"Conditions in many parts of Somalia are still not conducive for safe or sustainable return, and no one knows this better than the refugees themselves."

Our Special Envoy Ambassador Affey appeals for urgent action to stabilize Somalia, and create conditions that will allow Somali refugees to go back and live in dignity and safety.

His full statement: [ Unhcr.org Link ]
Uganda cannot handle Africa's biggest refugee crisis alone.

It is at breaking point.

The world must step up to help

[ Trib.al Link ]
What will it be like at home?

Going home is typically the one thing that all refugees dream of. But to some, a homecoming to the very place that forced one to flee can trigger mixed-emotions.

Here, Ivorian refugee Tahadi waits in one of our trucks that will repatriate her and her family to Côte d'Ivoire, from Little Wlebo refugee camp, Liberia.
Oh dear! But the tears dried quickly for this little one, after the upset of a medical check up at our clinic for refugees in Cairo, Egypt.
Yusra Mardini is the refugee who swam for her life, and then swam at the Olympic Games. Now, her extraordinary story is to be made into a film.

The remarkable teenager, who is now a UNHCR advocate for refugees when she’s not in school or swim training, has signed a deal with filmmakers Working Title.

Yusra represents the resilience, bravery and humanity of the refugee story and as a...
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“All I want is a better life for my children so that they go to school.”

Aisha has just arrived in Ethiopia with her 7 children. A refugee from Somalia, all she wants is peace and stability in her home country, so her family can live in safety.

This weekend, world leaders are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development summit (IGAD), to agree a plan to...
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We've finally reached embattled Mokha in Yemen with desperately-needed aid, after weeks of intense negotiations.

In this video Adam Shaqiri, our مفوضيةاللاجئين اليمن UNHCR YEMEN colleague, shows how badly traumatised Yemeni people who are living in miserable conditions need the aid.

Despite the dire situation in Yemen where two years of conflict has forced 11.3% of the population to flee...
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"People in West Mosul are trapped in the situation of penury and panic. They must be able to flee, and we must be ready tor receive them with shelter, food and water."

Go inside the Hammam al-Alil reception centre, and get the latest from our team in Iraq where we're seeing a surge of new arrivals - up to 12,000 people daily - fleeing their homes as fighting rages.

Read more: [ Unhcr.org Link ]
We're deeply alarmed at the reports we're hearing of at least two shipwrecks off the Libyan coasts today. Even worse, we fear that the actual death toll might be much higher and that dozens more people might have perished in this incident.

Defeating the business model of traffickers requires the existence of credible legal pathways for people in need of international protection.

News Comment from Vincent Cochetel, Director of UNHCR's Europe bureau

The struggle to get a college degree is all-too-common among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Only one-in-eight manage to enroll in further education.

Meet Jankidar who beat the odds and got a scholarship:

Syrian refugees face tough odds in quest for higher education

Uganda cannot handle Africa’s largest refugee crisis alone.

More than 172,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda in desperate need of safety and help this year alone. Help is urgently needed.

'Breaking Point' imminent: Government of Uganda, UNHCR say help for South Sudan refugee inflow urgently needed

Two cultures. Two Religions. One bond.

Meet the Hutterites colony in Canada who stepped up to sponsor a family from Syria.
“What I like in cooking is the very first taste, when people say ‘mmmm’,”

Mohammad used to be a TV chef in Syria – now his tasty Middle Eastern dishes are finding favour with Parisian diners.

Former Syrian TV chef whets appetite of Paris fashion fans

What percentage of Syrian refugees do you think live in camps?

Get the facts here: [ Trib.al Link ]
Our Yemen Spokesperson, Shabia Mantoo is now LIVE from Sana'a, speaking with the The New York Times about the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in the war-ravaged country.
We remind authorities that refugees are themselves fleeing violence and attacks. Their access to protection must be ensured.

UNHCR concerned about return of Nigerian refugees from Cameroon

“We hope that all Rohingya in Bangladesh can be documented to ensure full respect for their rights."

Both Mostafa and Sohel fled violence in Myanmar.
Both found refuge in Bangladesh, and Mostafa even helped Sohel to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.
But despite their common Rohingya background, the two men are being treated very differently.

UNHCR seeks equal treatment for all Rohingya in Bangladesh

"There was no food in Mosul. I had to be able to eat to breastfeed. At the end we only had bread and water for him."

Firas is just eight months old. His parents risked their lives fleeing Mosul so their only child may survive.
“UNHCR’s greatest asset is the fact that we’ve got communities that are highly resilient and very creative.” [ Trib.al Link ]

Innovation transforms education for refugee students in Africa

"Now is the day when they really challenge us, everything we have stood for, and we believe in. Now is the day for us to really step forward, and say who we are, and who we fight for, and work even harder."

Angelina Jolie, the UN Refugee Agency Special Envoy, visited our colleagues at HQ in Geneva and told staff "I am with you for life".