Ulorin Vex
02/21/2017 at 16:48. Facebook
Photography: Damian McGillicuddy
Jacket: Drew Bird
Leggings: Lady Lucie
Ulorin Vex
02/20/2017 at 18:22. Facebook
Photographer: Gary Clutterbuck Photography
Hair: Toria Swales - The Junkyard Creative Hairdressing and Photographic Studio
Model: Ulorin Vex
Retoucher: Irina Istratova - Big Bad Red

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Ulorin Vex
02/19/2017 at 16:54. Facebook
Busy day ahead, some home style DIY, shoot files to short list, maybe some edits...oh, and plan a trip to Rome.

Hope this quad set of Ulorin Vex keeps you all going in the meantime.
Happy Valentine's Day!! Feel the love? Ulorin Vex stands out in a red Bibian Blue outfit holding a daggered heart. Get Issue 30 today for just $4. [ Gothicbeauty.com Link ]
From one tiny corner of the observable universe, in a miniscule galaxy, about half way out one of the spiraling arms, in a small solar system, three planets from the sun, on a medium sized continent, in a city of angel's near the equator, lives a bipedal humanoid hell bent on creating beauty in her short existence... @ulorin_vex modeling for @glitterpimp photography with hair and makeup by...
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"Batgirl". Another newer painting from last year! Thanks again to everyone who has supported my shift to focussing creative energy on my own artwork; I appreciate it a great deal <3
First painting of 2017 "Persephone" recently finished! 14x11 acrylic paint on wood :)
Shot by Just One Moment Photography on my trip to Australia last September! Wearing Lady Lucie Latex
Myself and the radiant Raylin Joy shot by Karen Hsiao photography
"The life of an artist. No wonder people describe us as tortured souls. Anytime you see us not creating, our insides are on fire with the insatiable desire to be creating. There is a creature inside of us fighting to get out, to escape and wreak havoc on the emotions of strangers. We must make them all feel. Experience even just a shred of the intense emotion that we carry, so that we no...
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Good afternoon from your friendly neighborhood (resident) alien <3
Behind the scenes a few hours ago in Hollywood XD Shooting Jordan Terra fashion with Morphos Makeup and Jonathan White photography
To conclude #ulorinvexweek, I couldn't think of a better photo than this one. I have a very large framed print of this image, and of all the photos I've taken, I get a huge feeling of pride each time I see it. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to like, share and comment on the photos this week. Special thanks to Ulorin Vex.
Hair: Toria...
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Snakes on a Vex!
Ha! Pics coming soon for Junker Designs ????
Jordan Terra swimwear and Morphos Makeup <3
In a bid to do shoot something a little less obvious than the trademark orange hair, this image reduces the vibrant colours considerably. Once again, it proves just how versatile Ulorin Vex can be. #ulorinvexweek
Hair: Dbxhair / Aaron Best
Makeup: Make-over magic by louise shepherd
Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Outfit: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry
Retoucher: Irina Istratova
Oh hey! This was shot a while back last year when I was trying out bleach blonde plumage. Worth the wait! :)

Photography: Danger Ninja Productions
Dress: Cathouse Clothing
Location: Wonderland Studios OC
After leaving the role personally given to her by Hugh Hefner, Olivia has shifted towards superhero and fantasy characters

Meet the prolific feminist artist keeping pinup art alive