifth generation fighters offer U.S. and allied forces a whole new dimension in battlespace awareness.
Exercise Cope North brought three Indo-Asia-Pacific allies - the United States, Australia, and Japan - together for combined air forces training at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. This year’s Cope North was the first to integrate the B-1B Lancer into the U.S. Pacific Air Forces-hosted exercise.

Read more: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]

United States Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, JASDF 航空自衛隊,...
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Special Operations Command - Pacific (SOCPAC) #paratroopers execute jump training on the North Shore of Oahu
America stands with our ally Japan; Exercise Forest Light ensures our forward-deployed III MEF Marines and their partners in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force are ready to #FightTonight and #FightTogether for mutual defense.

U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) Pacific Marines

U.S.-Japanese Forces Train Together During ‘Forest Light’ Exercise