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Did you know that in 2015 only 1 in 4 refugees could meet their basic needs?

We are grateful to states who pledged an initial $700 million so we can continue to help people forced to flee live dignified lives.

Learn more: [ Unhcr.org Link ]
States pledge US$700 million to UNHCR for 2017 operations - the biggest show of support ever [ Trib.al Link ]
"When I hear shooting I hide in the corners. I hide where there are no windows."

This is life in a village meters away from the frontline in eastern Ukraine. The residents are either too old or too poor to flee, so they hope for peace.

Read more: [ Unhcr.org Link ]
Did you know that helping refugee children go to school protects them from SGBV? It can also help us identify children who are at risk of violence and connect them to the medical or psychosocial counselling services they might need.
“Women and girls are the most vulnerable. Having to be far away from home and often alone with children increases the risks. Here at the centre we support one another and recover some kind of purpose by doing something productive and that we enjoy.”

Tabitha is one of the many women at Tsore refugee camp in Ethiopia who are learning to knit at a UNHCR-supported women’s wellness centre that...
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"This is a new vision for Europe's engagement with the global refugee crisis, drawing on its history of tolerance and openness."

4 ways the European Union - EU can help protect refugees: [ Trib.al Link ]
“It’s not home, but it’s the closest we could have right now.”

Ten-year-old Salam from outside Damascus, Syria shares a room at Hotel Rovies in Greece with her siblings who are more than twice her age. She has become their carer: her brother Ashraf is partially blind, while her sister Ghufran has developmental disabilities.

They are among nearly 90 people staying at this hotel which...
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We are using drones to help people who have been forced to flee conflicts and persecution in Mali, Nigeria and South Sudan.

UNHCR uses drones to help displaced populations in Africa

"I have survived three assassination attempts, but I don’t think I’ll survive the fourth.”

Despite constant threats, Salvadoran transgender activist Karla keeps fighting for her life and the rights of other LGBTI in her country.

A surging number of people, including many LGBTI, are now fleeing violence in El Salvador.


Salvadoran transgender activist takes stand against violence

Fatima is 94-years-old. She fled the outskirts of Mosul in Iraq with her daughters and her memories.

Now in Qaymawa camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, her daughters help her get around on a donated wheelchair.

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, learn more about this inspirational woman who was forced to flee her home.
“If we go back to where we’re from, I think they’d kill us. The gangs told us we had to join or we’d be dead.”

The Northern Triangle countries of Central America are among the most dangerous in the world as gangs battle to grow their criminal empires, turning the streets into war zones and young boys into mercenaries.

Thousands of youngsters are fleeing increasing levels of violence and...
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Young, abandoned and on the run

Little Syrian refugee Mohammed is profoundly deaf. But given the opportunity to go to school, he's thriving.

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrate refugee kids like Mohammed who overcome more hurdles than most of us face in a lifetime: [ Trib.al Link ]
When conflict broke out in their home town of Luhansk in 2014, Gesha and Anna's fragile world fell apart.

Ukrainian couple living with HIV beat the odds to build stable family life

We are deeply concerned about the impact of fighting on civilians in Aleppo, Syria. These people, who continue to flee, have suffered enormously in the bloody conflict and they deserve better.
Imagine having to wait for life. What would you wait for?

Please help if you can: [ Unhcr.org Link ]

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This World AIDS Day, we're proud to fly the flag at our HQ, and remain committed to ensuring refugees and displaced persons have access to HIV prevention and treatment. UNAIDS
Ensuring access to education is at the heart of our mandate to protect the world’s refugees, and key to finding long-term solutions to displacement crises.

Thanks United Nations Foundation for supporting refugee education!

5 Reasons to Care about Education for Refugees