UC Browser
today at 10:00. Facebook
Having too many apps installed may crash your phone buddy.
Be smart. All you need is UC Browser.
Facebook, Twitter, News App, Anti Virus...

All these apps are unnecessary when you have UC Browser

So delete your heavy apps and stick to us =D
UC Browser
yesterday at 15:55. Facebook
"l'll get a lot of likes..."
Want to post on Facebook no matter how bad the situation is?
Try UC Browser! Our servers compress data and speed up the downloads/uploads.

Try it out here:
UC Browser
yesterday at 09:00. Facebook
Just saying....
Which "that" browser are we talking about?
Check the picture and find out...=D
UC Browser
01/18/2017 at 11:37. Facebook
Millions and millions of friends all over the planet.
Hit like if you are part of the #UCNation!
UC Browser
01/17/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
- Fast Browsing
- Data Saving
- One Click Video Downloader

Wanna check it out? Click here: bit.ly/DownloadUC
UC Browser
01/16/2017 at 10:42. Facebook
When my phone's battery has 1% left, I just hope I can run as fast as UC Browser!
UC Browser
01/16/2017 at 02:23. Facebook
UC Browser
01/15/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
High tech UC Browser companies you 24 hours a day.
UC Browser
01/14/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
How do you think?
Is it true? Haha.
UC Browser
01/13/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Quiz time: Do you know where is the missing 1 dollar?
What do you usually do when you have traffic jams?
Next time when you have traffic jams, just come to the UC News, don't waste your time in boring!
Why not choose happy with UC Browser?
Life should be happy!
When my phone was new, I dropped it to the ground and I was like,‘oh are you ok baby?Oh I'm so sorry'. Three months later when it dropped again, I feel nothing in my heart..
How about you? haha.
The fastest one also haha.
Hey, what was your phone when you started using UC Browser?
Are you a smart guy?
If you are, tell UU the answer!
So..which one is you?
Are you cool and happy with UC Browser?
Use UC Browser to download your cuties!
By the way, who's your cutie?
Sometimes we need to check our phones...