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02/19/2017 at 07:30. Facebook
Sundays with family is all about sharing good food.
Who makes the best Ultra Mel custard dessert in your house and what is their special recipe?
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02/14/2017. Facebook
Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you love anyone more than you love Ultra Mel? Tell us.
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02/08/2017. Facebook
We can still satisfy your sweet tooth, just without the sugar. Have you tried our Ultra Mel Zero yet. Tell us what you think of it.
Ultra Mel
02/04/2017. Facebook
It’s National Snack Food month. What do you mix with Ultra Mel to make your favourite snack. Share a photo.
Ultra Mel
01/30/2017. Facebook
Don’t stress because its Mmmmonday, you can have your dessert and eat it. ;)
Ultra Mel
01/24/2017. Facebook
Nothing makes your day like discovering your favourite things in your lunch bag.
Ultra Mel
01/18/2017. Facebook
New Year’s resolution challenge: pack a home-made lunch everyday this week. What would you add? Here’s a start:
Ultra Mel
01/16/2017. Facebook
We know you all have been waiting for the announcement!

Here are our Hamper Winners:
Sne Hlela
Phumudzo Boitemlo Chantel
Laidybird Torcia
Shirin Vawda
Vuyisanani Vee Ngumbela
Morongwe WaBrodie
Taryn Little
Sandhaya V Maharaj
Donovan Butler
Zayne Khan
Ultra Mel
01/10/2017. Facebook
Have you got your school supplies sorted?
Remember to sneak in an Ultra Mel Mini, because everyone loves a surprise on the first day of school and we don’t mean homework…
Ultra Mel
01/09/2017. Facebook
New year = New tastes.
Would you try any of these combo’s with your Ultra Mel this morning?
Ultra Mel
01/02/2017. Facebook
Welcome to the new year. Here’s to the old favourites and new possibilities. Who will you encourage to try something new today?
Ultra Mel
12/31/2016. Facebook
We wish you a 2017 filled with happiness and love. Like the feeling you have when you eat a bowl of Ultra Mel
Ultra Mel
12/27/2016. Facebook
A new public holiday, and a new chance to sit back and relax with your loved ones over the festive season.
Ultra Mel
12/25/2016. Facebook
Christmas just got merrier with the gift of Ultra Mel. Merry Christmas from the Ultra Mel family!
Ultra Mel
12/19/2016. Facebook
South African Christmas traditions call for Ultra Mel. Which of the desserts below is your favourite to enjoy with Ultra Mel?
Ultra Mel
12/18/2016. Facebook
Where there is a dessert, there is a way to a pair with Ultra Mel!
What dessert would you pair your Ultra Mel with?
Ultra Mel
12/16/2016. Facebook
Cookies and milk are so last year. Switch it up this Christmas season and leave some Ultra Mel for Santa on Christmas eve. PS. Try the 200ml...not too big and not too small.
Ultra Mel
11/14/2016. Facebook
Did you know that Ultra Mel Mini isn’t just for a school lunchbox? You too can get through the week with your favourite custard. #UltraMelMini
Ultra Mel
11/28/2016. Facebook
Mondays need magic. Pack Ultra Mel Mini and enjoy 80% milk and 20% magic. #UltraMelMini
Ultra Mel
11/27/2016. Facebook
Add a dash of excitement to your dessert with Ultra Mel custard. Share your #UltraMelSunday dessert recipes with us in the comments section.