UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
yesterday at 16:24. Facebook
"I don’t think any men getting their MBAs at #BerkeleyHaas believe #sexism is acceptable. The learning edge for me and my fellow male classmates has to do with better understanding our own unconscious biases — and how those play out in personal and professional settings... Making space for other voices besides my own results in better ideas and happier colleagues." #CalGrad
I dont think any men getting their MBAs at BerkeleyHaas believe sexism

What’s a manbassador? Graduating MBA student shows the way

UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/21/2017 at 16:12. Facebook
“Today, I stand in front of you giving the commencement speech at one of the top universities in America, if not the world,” said Maz Jobrani '93, whose family fled Iran during that country’s 1978 revolution. “I am the American dream.” [ Bit.ly Link ] #CalAlum #GoBears

(Video by UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services)
Samira Damavandi
Imelda Romano
Manju Upadhyay
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/20/2017 at 17:05. Facebook
Grant Schroeder '17 cites the challenges of balancing free speech against public safety, and how the debate may never be resolved:

“There is no clear answer to this question, yet our dedication to wrestling with pressing issues is why the rest of the world watches us. Free speech is not dead, and Berkeley is not a bubble. I would argue it's a place of continual renaissance.” [ Bit.ly Link ]...
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Cristina Mancuso
Steven Dzik
Steve Blow
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/19/2017 at 16:02. Facebook
In preparation for his speech, Angad Singh Padda '17 asked 70 of his classmates what concerned them most. He deeply contemplated what they shared but created no draft. On Monday, he spoke from his heart. #CalGrad

Story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
In preparation for his speech Angad Singh Padda 17 asked 70 of

A Sikh's Graduation Speech to Unite the World - UC Berkeley Haas Class of 2017

Angad Singh Padda - UC Berkeley Haas Class of 2017 Commencement Speaker. May15th 2017 at the Greek Theatre, Berkeley. Assisted in the beginning by Dean of th...

Nasratullah Khalid
Elin Delgadillo
Beach Rose
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/18/2017 at 23:22. Facebook
So THIS happened today... ;) #shh #dontspoilthesurprise
Caroline Lefever
Oliver Arguello
Vanessa Vestal
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/18/2017 at 15:56. Facebook
A 14-year veteran of the Marine Corps and Army, Capt. Joe Bush now uses #storytelling to be an advocate.

“One percent of the entire U.S. population serves in the military. Veterans are a subculture within the country. My goal for years has been about bridging the gap.” #CalGrad #veteran
A 14year veteran of the Marine Corps and Army Capt Joe Bush

New J-School grad aims to bridge the gap between military vets, civilians

Mike Viall
Jurate Elena
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/17/2017 at 18:55. Facebook
#CalAlum Dick Beahrs recalls #MLK’s visit to Sproul Plaza — 50 years ago today — to a crowd of more than 7,000. #CalToAction
CalAlum Dick Beahrs recalls MLKs visit to Sproul Plaza 50 years ago

When Martin Luther King Jr. came to UC Berkeley

Alex Cherian
Justine Mann
Tyler Dechance
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/17/2017 at 16:32. Facebook
Welcome, Dean Chemerinsky!

The current and founding dean of the UC Irvine School of #Law will begin his new role on July 1st. #highered
Welcome Dean Chemerinsky The current and founding dean of the UC Irvine

Irvine’s Erwin Chemerinsky will be the new Berkeley Law dean

Laverneous Donkler
Daniel Art Nakashima
Uriel Saldivar
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/16/2017 at 16:28. Facebook
"Cheers to the women who raise the future generation, the women who graduate from the finest public institution in the world, and the women who somehow manage to do both at once." #GoBears

(#BerkeleyPOV by @matt_haaa [ Bit.ly Link ]

Learn more about Natalie Ruiz, pictured here with her daughter Clara, at [ Bit.ly Link ].
Cheers to the women who raise the future generation the women who
Rosa Victoria Chen
Carolyn Fahm
Jon M Beard
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley
05/16/2017 at 00:06. Facebook
Iranian-American stand-up comic and actor Maz Jobrani '93 championed free speech — even for conservative provocateurs — and took swings at anti-immigrant sentiment in an alternately funny and serious speech to thousands of graduating seniors and their families at UC Berkeley’s May Commencement.

Learn more at [ Bit.ly Link ]. #CalGrad

ALSO, see if your photo made our Storify: [ Bit.ly Link ].
IranianAmerican standup comic and actor Maz Jobrani 93 championed free speech even
Terry Tom
Nello Puelles Robles
Gary T Hanson
Happy Mother's Day to all Mama Bears! #CalGrad

(#BerkeleyPOV by @grace_cooley [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy Mother's Day to all Mama Bears CalGrad
Abbie Fatutay
Gayle Redick Cramer
Ramandeep Mann
Live from Commencement with Maz Jobrani '93, today's keynote speaker. Congratulations to the Class of 2017! #CalGrad
Melinda Miller
Jacqueline Hemmati
Kiyul Kim
Congratulations to the Class of 2017! #GoBears #CalGrad

WATCH: Today's livestream of Commencement Convocation begins at 10 am PST.
Congratulations to the Class of 2017 GoBears CalGrad

Commencement Convocation 2017

Maz Jobrani, an Iranian American standup comic, actor and UC Berkeley alumnus, will deliver the 2017 commencement address on campus on Saturday, May 13.

Cristina Chiara Chanco
Patti Delahanty
Brenda Elsbree Quinn
Enjoy your summer, Bears!!! B| #schoolsout #getsomerest
Enjoy your summer Bears B| schoolsout getsomerest
Christopher Doughty
Lane Peters
Sang Won Park
Transfer student Natalie Ruiz's long trek to graduation included two majors, a baby, pancreatic surgery, award-winning work and finding a career path.

“Becoming a mom made me realize the people I want to help are poor families, especially poor mothers. I will graduate from Cal prepared to be their advocate through policy, government or nonprofit work.” #CalGrad #GoBears
Transfer student Natalie Ruizs long trek to graduation included two majors a

Student mom Natalie Ruiz achieves her Berkeley dream, and shines

Jennifer Hartt
Annette Wilkinson McGovern
Shelley Kim
Almost done, Bears! :) #finals #onemoreday #socialslice
Almost done Bears : finals onemoreday socialslice
Susan Le
Yousuf Khan
Mai Yee
#CalSpotlight: This graduating J-School student, sometime traveling carnival worker is drawn to those 'in a state of transit.' #CalGrad
CalSpotlight This graduating JSchool student sometime traveling carnival worker

For Levi Bridges, life on a farm led to Russia, Mexico — and journalism

Michelle Lui
Rajat Vashishtha
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(Credit: David J. Lim, [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Alexandra Bisia
Jordan Said
Kelsey Kanavel
Komal Ahmad '12* — founder and CEO of Copia — fed 23,000 people in two days with 28,000 pounds of recovered food, and hopes some day to help solve world hunger. #InThisGen #CalGrad

*interview begins at 06:51
Rochelle Lai
Ragini Ghosh
Yousuf Khan
On Monday, Sayah Bogor — a native of war-devastated Somalia — will receive her master's in public health. #CalGrad #GoBears #podcast
On Monday Sayah Bogor a native of wardevastated Somalia will receive her

For Sayah Bogor, an arduous road from refugee to health researcher

Brian Wadlington
Miranda Paez
Cristina Chiara Chanco