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UKIP London Assembly Member and Education Spokesman David Kurten believes in London post-Brexit, and so do we. Share and like if you agree with David!
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: "The leave and remain campaigns made it crystal clear that leaving the EU also meant leaving the Single Market."

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Gerard Batten MEP, "The anti-Brexit majority in the Commons is clearly planning to use the drawn out Article 50 process to hijack Brexit. That is a total disgrace. More than 17 million Brexit voters are entitled to be disgusted. Only a surge of support for UKIP can get the establishment parties back into line, as it has done before.

"If Tory MPs vote with Labour on this issue they will be...
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Tory MPs accused of Brexit Hijack

UKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten AM said, "The Casey Report published today shows how successive governments have failed our country, and how rapid, mass immigration is leading to a breakdown in society. It is simple common sense that immigrants need many years to integrate into British society and culture.

"Many of the report’s recommendations are things which UKIP has been saying for...
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The Casey Report shows how successive governments have failed our country

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has issued a direct electoral threat to any MP who attempts to defy the will of the people and vote against Brexit.

"It is a disgrace if any MP tries to play around with the will of the people.

“We will go into those constituencies and campaign hard to remove those MPs.”

Ukip's Paul Nuttall issues direct 'electoral' threat to ANY MP who attempts to stop Brexit

UKIP can become patriotic voice for working people, says UKIP leader Paul Nuttall MEP.

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Nuttall: UKIP could become patriotic voice for working people

Be sure to tune in to the Andrew Marr programme tomorrow to watch new UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP
UKIP Brexit Spokesman Gerard Batten MEP has some choice words for the Brexit Secretary David Davis: "David Davis is already going weak at the knees. It is ridiculous to offer to pay to trade with the EU. Every country in the world has access to the Single Market.

"We should take the initiative and offer the EU the choice: do they want continued tariff-free trade with the UK, or do they...
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Ukip accuse David Davis of 'going weak at the knees' over EU payments after Brexit

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Today's migration figures just go to show that you can't trust the Tories to bring down immigration.

"This is an abject failure not just by the Government in general but by the Prime Minister in particular.

"After six and a half years of Tory rule, we still have net migration running at more than 300,000. Another city the size of Hull added to our population....
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Official figures prove you can't trust Tories on immigration

The new UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall MEP , is a “game changer” for Labour and could realistically oust a string of MPs in the north of England, Frank Field, the Labour former minister, has said.

Field, the MP for Birkenhead and chair of the House of Commons work and pensions committee, said Labour needed an urgent strategy to deal with Nuttall’s succession to the UKIP leadership, as he will...
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Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is 'game changer' for Labour, says Frank Field

David Kurten AM said, "I am delighted to have been appointed as UKIP's Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman. 15 years in teaching and now a member of the London Assembly's Education Panel means I will be able to bring my experience, both practical and political to the role.

"I am looking forward to developing our education policy which will ensure that there will be a diversity of...
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David Kurten AM appointed as Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman

UKIP Founding Member Gerard Batten has been announced by Paul Nuttall MEP as the Party's Spokesman on Brexit: "In this role I will describe how Britain can and must leave the European Union as quickly and cleanly as possible. I want UKIP to stop talking about Brexit and to start talking about Exit! We don't want a 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit but a democratic and speedy exit. The result of the...
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John Bickley, "I’m delighted that Paul Nuttall MEP has asked me to take responsibility for this hugely important role. I have seen with my own eyes the devastating impact of uncontrolled unskilled immigration on our communities. UKIP is, was and will be in favour of immigration but it must be immigration on the UK’s terms.

"Everyone in the world must feel there is a level playing field when...
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John Bickley has been appointed as the Party’s Immigration Spokesman

Paul Nuttall MEP has been elected as leader of #UKIP
UKIP - New Leadership Announcement
Watch UKIP’s Leadership Announcement live at 11:15. Go To :
Which country will get independence from the EU next?
Following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement today, Mark Reckless said, "Despite the fearsome predictions of Remain supporters, the overall prognosis for the economy is good, as we knew it would be. The official forecast is that unemployment in 2020 after we have left the EU will be just 860,000. This administers the last rites to the infamous claim that 3 million jobs would be...
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UKIP response to the Autumn Statement