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Big moves from The Others and Disciple

The Others To Sign Exclusively To Disciple
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New UKF hoodies have arrived! Get one before they're all gone: [ Link ]
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From homeless and addicted to drugs to bossman at Crowsnest in the space of two years, the rise of TenGraphs has been phenomenal...

Who The Hell Is TenGraphs?
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Spag Heddy is making us an offer we can't refuse!

Spag Heddy Announces Meatball Mafia Tour & EP
Something different. Soothing sounds courtesy of Inspected.

Ekcle - Serené Mont Garde


Fuski is officially back: Presenting Dodge & Fuski - Comeback.

Dodge & Fuski - Comeback
SKisM on the story of Cracks, Skrillex and when we can expect release 200!

SKisM: “Never Say Die isn’t a name, it’s an attitude”
Oliverse gives Tchami a big dubstep rework with his bootleg of After Life - 2010 vibes!

Listen to the full track: [ Link ]
Excision's protege Dion Timmer has accomplished more at 17 than many artists will achieve by 27

The Rise Of Dion Timmer
Getter's bubbling on some toxic stuff right here!

Getter Will Launch Shred Collective This Friday
ICYMI: Are Dodge & Fuski back together?

Is Fuski About To Make A Comeback?