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Faction War is the world’s largest cross-platform metagame and will be featured in For Honor.

Learn more & sign up for the Closed Beta on Jan. 26-29 -> [ Ubi.li Link ]
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For a LIMITED TIME only, you can try Watch Dogs 2 for FREE! Explore the streets of San Francisco and hack everything while playing solo, co-op and multiplayer.

Download now on your Playstation 4 -> [ Ubi.li Link ]

Available January 24th on Xbox One.
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Sharpen your blade and steady your shield: the For Honor Closed Beta is coming!

Register now for a chance to play on Jan. 26 -> [ Ubi.li Link ]
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Don’t forget to participate in our Watch Dogs 2 Hacker of the Month contest over here -> [ Ubi.li Link ]

You could win a $100 EB Games gift card and a Wrench Jr robot!
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[May contain spoilers] When he joined DedSec, Marcus found a real friend in Wrench, so we decided to create our own Top 5 Bromance Moments between the two.

Do you agree?
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Aujourd'hui, jetez une pincée de sel par-dessus votre épaule gauche et accrochez votre pendentif chanceux!
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Throw some salt over your left shoulder and equip your lucky weapon charm today, operators!
In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you cannot stop what you don't understand. Go inside the Santa Blanca Cartel in Ubisoft & Amazon's co-produced short film, War within the Cartel. Premiering on Twitch and available on Amazon Prime as of February 16th!

Welcome to Ubisoft Canada’s Hacker of the Month contest!

You have until Jan. 22nd to submit your best Watch Dogs 2 gameplay clip in the COMMENTS featuring the USE OF A VEHICLE for a chance to win a $100 EB Games gift card & a Wrench Jr. Robot!

Complete rules and details can be found in the comments. Good luck!
Tread the thin red path and become a warrior!

The For Honor Closed Beta begins January 26. Sign up here ➡ [ Ubi.li Link ]
- You're completely surrounded, there's no way out of this!
- I don't think so.

Credit: KiXSTAr
Their shields are as versatile as they are strong. Their swords are as lethal, simple; an ancient design.

Play as the Warlord in the upcoming For Honor Beta -> [ Ubi.li Link ]
Are you the silent or the brash type of operator?

Play the way you want in Ghost Recon Wildlands, available March 7.
Meet Bertha: T-Bone’s own customized war machine.

Get her and much more in Watch Dogs 2's T-Bone Content Bundle, available now on PS4 and on Jan. 24 for Xbox One & PC -> [ Ubi.li Link ]
Ghost, you have full autonomy: you pick your targets and you decide how to take them out. Just get it done.

Take down the Santa Blanca Cartel the way you want in Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Still holding on to your personal resolutions? We tip our hats to you!
The Kanabo is an unreasonable weapon; clumsy and dangerous, unless you possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will.

Sign up for the upcoming For Honor Beta and try the fearsome Shugoki -> [ Ubi.li Link ]
2016 has been a great year… for awesome gameplay moments!

Here’s a Top 5 of our personal picks. Share yours in the comments!