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Thank you Tom Hiddleston for sharing this important message. Children cannot wait.

Tom Hiddleston on the famine in South Sudan - UNICEF Connect

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Wait until you hear Hiba's third wish.
NOW is the time for climate action. We're joining the for #EarthHour, are you?
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1 ring, class is over.
3 rings, take cover.
Going to school in eastern Ukraine amongst sirens and bomb shelters. We’re on the ground helping children stay safe and in school. [ Uni.cf Link ]
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The violence in Aleppo has separated many Syrian children from their families, like Zakariya, 6, and Doha, 5.

We’re working with partners to provide children with safe temporary homes while their families are traced. #foreverychild
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#foreverychild, friendship - no matter where they are.

Thanks يونيسف العراق - unicef Iraq for this image of Syrian refugee friends in Kawergosk camp.
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Climate change threatens to destroy, dry up, or contaminate water. Spread the word → [ Uni.cf Link ]
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Get your bottle flip on! Join us and our Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom to #FlipClimateChange. Millions of children are at risk as climate change threatens to destroy, dry up, or contaminate water.

Share your own clip with the hashtag #FlipClimateChange on Twitter or Instagram to spread this important message: Without safe water children cannot survive, we must act NOW on climate.
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A bottle flip challenge like no other!

This World Water Day, join us and share your own clip with the hashtag #FlipClimateChange on Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to share your message that "without safe water children cannot survive" to raise awareness about why we must act on climate before it’s too late.
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That’s the number of children that will be living in areas with extremely limited water by 2040 - unless we act now.

On World Water Day check out our new report on water and climate → [ Uni.cf Link ]
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Smiles are contagious! What makes you this happy?
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Have your name written in people’s ❤
More at Voices of Youth, our channel for youth by youth.
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#foreverychild, happiness.

It's International Day of Happiness!
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It’s International Day of Happiness !

How do you say happy in your language?
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#foreverychild, friendship .
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Moments of love, laughter and hope.

Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom reflects on his recent visit to Niger. #ChildrenUprooted
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A better, cleaner and more peaceful world is a HAPPIER world!
We’re at the United Nations with some very special guests working together to achieve the Global Goals.
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We hope you have as much fun today as this little bundle of joy .

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#foreverychild, something to smile about
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Sometimes all you need is a little push.
#foreverychild, friendship
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Yemen needs urgent aid to prevent famine.
Two thirds of the population are facing hunger.