President Trump’s new budget imposes deep cuts on medical research and funding for the opioid crisis. Last month, I led an effort to beat back an earlier round of President Trump’s proposed cuts in these areas – and we won. But now we have to fight back again. We can’t let this budget be the final word.
Kristen Callahan
Rob Khoury
Linda Grasso
The FDA makes sure that the food we eat is safe, the drugs we take are effective, our blood supply is secure, and our nutrition labels are accurate. The FDA is an important cop on the beat – so I've been worried about the impact of President Donald Trump's government hiring freeze on the FDA. I've repeatedly pressed the FDA and questioned expert witnesses about the dangers of an understaffed...
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The FDA makes sure that the food we eat is safe the

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren questions FDA hiring freeze
Rhiannon ÓDonnabháin
Curtis Vanzandt
Debra Clowers
If the Republican health care bill is a punch to the gut, then President Trump’s newly-released budget is a knife in the ribs. Today I went to the Senate floor to talk about why the Republican health care agenda is simply unforgivable – and why we must fight back.
Jim Dilonardo
Marilyn Conley
Ron Stein
Breaking news: Donald Trump's illegal and unconstitutional Muslim ban is still illegal and unconstitutional.
Breaking news Donald Trumps illegal and unconstitutional Muslim ban is still illegal

Appeals court rules against Trump’s revised travel ban - The Boston Globe
Hamm Sanchez
Triston Jensen
Jay Manning
Massachusetts researchers are curing cancer, combating blindness, and developing new technologies to help patients. Their research drives the economy of the Commonwealth and spurs scientific breakthroughs that benefit millions of people across the country and around the world. As my new report highlights, NIH funding is critical to the work of Massachusetts scientists—yet President Trump has...
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Massachusetts researchers are curing cancer combating blindness and developing n

As Trump Seeks Major Cuts, Senator Warren Releases Report Detailing Importance of NIH Funding in Massachusetts
Ricky Neder
Yuri Mendez
Robert Tersolo
Like Judge Neil Gorsuch, Judge Amul Thapar made the list of 21 “acceptable” judges that far-right groups handed to Donald Trump. There are many reasons to oppose Judge Thapar’s nomination to serve on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, but here’s one that should concern everyone: his record on money in politics. Our government should work for everyone – not just millionaires and billionaires....
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Laura Bellis
Bill Foote
Tyler Lester
The Department of Education should be doing more, not less, to hold law-breaking student loan companies and colleges accountable. It should be doing more, not less, to help cheated students. I had my differences with Jim Runcie – the person in charge of the Education Department's Student Aid Office – over his leadership on these issues. But the idea that he would resign amid reports of...
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The Department of Education should be doing more not less to hold

Federal student aid chief quits, warning of management issues under DeVos
Victoria Ellen
Sara Gottlieb
Karen Pierce-Burks
Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark asked Betsy DeVos a simple question: If a state private school voucher program wanted to discriminate against LGBTQ students using federal taxpayer dollars, would the Education Department step in to stand up for students and taxpayers? Her answer – or lack of one – is horrifying.
Craig Hunter
David D Brown Jr.
Jason Avery
The CBO confirmed: Trumpcare is a $663 BILLION tax cut for the rich paid for by kicking 23 MILLION people off of insurance. End of story.

Trumpcare is devastating for the poor. Seniors. Pregnant women. People with pre-existing conditions, mental health problems, and substance use disorders. The numbers don’t lie here: this new version of Trumpcare will still bankrupt American families....
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The CBO confirmed Trumpcare is a 663 BILLION tax cut for the

H.R. 1628, American Health Care Act of 2017
Rob Stanchina
Danny Roman
James Rawley
Massachusetts passed health care reform over a decade ago – but a new analysis out today shows that the Republican Trumpcare bill would still hit Massachusetts like a sledgehammer. Nearly half a million Massachusetts residents would lose coverage, including one in five people currently getting coverage through MassHealth (Medicaid and CHIP). The state would lose almost $10 billion in funding...
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Massachusetts passed health care reform over a decade ago but a new

