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Sunrise over Hope Town. I remember taking this photo on a little floating jetty while a pair of spotted eagle rays gracefully flew just below the surface of the calm waters at my feet. One of my favorite mornings sailing in the Abacos.

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Being at peace and forever forgiving even through uncertain times is something to which we could all aspire. Luckily, I found a solid role model on my recent trip to Cuba. Meet El Cristo de La Habana. (PB)

Let The Christ of Havana Grant You Peace

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We're getting closer and closer to the big bacchanal in Trinidad! Just 41 days to go! (But who's counting?) Unfortunately, I won't be making it down this year. Will you? Have you ever experienced carnival in any of the Caribbean islands? (PB)

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Do yourself a favor and click through to the video in today's post... Then, you'll see why in this instance it helps to not be like me. (PB)

Hike The Tet Paul Nature Trail — If you’re not careful, you just might learn something

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These Monday blues are home to 66,000 lb Caribbean visitors. Of course, I'm talking about humpback whales! Now back at beautiful Samana Bay in the northeast corner of the Dominican Republic for an enviable multi-month vacation from the frigid north. Ever seen these massive and majestic creatures up close? (PB)

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Is Cuba a city destination? Or a beach destination? With an island the size of Pennsylvania, it's both! (And so much more including mountains, rainforests, plus most anything else anyone could want from a travel destination.) Wish you were here? (PB)

Escaping Havana to Las Playas del Este

I've stayed in more than 15 different hotels and resorts all over Haiti in the past 3 years. This one's the best... (SB)

Checking Into The Marriott Port-au-Prince, Haiti

It's currently 80º in St. Martin. I don't know about you guys, but it's so cold in NYC today I wish I could run away! Where would you go? (PB)

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Few things can immediately transport returning Cuba travelers back to La Isle Grande quite like waking up to campo coffee from the mountains of Viñales. (I may not have been able to buy coffee from the man on the bridge, but this also homemade brew is doing the trick!) Stay tuned for reports on the many things we saw, did, and put in our belly.
As the sun begins slowly setting on our time in Cuba, we've slowed our pace. Not feeling like we need to rush from one adventure to the next, we've begun lingering in cafes making friends with bartenders, strolling to nowhere, and simply sitting on the Malecón at dusk chatting with our neighbors over some boxed rum and sangria. Did I see (or taste) everything I'd hoped to? No. But all that...
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Wishing all of you a Happy New Year and many Caribbean travels in 2017.
Walking the streets of Havana on new year's is pure madness. Speakers blare out of every floor of every building. All different songs. Random people yank your children into house party after party. Pigs roast on spits over oil drums you watched someone cutting in half earlier in the day with a hammer and machette. There's good rum. Great singing. Dancing on rooftops... And it's not even...
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Back in a city like Havana for the fin de año, it's easy to spend too much time looking back at the year that was. Did we do our best? Is the world more of a mess? How sad are we over those we lost? History surrounds travelers here on all sides after all, but Havana is also a city with an exciting future on its horizon which also encourages visitors to look to what's next. So, what's next for...
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From the archives and just in time for anyone looking for an uncommon tipple to toast on New Year's Eve, I give you my "12 Grapes Tequila Cocktail!" Enjoy... (SB)

12 Grapes Tequila Cocktail Guarantees a Prosperous New Year

Today, we leave the campos of Viñales behind and head back to the big city to see out the viejo año. Cuba keeps giving.
Viñales really is a magical place. Just yesterday we explored huge caves by boat, sampled organic cigars from the area, drank coffee fresh from the harvest, rode horses at sunset, and still had time to splash in a mountain lake. There's so much to tell you, it's tough to know where to begin! What do you think?
We've arrived in La Valle de Viñales located in the Sierra de los Órganos mountains in the west of Cuba and it's spectacular. It took us over eight hours to drive from the center of the island to here. Not our usual island drive! What's your longest drive on an island?
Here's another interesting find we stumbled upon in Cuba: a two meter long snake! It was across the path in the mountains north of Trinidad. Would you rather come across a live small snake or signs of much, much bigger unseen snakes??