Umeå University
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Charlotte Kalla wins Swedish National Championship in Cross Country Skiing in Umeå at this moment
Umeå University
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Fearless morning bikers heading for campus
Umeå University
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Would you buy a bike light made for students, by students? Mattias, from Umeå Institute of Design, is one of 17 students working on new products.
Would you buy a bike light made for students, by students? Mattias is one of 17 students working on new products for Umeå University?
What our students talk about when they talk about Umeå, with Jens Woestenburg, Moritz La, Zeynep Kılıç and Leonilla Forsblom
Do you want to learn more about the Sami, visit Bildmuseet tonight, start 6.30 pm. Oh yes, it's in english.

Crash Course in Sami History

-"First time iceskating on a lake". Marina from Brazil trying the perfect ice on the campus pond.
Don´t miss the amazing Yoda on a futuristic motorcycle "Go Green Like Me", the winner snow sculpture at The Umeå Snow Sculpture Championship 2017, that went down Saturday. The winner sculpture is made by Magnus Palo Misch och Jens Pettersson.
Our design students Aaron, James and Simone are competing in the Umeå Championship in Snow Sculpture 2017. Take a look at their snow art "Mind in the making" and all other amazing sculptures in the City Centre tonight.
International students making Korean food this weekend
Celebrating the Sami National Day today. Also, Stuoris ja Bálddonas, Culture on Campus Event in Ljusgården: [ Link ]

Sami jubilee celebrated on campus - Umeå University, Sweden
2017 Korean Gimbap Workshop in Umea today. Enjoy our Korean's foodfest with Dohee Kim.
This is an opportunity to experience a TedX event from the inside. Would you like to help out?

TEDxUmeå is looking for volunteers - Umeå University, Sweden
Our new buddies are very busy right now
International students enjoying their first day on a wintery campus
Would you like an in-depth picture of Swedish culture and history, take a look at this new, unique Master's Programme.

Master's Programme in Scandinavian Studies with a Focus on Northern Studies