The Brexit referendum victory has put Britain on a new trajectory – an exciting new path that will allow our country much more freedom to tackle its problems and to seek out new opportunities in the wider world. We are a great country, but one with many problems and frustrations.

Our new policy document, 'New Path for Britain' has begun to determine our direction of travel in several key...
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Paul Nuttall announces a New Path for Britain: our direction of travel in key areas
UKIP’s Staffordshire MEP Jill Seymour writes on the eve of polling day in Stoke-on-Trent Central, having been campaigning in the seat for the past two weeks.

"Our message to the Stoke Central electorate is clear – we will not take the people for granted, as the Labour party has done now for too many years.

"Uncontrolled immigration has put huge pressure on the city’s housing, waiting times...
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Jill Seymour MEP: Paul Nuttall understands and appreciates the working class people of Stoke-on-Trent
UKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge, "These repeated compensation payments are funding terrorism.

“With the recent cases opened about former servicemen and their actions in theatres of war, to the tank-chasing lawyers and now compensation paid to former detainees, we have seen too much money wasted. These are funds that should have gone towards defending our citizens.

“The United States...
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Bill Etheridge slams do-gooders for “funding terrorism”
Make sure you vote UKIP on Thursday 23rd February
Stoke Central needs a national voice that can take their concerns to Westminster and be heard. The people of Stoke-on-Trent can vote in a new era tomorrow.
The establishment are fighting to save themselves. The return of EU fanatics Mandelson and Blair spells danger. They want to ignore the vote, they want to keep us in the European Union. We need a strong voice on Brexit. Put an✖in the box, vote UKIP on February 23rd.

Read Paul Nuttall's rallying cry for Brexit in today's Daily Express.

The stench of a stitch-up if Lords try to delay Brexit, says Paul Nuttall
It is a national disgrace that an estimated 7,000 military veterans are being cast aside by local authorities across the country and forced to sleep rough on Britain's streets.

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Paul Nuttall's Ukip DEMANDS Theresa May ends 'disgraceful' treatment of military veterans
The Labour Party like to say OUR NHS, what they mean is they think they own the NHS.

It's the Party of:
Mass Private Financing (PFI)✔
The Mid Staffs Hospital Scandal ✔
The Hospital Superbug (MRSA)✔

Put an ✖in the box Vote UKIP on February 23rd
In Stoke-on-Trent and elsewhere UKIP is seeking to represent communities forgotten by a political elite.

READ: UKIP Leader and Stoke Central candidate Paul Nuttall in The Telegraph today:
UKIP Scotland MEP David Coburn has slammed the SNP’s plot to keep Scotland in the EU and labelled Nicola Sturgeon's plans as “tosh”.

“It can’t happen. I had a meeting with President Schulz and he said quite clearly, and he’d just had a meeting with her, and he did not agree to anything.

“Britain came in as one country and it has to leave as such. He doesn’t want the Balkanisation of the...
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Nicola Sturgeon told by Brussels bigwigs Scotland CANNOT stay in the EU, Ukip claims
Vote Paul Nuttall for Stoke Central on February 23rd.

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UKIP Party Chairman Paul Oakden and UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall address Spring Conference 2017
UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle exclusively interviewed by Westmonster ahead of today's Spring Conference: "I don’t want to live in a country where a highly successful young Olympian messes around and finds himself on trial by media with his career threatened simply because he was mocking a religion. We cannot be in a position in this country where you cannot mock a series of ideas or belief...
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UKIP’s Deputy Leader Peter Whittle: We will fight for British culture
UKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge: "With the twin threats of Islamic fundamentalism and a resurgent Russia, it is imperative that all NATO nations meet or exceed the agreed 2%.

"We have a crisis in Armed Forces recruitment despite government protestations there is no problem. We have a severe lack of heavy artillery, of operational submarines, carriers without aircraft and insufficient...
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UKIP Defence Spokesman calls for European countries to increase defence spending
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: "We can replace Labour as the patriotic voice of working people, and we will do so. It will take time but we can make that first step on February the 23rd – and I genuinely believe that we will.

“If people go out and vote for Labour again and get a Labour MP, nothing will change. It will be the same, time and time again. It will be a voice in the wilderness. It...
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Nuttall promises to smash Labour in Stoke and send shockwaves through the establishment
WATCH: Paul Nuttall MEP at an impromptu public meeting in Eaton Park in Stoke-on-Trent.

As Paul says when Labour and their allies are beginning to play the man not the ball you know they must be worried!
Only Paul Nuttall and UKIP will:

- Control immigration
- Give local people priority for local housing
- Cut foreign aid and invest in the NHS
UKIP Leader and Stoke Central Candidate Paul Nuttall MEP: “Brexit will be great for Stoke-on-Trent. There will be a huge boost to this industry, from us being able to sign free trade deals with the United States and with the countries of the Far East.

“But at the same time another boost will come from us being able to protect ourselves from Chinese dumping, by setting our own tariffs."

UKIP says Brexit will give huge boost to ceramics industry
UKIP Brexit Spokesman Gerard Batten MEP: "Labour stopped representing the working class a long time ago. Stoke Central needs Paul as their MP so that he can speak up for their interests and for the regeneration of Stoke-on-Trent.

"Brexit is in danger of being betrayed, and who better to demand a speedy exit from the EU in the House of Commons than than UKIP's Leader.

"The 70% of Stoke's...
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