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Why won't Republicans support an amendment that will do exactly what Mr. Trump said he would accomplish as president and that is to finally take on the pharmaceutical industry and lower drug prices in this country.
During the campaign, Trump talked about being tough on the establishment. Now, he is appointing the entire establishment to his cabinet. The hypocrisy would be really funny if it wasn't so sad in terms of the implications for working people in this country.
The reality is that fraud is the business model of the prescription drug industry and the 21st Century Cures Act makes it easier for them to get away with it.
Must Read: Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

Our focus should be on keeping people out of jail and making sure they stay out when they are released. This means funding jobs and education not more jails and incarceration.
The Standing Rock Sioux and the millions of people who opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline have shown the importance of standing together against injustice.
The United States remains the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care for all. The Republican response: Repeal the Affordable Care Act, throw 18 million people off of health insurance and privatize Medicare. Our job: Continue the fight for a Medicare for All Single Payer System and lower the cost of prescription drugs.
The U.S. has more people in jail than any other country on earth. We spend $80 billion a year to lock up 2.2 million Americans, disproportionately African-Americans, Latinos and Native Americans. To my mind, it makes a lot more sense to invest in jobs and education than in jails and incarceration. Our job: end the war on drugs, end private prisons and pass real criminal justice reform.

Trump’s Win Gives Stocks in Private Prison Companies a Reprieve

I appreciate very much President Obama listening to the Native American people and millions of others who believe this pipeline should not be built. In the year 2016, we should not continue to trample on Native American sovereignty. We should not endanger the water supply of millions of people. We should not become more dependent on fossil fuel and accelerate the planetary crisis of climate...
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Dakota Access Pipeline Denied Near Sioux Reservation

During the campaign, candidate Donald Trump railed against Wall Street. Now, President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs executive as Secretary of The Treasury and billionaire investor William Ross to lead the Commerce Department. What hypocrisy! Our job: Break up the major financial institutions, pass 21st century Glass-Steagall legislation and impose a...
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Trump’s Economic Cabinet Picks Signal Embrace of Wall St. Elite

Here is the Republican definition of "democracy." Allow billionaires to buy elections through unlimited campaign spending, and then work aggressively to suppress the vote by making it harder for people of color, young people, seniors and immigrant citizens to vote. Our job: move toward public funding of elections and make it easier, not harder, for people to vote and participate in the...
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Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime

We say to President Obama, stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and defend the rights of the water protectors at Standing Rock. #NoDAPL
Median household income has gone down by $1,400 since 1999, but banks made a record-breaking profit of $164 billion in 2015 alone. Our job: create an economy that works for all, not just the 1%.
The total income reported by the 400 wealthiest individuals rose 20% in 2014. The global economy has simply failed when so many have so little and so few have so much.

The Really Rich Got Richer, According to IRS’s Top 400

Donald Trump talked about taking on special interests, he talked about fighting lobbyists, and yet what we are seeing is that he's nothing more than a fraud and a phony.
The pharmaceutical industry's greed is putting Americans' lives at risk. Enough is enough. Their greed must end.

Insulin prices skyrocket, putting many diabetics in a bind

Trump's Carrier deal shows corporations they can:
✅ Threaten to outsource jobs
✅ Actually outsource jobs
✅ Still get a tax cut
Trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the United States. Why? Because he has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives.
What hypocrisy! Mr. Trump needs to tell the American people that what he said during the campaign were just lies, or else appoint an HHS secretary who will protect these programs and do what Trump said he would do.

Donald Trump Campaigned on Protecting Medicare, But His Health Secretary Pick Wants to Privatize It

Donald Trump promised to tax Carrier. Instead of a "damn tax," they get a damn tax cut. How’s that for standing up to corporate greed?