Study finds that more than 10 percent of Mass. residents would be uninsured if US House health care bill passes - The Boston Globe
Krystine Lew
Chuck Coffelt
Andrea Khan
During his campaign, Donald Trump promised over, and over, and over, that he wouldn’t cut Social Security. Turns out that was a bunch of baloney. I’ve looked at his budget, and there it is: Nearly $73 billion in Social Security cuts over the next 10 years. We should be protecting and expanding Social Security, not cutting it. And if Trump thinks he can go back on his promise and dismantle...
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Bernadette Goodroe
Dorothy E Nichols
Loraine Barbeaux
Two years ago, I stood by President Obama’s side as he announced that the Department of Labor was proposing a new rule requiring retirement advisers to put their customers’ interests first. And every day since then, the giant financial institutions and their Republican friends in Washington have been trying to weaken, delay, and kill that new conflict of interest rule.

People saving for...
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Two years ago I stood by President Obamas side as he announced

Labor Department will avoid further delay of retirement savings rule
Randy Braunm
Lexine Thompson
Phil Ciglen
I just got a preview of the reported budget for the Department of Education that we expect from the Trump Administration tomorrow morning, and it’s an all-out assault on America’s kids, teachers, college students, and student loan borrowers. Here’s the bottom line: The Trump-Betsy DeVos education budget would push opportunity out of reach for countless young people, and we can’t let that...
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Ben Addison
Jennifer Halstead Anderson
William Nelson
In April, President Trump delayed an Obama Administration rule that would protect Americans saving for their retirement from predatory financial advice. That bad retirement advice costs Americans $17 billion out of their savings every year while those shady advisers are cashing in on high fees, free trips, and other kickbacks and prizes. Because of this delay, financial advisers are still able...
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In April President Trump delayed an Obama Administration rule that would protect

Trump Might Roll Back One Of Obama's Biggest Regulations
Jeffery Wright
Claudia K. March
Scott Dutra
One of my favorite things to do as Senator of Massachusetts is to speak at graduation ceremonies around our great Commonwealth. Take a look at some highlights of my visit to UMass Amherst last week.
Lisa Sullivan
Susan Jackson
Colleen Coleman
Because of low incomes and limited assets, about 4 million senior households are eligible for rental assistance, but only about a third of those who need this help can actually get it. As a result, a large majority of low-income senior households face paying more than half of their income for rent or living in severely inadequate conditions, or both. It’s time for Congress to increase funding...
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Tanya Osterman
Christina Brimm
Steve Tack
Set aside the debates about big government vs. small government, or more government vs. less government. The most important thing we need is accountable government. Concentrated money and concentrated power are corrupting our democracy – and becoming dangerously worse with Donald Trump in the White House. Watch the speech I gave at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference this week...
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Matt Keto
Franco Coco Gutierrez
Patricia Keefe Saizan
Going to college opened up a million doors for me, but I wasn’t a traditional student. I dropped out at 19, got married, then finished my degree a commuter college hundreds of miles away from where I’d started.

Students and families need accurate, accessible and comprehensive information to pick a college and major that’s right for them. Unfortunately, the inaccurate and incomplete way that...
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Going to college opened up a million doors for me but I

Hatch, Warren, Cassidy, Whitehouse Introduce Bipartisan College Transparency Act to Improve Reporting of Student Outcomes
Dmitriy Levin
Greg Connell
Pamela Wright
Among the Treasury Department’s many responsibilities, they are in charge of enforcing economic sanctions against countries like Russia and Iran.

Our intelligence agencies and military officials have said that the Russians used cyber-attacks to interfere with our election. They’ve also said that Russia will continue to use cyber-attacks against the US and our allies in the future. Despite...
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Jeffery Wright
Pat Ward
Andy Battaglia
Last year, the Treasury Department issued tough rules to stop multinational corporations from a whole range of cross-border tax dodging. These new regulations stopped foreign companies from stripping out all their profits from the US without paying US taxes. And they stopped US companies from claiming a foreign tax residence in order to skip out on their own US tax bill. Now, the Chamber of...
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Last year the Treasury Department issued tough rules to stop multinational corporations

Chamber urges Treasury to withdraw rules on inversions, estate tax
Juan Ramirez
Bonnie Jean
Allison Moore Peel