“We have fled Syria because of the war and the problems there. We’re not looking for trouble. We just want to live in peace and safety.”

Meet Fatima, Abdel Moein and their children, Syrian refugees recently resettled to US.

A Syrian family's dream of a new life restored

“It's a situation beyond any humanitarian catastrophe that we’ve seen. People are dying - and we need to be able to help them"

An update from our Yemen rep Ayman Gharaibeh [ Trib.al Link ]
Welcome to the world little Qais.

Qais is a Syrian refugee living in Jordan's Za’atari Camp. May his arrival bring hope and joy to his proud parents Adel and Yasmeen.
"What strikes me the most, as our car enters the city, is how normal life is already. There’s a lot of traffic. People are going about their business, surrounded by rubble."

Our Bathoul Ahmed shares her visit to Mosul, Iraq.

“It felt like life was on pause”. Here’s what people told me when I visited Mosul

"In essence, ours is a street of old people. After the shelling, the young people left the village.”

We are working hard to reach and support the most vulnerable Ukrainians.

Elderly bear brunt of hardship in frontline Ukraine village

Find out more about the making of our latest virtual reality film:
"It made me think of how quickly we are able to forget recent history. It rammed home the fact that the situation we're in at the moment is the biggest humanitarian crisis since then."

How Actor Theo James' Family History Turned Him Into an Activist

"When you open up new life comes in and yours becomes richer."

Gerhard and his wife Sabine welcomed Afghan refugee Alidad into their home in Italy and he has now become part of the family.
“She is very very smart. A lot smarter than I am. She seems to be losing hope, but I won’t let that happen."

When Ammar talks about his wife Sana it's clear he's her number one supporter. Before fleeing Mosul and seeking safety in a displacement camp, Ammar worked as a mechanic and Sana was studying hard, hoping to get a place at university and then become a teacher.
New parents Shadi and Sawa, can't take their eyes off one month old Sham. They met and fell in love in Azraq Camp, Jordan, after fleeing war in Syria.

Their love, and the birth of Sham represents hope amongst the heartbreak of life as a refugee. Shadi was a teacher in Damascus with dreams of becoming an eminent scientist. For now he works as a volunteer teacher sharing his passion for maths...
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“This is too long, we want her to come soon, so she can live her last days with us.”
Samir’s grandmother held on in Syria longer than anyone else in the family. He hopes she will come to Germany so they can be together again.

Syrian centenarian dreams of European reunion with family

“This is the first time we have had a peaceful sleep in two years. Just before we left our village, hails of bullets were flying around. We are thankful for the support we received.”

– Zahra, a 60-year-old Iraqi who found shelter at our camp after fleeing her village outside Mosul.
Meet Aya & Asma, Sudanese refugees in Damascus, Syria.

While the twins played at the community center, their mom was able to study to improve all their lives, at our literacy class.

The girls and their mom are testament to Syria's own historical and enduring hospitality to those in need. in spite of recent unimaginable turmoil.
Happy to be back at play. Alikeli, 7, fled Burundi with his parents Jacqueline and Jospeh in 2015, finding safety and shelter in Nduta refugee camp, Tanzania.
“I want to study and become an engineer. Even just talking about it makes me happy.”

The misery Yasin has seen in his short lifetime is enough to break even the strongest adult, and yet when we visited him recently, Yasin was buoyant, unburdened.

A tale of true resilience: [ Trib.al Link ]
An exhibition of drawings by this Syrian refugee couple portrays the experiences, hopes and fears of their family and fellow refugees.

“We have gone through a lot of suffering, loss and pain. All of it is represented in these drawings. I am happy that we have an opportunity to share all that suffering with the public, to whom we are very grateful for their understanding and compassion.” ...
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"They were killing people. I was scared for my life."

Women & children like Sidah & her children bear the brunt of #SouthSudan conflict which has now caused 1.5M refugees to flee

Support is urgently needed: [ Unhcr.org Link ]
How a group of Syrian refugee children became an indispensable part of community life in a village in Germany. Read this heartwarming story: [ Trib.al Link ]
“With these vegetables, I am in charge and I decide what to do with the income.”

– Biney, a 37-year-old Sudanese refugee and mother of five benefiting from a farming project in Chad supported by UNHCR.
“I thought we were going to die.”

When Haytham fled extremist held west Mosul with his wife & children, he knew they were risking their lives. A small fishing boat took them across the Tigris River, but when armed groups began shooting at them their vessel began to take on water.

Fleeing west Mosul by boat to the shelter of a UNHCR camp