Umeå University
Umeå University
05/29/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
This year's alumna speaker interviewed before tomorrow's Graduation Ceremony for our International Master Students
This years alumna speaker interviewed before tomorrows Graduation Ceremony for o
Benard Kiprotich
Umeå University
Umeå University
05/24/2017 at 14:31. Facebook
Benard Kiprotich
Sharif Mazumder
Umeå University
Umeå University
05/22/2017 at 10:53. Facebook
Mario Pérez
Selam Dejene
Äkšam BÄbiker
All our exchange students are taking farewell to Umeå
Pierre Oesterle
Linda De
Martin Thorwirth
Proud to present Seoljong Kim as Global Swede 2017, a recognition awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was presented with the Diploma by the Minister of Trade Ann Linde in Stockholm on Wednesday.
Darang Lee
Min Joon Kim
Crystal Michelle Flores
Videochat with friend in Congo, weather in May is unpredictable
Anne Pmrt
Marcus Erik Bergman
Ana Gabriella Latorre
This is "spring" in Umeå.
"We have to deal with the boring, so we can appreciate when the fun rolls around", said Grandma Åberg.
Allright, we'll wait for the fun-times then Grandma.
Sara Risberg
Victoria Posieva
Tokig Låris
Today 9 May we celebrate Europe Day, for unity and diversity.
Robot Wars 2017 (Robotkampen), organized by the students at Engineering Physics, was decided last week at the MIT-place. More clips here: [ Link ]
It's finally here. The first no-jacket-needed day. Happy Friday everyone!
It's finally here The first nojacketneeded day Happy Friday everyone
Jason Van
Lorenza Ferro
Dan Hammarström
Studentkören encouraging campus spirit prior to Walpurgis Night on Sunday, or Valborg, in Swedish
Adelaide Foster
Engage as a volunteer, a good way to learn Swedish
Gidjeth Hinayon
Tranquility on campus before the long Easter Holiday.
Jason Van
A minute of silence will be observed at 12.00 today, at Universum, as part of a nationwide show of support to the victims of friday's terrorist attack in Stockholm.
[ Link ]
A minute of silence will be observed at 1200 today at Universum
Evangelia Helen Green
Moritz La
Pa Freeman
Daylight saving time, love March.
Daylight saving time love March
Charlotte Kalla wins Swedish National Championship in Cross Country Skiing in Umeå at this moment
Jason Van
Tasthekur Hossain
Marquinho Antonio
Fearless morning bikers heading for campus
Fearless morning bikers heading for campus
Adelaide Foster
Baukje de Beer
Would you buy a bike light made for students, by students? Mattias, from Umeå Institute of Design, is one of 17 students working on new products.
Would you buy a bike light made for students, by students? Mattias is one of 17 students working on new products for Umeå University?