-"First time iceskating on a lake". Marina from Brazil trying the perfect ice on the campus pond.
Our international guests are having Semla today
Don´t miss the amazing Yoda on a futuristic motorcycle "Go Green Like Me", the winner snow sculpture at The Umeå Snow Sculpture Championship 2017, that went down Saturday. The winner sculpture is made by Magnus Palo Misch och Jens Pettersson.
Our design students Aaron, James and Simone are competing in the Umeå Championship in Snow Sculpture 2017. Take a look at their snow art "Mind in the making" and all other amazing sculptures in the City Centre tonight.
What our international students did this weekend
Celebrating the Sami National Day today. Also, Stuoris ja Bálddonas, Culture on Campus Event in Ljusgården: [ Facebook.com Link ]

Sami jubilee celebrated on campus - Umeå University, Sweden

2017 Korean Gimbap Workshop in Umea today. Enjoy our Korean's foodfest with Dohee Kim.
This is an opportunity to experience a TedX event from the inside. Would you like to help out?

TEDxUmeå is looking for volunteers - Umeå University, Sweden

Our new buddies are very busy right now
International students enjoying their first day on a wintery campus
Would you like an in-depth picture of Swedish culture and history, take a look at this new, unique Master's Programme.

Master's Programme in Scandinavian Studies with a Focus on Northern Studies

Crisp and clear today. -24 C. Preparing the ice for skating on the pond next week.
Swedish Fireworks. Happy New Year.
What is more fun than going down Bräntberget with pulka, this last day of 2016? Happy New Year everyone.
Ahilya Kapley tells why she thinks Umeå University was ranked first in Europe in learning, living and support and in 32 other sub-categories. [ Umu.se Link ]
Time for sports
No studies the day before Christmas, campus’ empty and people are with the sun down by the river or shopping their last presents at the city center. Merry Christmas to you all friends here and around the world.
Today is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Take care while going to your studies, biking or walking, the sidewalks and pathways are covered with ice and we do our best with sand and salt.
-"I had to stare at their faces for minutes, but no one even cared. I still remember that moment very clearly." Christopher Gi Hoon

"Do not be surprised. Everyone is equal in Sweden."