WATCH: Our Channel 4 Political Slot talking about the housing crisis and the Tory stealth taxes on those least able to pay them.
UKIP Pensions Spokesman Andrew Charalambous: “Rather than attacking hard pressed pensioners and workers saving for a pension to pay for his own mistake, he should take it from the expanding foreign aid budget."

New tax raid on pensions: OUTRAGE at Hammond's plans to fill £2billion budget blackhole
Theresa May will trigger the two year process of leaving the European Union on March 29th, No 10 have announced.

Brexit will begin on March 29, No 10 reveals
"It is increasingly clear that the party of the drivers, the strivers and the entrepreneurs is UKIP."

Tory disarray on National Insurance shows UKIP is the party for strivers
UKIP Veterans Spokesman Mike Hookem, has welcomed a decision by the Court Martial Appeal Court to reduce the sentence of jailed Royal Marine Sergeant, Alexander Blackman, saying; “the reduction in the severity of the charge against Al Blackman proves he should never have been jailed in the first place due to medical problems he was suffering from at the time of the incident.”

Former commando...
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Mike Hookem welcomes reduction in ‘Marine A’ Conviction
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall: “What began as a noble economic plan has evolved into a political monster, egged on by successive eurocrats who are hungry for ever more power and determined to destroy the nation state and what continues to amaze me is that you never learn. You talk about an existential crisis but you say what is needed is even more EU, you are fiddling whilst the Treaty of Rome burns.”
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP will be speaking live in the European Parliament. Tune in at the link below from around 09.40am...

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David Coburn MEP: "The prospect of a second independence referendum between the Autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is utterly preposterous. The UK will still be in negotiations with the EU at this time – the SNP seem to wish to cause maximum disruption, uncertainty and overall mayhem.

"In 2014 the Scottish people decided decisively to remain British, in 2016 less people voted to remain in...
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The SNP do not want real independence, they want 'plastic indy'
Happy Commonwealth Day!
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: "After the Budget legions of White Van Men and hundreds of thousands of women who have set up their own businesses were left in no doubt: this government is not on their side. And to add insult to injury, Hammond's plans for higher NI for the self-employed were announced just minutes after he boasted about bringing down Corporation Tax for big multinational...
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It should be 'Hammond the Hammer' of the self-employed after the Budget, says PAUL NUTTALL
Watch London Assembly Member David Kurten praise Kellyanne Conway on Women's Day.
UKIP Economy Spokesman Mark Reckless AM said: “The Conservatives have today lost any claim they may have had to represent either White Van Man or the many women who create businesses as a route to combining a continuing economic contribution with family life.

“In this Budget, Philip Hammond has launched an unnecessary and foolish attack on enterprise. To claim to be making life better for the...
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UKIP accuses the Chancellor of attacking enterprise and betraying the self-employed
WATCH: The establishment will not accept the will of the British people.
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall: Outrageous that 366 unelected peers think that 650 MPs are more meaningful than 17.5 million people

Brexit: Government suffers second defeat in Lords - BBC News
UKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten AM, "It is good to hear that Chancellor Philip Hammond has followed where UKIP have been leading and is announcing 500 new schools to be opened by 2020, which is exactly what I said at the UKIP party conference in Bolton on 17th February.

Government should be awarded a B+ for Grammar School plans
Watch: UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle encounters denial about Islamic extremism in the UK.
"Under my leadership, UKIP will not be going soft. I will not get bogged down in any soggy centre. I am the radical leader of a radical party, and with the huge mandate the membership gave me, that is how it will stay." - UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

Ukip won't be going soft on my watch. We will stay a truly radical party
London Assembly Member and UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle & UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall address the UKIP regional conference at Weymouth Pavilion.
"UKIP have been saying for years that all students who are foreign nationals, including those from the EU, should pay their own University fees up front if they are studying in Britain. This is simple common sense.

"This is money which should all have been recovered, and could have paid for 15 brand new secondary schools. There is no excuse for this waste to continue: British money should be...
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One in four European Union citizens who study in England go home without paying a PENNY of their student loans
I hope the good people of East Antrim go out and vote for Cllr Noel Jordan in the NI Assembly election today