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Egypt's Startups are on the rise! RiseUp Summit 2016 is a‎n annual gathering of all things startup. Ideate, Startup, Scaleup, Invest, Exit - it's all here to support Egyptian entrepreneurs one and all. What is most important to you as an #entrepreneur? For more information, check out [ Riseupsummit.com Link ] #RiseUp16
Help us fill out our Christmas Wishing Tree! 2016 has been an historic year in environmental diplomacy, with global ratification of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, agreements to limit use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and reduce aircraft emissions, the establishment of the largest marine protected area in the world, and much more.

Looking ahead to environmental diplomacy in 2017, what do...
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Life expectancy in the United States has dropped significantly for the entire population, not just certain groups, for the first time since 1993.

US life expectancy drops for first time in decades

"His life will always serve as an inspiration all Americans who believe that the boundaries of human knowledge, curiosity, and exploration know no limits." - Secretary John Kerry
#JohnGlenn [ State.gov Link ]
#Pollinators benefit us in ways you might not realize. Did you know that some anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-diabetic drugs are made in part from honey?
Today, Under Secretary Cathy Novelli participated in a Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial event at the Embassy of Canada! The United States and Canada have been celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the treaty throughout 2016 to bring attention to the importance of protecting migratory birds and their habitat and showcase conservation successes. Now we are looking ahead to the next century of...
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Every U.S. state has a State Bird and a State Flower, but did you also know that each state has an official State Soil? As we celebrate #WorldSoilDay today, check out all of the official soils and learn more about the importance of conserving this key natural resource! goo.gl/SHIhDI
"These are the realities of a global community that’s made a clear choice to act on climate and build a safer, more prosperous future for generations to come. And while there is much more to do, these facts give me a sense of optimism that the world will continue to march toward a low-carbon future." -Jonathan Pershing, U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change

There's No Going Back: The World is Acting on Climate Change | The Huffington Post

Congratulations to Ukraine for designating two new sites, Cheremske Bog and the Sim Maiakiv Floodplain, as Ramsar Convention Wetlands of International Importance! Cheremske has been preserved in a near-natural state and serves as a model for studies of wetlands and their geological processes. Sim Maiakiv is a unique refuge for over 1,000 species of birds, mammals, fish, insects, and plants,...
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The lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-nosed bat are the sole wild #pollinators of agave plants, which give us agave nectar, mescal and tequila! National Tequila Day may be in July, but we can still raise a glass tonight to our bats. Learn more about these amazing animals! [ Batcon.org Link ]
Photo Credit: Bat Conservation International
"Air pollution is one of the world’s leading threats to human health, and it respects no boundaries. Over 25 years ago the United States and Canada realized we had a shared acid rain problem that required a shared problem-solving strategy. Together, we developed the United States-Canada Air Quality Agreement (AQA) in 1991, which has achieved substantial progress in improving the environment...
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United States and Canada: Celebrating 25 Years of Cleaner Air

The lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-nosed bat are the sole wild #pollinators of agave plants, which give us agave nectar, mescal and tequila! National Tequila Day may be in July, but we can still raise a glass tonight to our bats. Learn more about these amazing animals!

Photo Credit: Bat Conservation International

Bats bring us National Tequila Day!

Yesterday the Department of State hosted the seventh meeting of the Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking.The Task Force brings together 17 government agencies for a whole-of-government approach to fighting wildlife trafficking. Learn more about US efforts over the past year to protect our planet's endangered species!

Seventh Meeting of the U.S. Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking

This #CyberMonday, your shopping decisions are more important than ever.

Demand for products from endangered species is driving many to the brink of extinction. These products are used in fashion, home decor, pseudo-medicine, for collections and by speculators banking on extinction. While you may not buy them, someone you know might . Make wildlife crime personal by using your sphere of...
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We are using bold innovation and public-private partnerships in our fight against global #health epidemics. #GHSAgenda

Testing a State-of-the-Art Medevac Unit for a Flight You Hope to Never Take

Have a great idea in the fields of science and technology? Submit your project proposal to the Pakistan-U.S. Science & Technology (S&T) Cooperation Program for funding up to $500,000 per project. The S&T Cooperation Program is one of many ways the Pakistani and U.S. governments are cooperating through the Knowledge Corridor.

Submit your proposals NOW! [ Goo.gl Link ]

Higher Education...
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The United States looks forward to participating in the 16th Meeting of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss next steps in protecting the Congo Basin's irreplaceable forests and wildlife. By working together, governments, international organizations, NGOs, the private sector, and civil society can help conserve this biodiversity hotspot for future generations.

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Released today: The 2016 Arctic Resilience Report identifies 19 tipping points in Arctic ecosystems that may have profound local, regional, and global implications. #ARR2016 #ArcticCouncil

[ Theguardian.com Link ]

Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level

Today is #Thanksgiving in the United States. On this tradition-filled holiday families gather to celebrate, and many take time to express their thanks. Today we are thankful for hardworking #pollinators, which are responsible for one of every three bites of our food, including many typical Thanksgiving dishes like the cranberries in our cranberry sauce and the pumpkins in our pumpkin pie. ...
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