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Prolix isn't messing around mate...

We Need To Talk About Prolix
UKF Drum & Bass
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Emotional roller from The Upbeats...

The Upbeats - Veiled

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"It wasn't concession to the fanbase. It couldn't be... I've never made anything so literally jungle before!" Amen High Contrast!

The Story Behind High Contrast – Shotgun Mouthwash (Jungle Remix)
There's a reason Kid Drama and DBridge kept her records on dub for such a long time...

Who The Hell Is Alia Fresco?
ICYMI: NEONLIGHT, Pythius, Mindscape and Malux dissect the undissectable...

The Story Behind Billain’s First Ever Remixes
We are coming at you live from UKF x Snowbombing at epic new London venue Printworks with Dimension, Friction, Netsky and Sub Focus
We're streaming Sub Focus, Feed Me, Netsky, Friction, Dimension & 1991 LIVE from Printworks London tomorrow!

Watch Snowbombing x UKF @ Printworks LIVE This Saturday
Tickets for Printworks London this Saturday are now sold out via UKF Live! Final remaining tickets here: [ Link ]
DJ CAPTAIN CRUNCH & Jon1st deliver the latest instalment of In the Mix (in association w/ Serato) Immense selection, flawless execution
"I f**king hate subgenres. Real DJs play across the board. Lazy DJs just stick to one subgenre and play to that specific crowd" - Amen DOC SCOTT!

Doc Scott: “I’ve got unfinished business!”