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At a camp in Jibreen, Syria, UNICEF is working to provide life-saving assistance to children displaced from Aleppo, and help them recover from the suffering and trauma they’ve experienced.
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Peek-a-boo! A simple game creates vital connections in your little ones' growing brains. So #EatPlayLove because #EarlyMomentsMatter!
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Research shows that a child’s early years have the power to shape the architecture of his or her brain. This is why UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development program focuses on ensuring all children experience love, proper nutrition and protection within a stimulating environment. UNICEF is grateful for IKEA’s “Let’s Play for Change” campaign for helping to highlight the role that everyone can...
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Did you know that the number of unaccompanied or separated children arriving by sea to Italy doubled in 2016? Find out six ways we can help protect these #ChildrenUprooted: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Immunization campaign against maternal and neonatal tetanus.
UNICEF Canada supports Chad in its fight against the disease.
Campagne d’immunisation contre le tétanos maternel et néonatal.
UNICEF Canada soutien le Tchad dans sa lutte contre la maladie.
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An estimated 5.5 million people, including 2 million children, have been cut off from running water for over three weeks in Damascus and its surroundings, the longest cut Syria’s capital has seen.
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Sharing is caring ! When your little ones play they develop social skills needed for a complex world, so #EatPlayLove! #EarlyMomentsMatter [ Uni.cf Link ]
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Join us for a webinar with David Morley, President and CEO of UNICEF Canada. Did you know that Canada is one of the more unequal societies for children and youth, ranking 26th of 35 nations? David will stimulate our appetite for change by drawing on UNICEF's latest report card and encouraging us to…

Value BC: Equality for All

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Halifax's premier charity event is coming! Join us at the 25th Anniversary of Chefs for UNICEF Water for Life Gala Halifax on April 26 at the World Trade & Convention Centre for culinary delights from around the world. Nova Scotia’s best Chefs will create an unforgettable experience as we raise funds for essential water programs that save children's lives. Tickets are available here: [ Bit.ly...
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This week, UNICEF took part in an inter-agency humanitarian convoy to Moadamiyeh in Rural Damascus, delivering winter clothes, blankets, medicine, nutrition supplements and education materials for 4,000 children. Access to Moadamiyeh has improved slightly and normal life has slowly begun to return, but families, health facilities and schools are facing fuel shortages for heating amid extreme...
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This week, UNICEF is launching a new campaign supported by the LEGO Foundation to drive increased awareness about the importance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life and the impact of early experiences on the developing brain. Because #EarlyMomentsMatter. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Basel Alrashdan, 11, and his family were the first Syrian family to be resettled on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. See what his life is like now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
At least four million people in Syria's capital and surrounding areas have lost access to water since December 22 due to fighting. UNICEF has rehabilitated and equipped 120 wells in and around Damascus that cover about one-third of daily water needs in the city.Those wells have been the sole source of water for the entire city of Damascus. UNICEF has also provided generator sets and is...
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Drought is forcing families like Khadija's in Somalia to split up just to survive. [ Huff.to Link ]
Here’s a message of hope from the #ChildrenofSyria for 2017: “I Will Return” performed by 10 year-old Ansam, born blind, whose family was displaced by fighting in Rural Damascus. With help from UNICEF and partner Awtar, Ansam attends a psychosocial support program where she learned to play the oud and guitar.
“I’m not a refugee; I feel Canadian-Syrian." Basel, 11, from #Syria just spent his first holiday season in Canada thanks to Canadian goodwill and the commitment of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship to support those fleeing the crisis.
“I have to carry a jerry can of water every day from the storage tank to our tent,” Khadeejia, 6, says.

In winter, Khadeejia has to cross muddy roads with snow and cold water puddles in the camp where she and thousands of other displaced people live in rural Idlib.

After nearly six years of conflict in Syria, more and more families have seen their incomes and savings wiped out and simply...
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Dreams start young. Let's keep them alive #foreverychild.
On a cold morning, Mustafa, 10, walks his brother Abdulrahman back to his family’s tent after spending some time playing with the snow for the first time ever.

“I couldn’t play with snow because I don’t have clothes that are thick enough. All my winter clothes were in our house that was shelled and destroyed,” Mustafa, 10, says.

After nearly six years of conflict in Syria, more and more...
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